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  1. I think she ditched her husband, married that friendly waiter and they are on their honeymoon.
  2. We're booked for Feb 2021. Non refundable. I hope we get to go but we're just playing the waiting game. I'll let Royal cancel me.
  3. ITP is different. It's a blood platelet deficiency. I had to have chemo to get it back to normal.
  4. Well, I don't know about you but I can still fit into the earrings I wore in high school.
  5. I'm sure you misspoke here. EAT, not discard the chocolate bottom part
  6. Wait...your suite has a fireplace? Are you allowed to start a fire in it? Nice!
  7. Yup. That's what we have. They're like a loaf of bread on toothpicks.
  8. I'd be suspicious of Elbo. Any waiter inviting himself to dine with you (and doing other tasks) is just asking for a bigger tip. Just saying.
  9. There is a product at pet stores that will clean up the dark spots. Don't know what it's called. Our dogs are Wheaton colored. My friend has a Westie and she swears by it.
  10. John, I'm so sorry to hear you are feeling unwelcomed in your home base. I've never met you but thoroughly love your reviews. To me they seem to be very fairly balanced - praising the good, and objectively pointing out the bad. The pic of all the leftover food should have been a red flag to your attendant. He should have stepped up to yhe plate. I hate to waste food but geeze, was it fit to eat? Unacceptable.
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