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  1. How about this one: don't read between the lines...… the new guarantee means the lowest cabins they can find 210 days out?.....it's Christmas for some so we have to believe....thanks to the nevergr8fuls...LOL
  2. Thanks for your replies my main reason to talk about this was the fact that they assigned the cabin 210 days out not the cabin. They give you the impression that you may get an better upgrade but this is not the case, It will be in the lowest category and no exceptions according to the agent. We have booked guarantees previously and got fair cabins but not told it was going to be an obstruction and take it or......
  3. thanks Garyl62, I politely asked the girl from celebrity and her reply was there is nothing they can do... enjoy your day! seems like they don't care anymore. They must be traveling with full ships now or new people that don't know but will find out with blogs like this one.
  4. BEWARE: We found out today that booking a guaranteed cabin cruise early with Celebrity means they can give you the worst verandah they can find, even if it is 210 days before the cruise! I was shocked to see earlier today that I was given a cabin category 2D 210 days before our cruise. The Captains Club means absolutely nothing to them ( probably an inconvenience). I understand the risk and should have picked our room at a higher cost but in the past we always got a better room than the lowest one they can find. I guess loyalty is a thing of the past. Happy Sailing!
  5. just off the summit and they were giving away t-shirts....not too shabby
  6. just wondering if the Qzine has changed to LPC as rumoured
  7. I was just on the Reflection and can honestly say that being in a concierge room was worth it. We got to the port at 11:30 am and went straight through the concierge line to get our passes. We then were guided to go up the escalator and onto the ship not stopping in a room with the other passengers. WoW. Then we went right to the concierge lunch in the dining room where we were the first to taste the great food we were going to eat without lineups in the buffet. After eating in a calm area (without our luggage by our side) we heard the announcement the rooms were ready. The room was great and our room service person came in to see if everything was okay and was there anything else we needed. We asked for ice, fruit and new pillows. They were there within an hour. I noticed a note on the bed from the concierge staff saying any issues to see her on the 8th floor. We booked a future cruise and wanted to call our TA to see if we could flip the cruise to them the third day in the cruise. We went to the desk and used their phone to get the ball rolling. This made the cruise less stressful. They even called us to make sure we had everything we needed and to call for anything. The daily canapes were always an experience, but my wife enjoyed most of them. The foot stools on our balcony were a bonus. This is what changed our feelings. The extra 2 points per day for Captains Club does not hurt either.
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