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  1. Slightly off topic - am I right in thinking Regal has detachable shower heads? Much prefer these!
  2. I got through after several 25 min waits; the thing is they are SO nice and SO helpful once you do get through!
  3. Glad to report all refunds now back for the original date of June and the 2nd attempt of August! This includes double deposit back as FCC for the August one. They have changed next June's from Grand to Regal which I was not best pleased with but have upgraded us to superior balcony so very happy over all!
  4. Anyone else who was transferred against their will onto this ship - just to point out if you haven't noticed -the new cabins are showing on your account. I got into a temper/panic when I realised we had moved from mid ship to rear and starboard to port then thought how lucky we will be to get on ANY ship in ANY cabin! Also been upgraded to premium balcony, so bit happier!
  5. Never ever had a biscuit for breakfast, usually pull on some "comfies" to go
  6. Yes we are all different; I am British and can't remember the last time I drank tea! I have found that after a few days the International Cafe guys know how I like my coffee
  7. Putting on a decent pair of black trousers and something other than a T shirt is hardly "dressing up "
  8. Exactly, I have no wish to spend precious holiday indoors.
  9. I am furious, see my thread, wasn't keen on the Regal but will have to suck it up so as not to lose £1200 fcc!
  10. Been on it in the Caribbean, not a patch on the Emerald imho
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