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  1. Hi We have just booked our 4th cruise with marella we have been with them for a total of 42 days and this will make it 58. do they do anything in the way of loyalty ?
  2. They need to as well. It is supposed to be adults only there are lots of other spaces for children
  3. Been thinking about you today all the way from the UK. Have a great life together. Jackie
  4. What a brilliant film or book this would make. All the best to you both have been following along and feel I know you. Enjoy your life together. i will raise a glass to you on the 9th. ( I dont need much persuading )
  5. i am so shocked I have been following from the beginning and always looked forward to his posts. Get well soon you are in my thoughts.
  6. Really enjoyed the review thank you for taking the time to do it
  7. It is always very busy there.Spoils it a bit. Those poor donkeys going up and down the hill. Have also seen lots of people slip going up and down as well
  8. i know you are not finished yet but i have to say I have enjoyed every photo and word written in this report. thank you all so much for taking the time out to do this.
  9. Yes I know the saying i will dream for a bit longer. Satisfied at the moment dreaming along with the present company.
  10. It was more around the total cost. i do appreciate that everyone does different thing. for instance on a cruise say of 14 nights with 10 ports we would do a mix of ships excursions and on our own. i have stopped buying a larger gifts and things years ago. when I book a shorter cruise i factor in the cost of the cruise, the cash we will spend and money for trips etc . It just seems so much to multiply it by that amount of months. This would be our choice of cruise line as i think they are fantastic. So if I won £100,000 thats about $124,000 could i go and book. Thanks for the replies. i cant wait to check in every night to see where you all are and once again thanks for posting.
  11. i am loving this and following every post. We have cruised a lot and been to a lot of the places but would love to do an around the world cruise at some stage. Too long to leave my fur babies at the moment but some time in the future. What sort of rough budget would you set to do this in a balcony cabin. Nothing specific just a ball park figure. Sorry if that is personal just wanted to know if it will ever be attainable. off to Spain for a week on Saturday. Will still be following along. thanks to you all for taking the time to share
  12. Really enjoyed that have been missing my fix from the world tour
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