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  1. I read too much crap. Always looking for a subplot.
  2. No, that wasn't my question. Can't report if not given a chance. I was just wondering if it was possible. I've had my luggage searched at airport customs and don't want to go through that again. We usually spend less than 50 bucks on a 10 night cruise.
  3. Went through customs in Seattle after Alaskan cruise. They threw the forms away without looking. Last Feb in Ft Lauderdale no forms were even handed out. I personally wouldn't spend big bucks on jewelry because I don't wear much. We actually don't buy much anyway. BUT...if I did buy something in port couldn't I say I brought it with me and it's old?
  4. I understand that if I purchase something on board I have to use my seapass card. This info gets passed on to customs. But, if I purchase a high priced item in port and use a credit card not associated with the cruise line, how would customs even know?
  5. This took me a while to get. But it so reminded me of taking tests with my notes in shorthand on my desk.
  6. I liked reading the reviews from Raina (don't know her screen name - she's from Australia), Norbert's Niece, and the super funny woman who travels with her daughter called Beans (again no name). Can anyone help? They may have already been mentioned. As well as all the others mentioned.
  7. If it had not been pointed out, I never would have noticed the difference.
  8. Or if the eyes move. Or if a scene is filmed inside...how many extras on the street go back and forth. Yup, count me in.
  9. On our very first cruise I requested a table for 8. No one ever showed up to join us. One night the table was full. When they asked what we did for a living my dh said he was a maintenance mechanic. The person who asked physically turned her back on him and chatted with the others. Total snub.
  10. On board with this. (Maybe I don't wear panties.)
  11. I tried to balance the checkbook just once. It didn't work out so good. I then figured out that I could wait for 2 bank statements to be the same and I'd go from there. I was in college and just paid in cash for those months.
  12. I used to work at estate sales. We would go into a house and price everything for a public sale. I remember once going through an office. The husband was a doctor, wife a stay-at-home mom. She kept track of every cent spent. EVERY. Each year was in a spiral notebook. X amount on a skein of embroidery floss, x amt on a pair of socks. Total amt on groceries but then listed individually and price out cost per item. (A bag of apples cost x, but broken down each apple cost x.) She also kept track of Christmas gifts - who gave what to them and the apx price. And what they gave and the value. She did this for over 50 years. This "fuzzy math" and spread sheets remind me of this estate sale!
  13. Read reviews before ordering. Just saying.
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