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  1. Prom Deck, book, beer, bliss...
  2. Don't mind the mainstream pop and love it if there is a decent live band. What did drive me mad on Princess was not being able to escape the Movies Under The Stars; there was once (outwith school hols) when loud cartoons played all day, bizarre.
  3. Going on Oceana to Greece and Adriatic. Just wondering about Dubrovnik, Hvar and Split in particular - how far away are we docked? Is it easy to get off and have a wander?
  4. We have 4 formal in the 2 weeks, one of which is black and white; will the tropical be in addition to these?
  5. Made me laugh! Think it may be simpler to buy more tops (and a good excuse to go shopping!)
  6. Thanks, just have a couple of nice tees that mention fave bands, just with shorts for daytime, maybe overthinkingšŸ¤£
  7. So, completely understand the ban on fancy dress, hen party type clothes and football tops. However am at that stage with a few weeks to go and counting clothes x how many days on board (the ladies will understand!) - are t shirts with band names frowned upon also? anyone know?
  8. That would be great, hope they do it on Oceana in September!!
  9. I disagree about the need or desire to discontinue formal nights. Some of the younger cruisers take part very enthusiastically and personally noticing now that jeans are acceptable at home even in nice restaurants I enjoy the "dressing up". I think first timers do overthink it -I have worn Christmas party frocks and dresses bought for weddings - surely everyone has these?? This year I am chuffed at finding (Kim &Co on QVC) a perfect black and white sparkly top to go with my black palazzo trousers for that particular night. At the end of the day, the brochure and website are clear enough - if dressing smartly is a hardship maybe just stick to Marella!
  10. mmm suppose so; just not the population to support it
  11. That would be amazing, would stop many of us having to take extra days off and spending loads of money just to get to Southampton!
  12. Surely a high percentage of people on board are celebrating something? I had a " big" birthday on NCL and when it was mentioned to the bartender I got a free cocktail but would never have expected it! (that said when you are cruising from New York on a ship that is 90 per cent American it is likely that the bar staff will make a fuss of Brits as their main route to sales and tips so I know the gesture was not entirely "free"!)
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