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  1. I have a few items for Carnival and HAL, I got from friends and such. some items go back to the 60's and 70's and 80's.
  2. Have any people that were passengers, keep their items and souvenirs from this ship? I have a 2007 - 2008 Brochure, A Model in the original box and a photo of her on her side after the incident. these are the items, I have from the ship. sadly I don't have anything else from the ship in my collection.
  3. one of the hardest ones for me to get was from this ship, not sure how many models of this ship are around or not or if very rare and hard to find? but this one is my fave out of my personal collection, and I still have the original box too because of it's scarcity. Costa Concordia With Box
  4. I have 22 in my collection, 2 of them are signed by the captain, and one of them is a slightly rare one, especially since I still have it with the original box and 2 models I can not find anywhere on the net or ebay, they are from Royal Caribbean, but they are metal ships on a stone base, has anyone else even seen metal and stone Royal Caribbean models? these are my 3 i guess could say rarest models in my collection. I have models from Crystal, NCL, Costa, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Premier Big Red Boat, Sea Escape. below are the probably hardest to find models in my collection, as i'm not sure many Concordia models around, unless passengers kept them. And I have never seen any of the metal and stone models on ebay for RCCL. 1. COSTA CONCORDIA - WITH BOX 2. Sovereign Of The Seas Metal And Stone Model 3. Majesty Of The Seas Metal And Stone Model
  5. I have a couple of items in my personal collection i have a spoon for the starship majestic and the starship atlantic
  6. I thought might find these interesting, i was on a cruise to Alaska in June and found an antique store, I think was in juneau and i found these sheets with the Queen Mary and Queen Elziabeth of passengers boarding and on board.
  7. was this the same Donzelli Quintet that were on the Home Line's SS Homeric back in the 50's, because i have a SS Homeric LP with the Donzelli quintet from 1959 (not for sale), this is it.
  8. I have 12 or more ship record albums at home, the only Home Line's one I have is for the SS Homeric recorded in 1959 with the Donzelli Quintet. I also have Cunard's Franconia and Mauretania, Sitmar Fairsea and Fairwind, Costa's Federico C, Matson Line, Grace Line, Polish Gdnynia Line's MS Batory, Holland America, The Royal British Navy's HMS Ark Royal, a smll 45rpm for the Achille Lauro, Incres Lines SS Nassau and SS Victoria and Sealink's Prinses Beatrix. those are all the records i have from ships
  9. they used to, esp for the specialty dining in the older days, but since they introduced *freestyle* thats when it seems all dress codes got lost. my first cruise on them, everyone in the restaurants (pay ones) and the main diningroom were all dressed in dress pants and a nice dress shirt, ladies in dresses, even the kids were dressed nicely, now that's all gone with freestyle.
  10. I know, my brother and I were at the steak house and the Italian restaurant on an NCL, and passengers were coming in, in shorts, caps, sandals, one lady you could tell it was a swimsuit with a wrap around the waist she put on and sandals and they still let her come in with her family. I think besides my brother and me, only 4 other tables were dressed properly. I even saw people dressing shabby for the Captain's party for repeat passengers, which I though was sad.
  11. i'd be happy too, some of the item's I got from a friend that was a travel agent in the 50's and 60's, so none of the items are for sale. but here are my Andrea Doria and other ships involved items. the top items are the andrea doria, the postcard is the ship that sank her, the Stockholm and the pennant is the Ile De France that came to the rescue. I hope enjoy the photos
  12. i've been on a couple of cruises now where i'm seeing passengers being allowed in the specialty dining rooms not in dress wear, iv'e seen passengers in nike track suits, shorts, baseball caps, sandals, jeans with holes in them. iv'e seen that in the italian, french and steak house restaurants on board the last 3 cruises I was on, what has happened to the dress code for those pay restaurants? has anyone else seen this happening more and more often?
  13. both were scrapped after going through a lot of name changes, i have items for a few of the other names they went under, i also have a deck of moore mccormack line argentina and brasil playing cards in the box, these are the playing cards in my personal collection
  14. for those interested that sailed on her, i have a 45 rpm record for the Angelina Lauro, it's not for sale though as it's in my personal collection, but this is the record with the sleeve showing the ship on it, the record was made in 1969. curious to what former passengers think of it.
  15. I have some nice items in my personal collection, I have a 1953 Brochure, 2 - Cabin Class Menus from 1953 and 1955, a 1953 daily program, a maiden voyage first class passenger used postcard. I also have a postcard for the ship that sank her, the Stockholm and a postcard and felt pennant for the Ile De France that came to the rescue. If like to see photos of the items, you can message me and i'll be happy to post the photos in here for you to enjoy.
  16. I have various items from the Queen Anna Maria in my personal collection I got from a friend. these are some photos. hope hear back on what you though.
  17. this is part of my collection, it's an Incres Line Victoria Record Album, its not for sale, but curious to hear what you thought when see the photo of the record, hope hear back, these are photos of the front and back of the album
  18. im not selling them, but I have items from ships involved in the disaster, I have a maiden voyage first class passenger used postcard for the Andrea Doria, a postcard of the ship that sank her the Stockholm, a postcard and felt pennant for one of the liners that came to the rescue Ile De France. I also have 2 - 1953 Cabin Class Menus, a 1953 Daily Program and a great condition 1953 Andrea Doria Brochure, with color and black and white interior photos of the ship. the brochure cover and daily program photos are below, please enjoy and feel free to message me on what you thought of the photos. the top photo is the program, bottom photo is the brochure
  19. if it's like the Costa Concordia model I have, it's pewter on a wood base, I was also lucky to get a photo included with the model of her laying on her side in the water before they righted her
  20. I never sailed on them, but I was lucky enough to find record albums from both the Michelangelo and Raffaello, these are a couple of photos of them, hope enjoy and hear back on what you thought on them.
  21. I got as gifts from an officer on one of the Celebrity ships, an Inaugural Plaque, and the souvenir given to the officer at the shipyard that built the ship, these are them,
  22. does anyone remember when Royal Caribbean models used to be metal on a stone base? When did they use them from and when did they stop and switch to the resin models? this is one of the models in question. I hope someone can help me on the date as I cant find anything about them on the net.
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