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  1. So many options but there would be at least one Caribbean resort visit in there per year. So much of North America still to see as well.....
  2. This guy is awesome!!! We should all strive to be as fit as Pezz as we age, it's the best preventative medicine!!!
  3. I think you're most likely correct.
  4. "Construction delays"???? Didn't the thing catch fire? My first thought......insurance money hahaha
  5. This past February we booked a January 2021 cruise on Indy which is now more than double the price we paid for our junior suites. With so many FCC"s that have to be used up before next summer (will most likely be extended though) there's no reason for Royal to lower prices right now. Who knows what the future holds though.
  6. The better question would be when will the Med be opened up to Americans? Worldwide numbers are going down while the US is um.......quite the opposite. I'm suspecting that there will be travel bans for quite some time if this keeps up.
  7. That's a good point, especially with the numbers trending the way they are.
  8. At this point no one knows with 100% certaintly if Royal Caribbean as we know it will even be in business in 2022.
  9. Depending on where Sandals resorts can be great!! You may even prefer an all inclusive resort to cruising.....lots do.
  10. If a TA's commission is 1400 bucks than I'm in the wrong field lol
  11. My parents have only gotten a partial refund for their mid April Serenade cruise for some reason.
  12. Guinea pigs for the rushed vaccine.......I wish them luck.
  13. In August when cruising resumes you can see just how they work the social distancing.
  14. Lol I have a pretty good idea where you get your news. You seem stressed that there are many people not living in constant fear like yourself. I can lead a horse to water but I can't make it drink.
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