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  1. No need to push it when so close to home. Things can go south real fast. Be safe.
  2. You guys are really packed in like sardines. No wonder you want to move!
  3. They are amazing creatures. They eat tons of ticks and other icky bugs. They carry few (if any) diseases. Quite harmless to people.
  4. Dark and twisted sums up Coen brothers. A few years ago their prop buyers came into the antique shop where we rent space. They were there for hours. They were buying dental related items. No one working had the nerves to ask why or what for - sometimes not knowing is better.
  5. Well, that was a dull reunion. Next week is Sailing Yacht. Hopefully it will be better.
  6. Jammies on, dinner in oven, kitchen pre-cleaned. Wine is chilling. I've heard it's explosive. I AM READY!
  7. I do too. I used to use 1000 island dressing. The Russian dressing has a little more kick to it.
  8. I butter the outside of the bread slices. 350 F oven. Bake 20 min, flip and bake about 15 min. Works for any kind of "grilled" sandwich when you don't want all that grease. And you can control the portion size easier.
  9. I do too. We haven't been to a sit-down restaurant for a year. Have gotten take out about 6 times. Since I've figured out how to make them, I prefer mine. All the stuff is spread out on the bread evenly. I use the meat to line the bread - restaurants usually put the kraut next to the bread so the bread gets soggy. I also don't bake with the dressing inside. We use a dipping sauce. Pauline - although we all miss Graham, it's nice to meet you. And to all the current and Veterans, police, and fire department personnel THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERBICE.
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