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  1. We got off the ship, walked around a bit. Walked through the market area. Did not spend the money to get into the park area. Looked over the lunch options and went back on board for lunch. Jammer wad open. So peaceful! Did not feel forced to get off.
  2. Unsure how to apply to this. I have no problem spending money to take a ship tour. Is this any different? We're not beach people, don't do water toys. Definitely NOT water park people. Personally I would not spend the money here but would spend it on another excursion. Your vacation. You do you.
  3. And I would treat this like the RCI "recommended" jewelry stores in the Caribbean.
  4. We went through the 3 sounds 2 years ago. We didn't get to see too much due to torrential rains. And it was COLD! What we did see was beautiful.
  5. Those over the beds on Celebrity are useless. You have to stand on a wobbly bed. Not my idea of convenient.
  6. I thought RCI got permits to go to Glacier Bay. Do I remember incorrectly?
  7. We live in Minneapolis MN. We see people on major intersections daily and see frequently how many people give money. We know a scam. In addition I can ask rebuttal questions in French & German. Thanks for the face in photo! I think perhaps it's the first one ever.
  8. My first thought exactly. However I have heard you can board in Florida with a margarita. Just not beer. (OK I made that up.)
  9. Interesting to read about NZ needing visas. Must be relatively new. When we were there 2 years ago we didn't need them.
  10. We got it and we're not going anywhere near this area.
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