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  1. That was our feeling exactly. We had an NRD so weren't losing anything doing a L&S. We were actually considering just cancelling and losing our deposit but now we have another year to decide.
  2. The only age restriction being mentioned is that only those over 70 are able to transfer their FCC's. Not sure how they can get away with that age descrimination but we shall see if it will stand.
  3. I fully believe that your December 2021 cruise will be good to go. Question about your Feb 2021 cruise, if it is a go and masks are mandatory onboard (pool deck specifically) will you go on it?
  4. I agree, that's why I did the L&S. Prices are crazy for winter 2022 and there's no way we could afford those prices so the price protection came in pretty handy. If by next year things are still crazy we'll take advantage of the CWC. EIther way it was a NRD deposit so we're not losing anything......yet. If our January cruise was still on (it may or may not sail) we may have gone on it but not if you have to wear masks.....I do that enough in my every day real life.
  5. That's ok, I keep writing 2021 when I mean 2022......just seems so far away.
  6. It's gambling and a game of chicken with the cruise line. Another option is just do a L&S to a cruise next year which gives you another year to make your decision. Your cruise is price protected and you don't have to pay any more money until next year. CWC still applies in case you want to cancel and take an FCC.
  7. I'll give 60 cents on the dollar if anyone over 70 wants to sell.....
  8. Bumper cars on a cruise ship....who knew?? haha. We're on the western route and going to Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and CocoCay. We have over a year to decide whether to bring our daughters to see the turtle sanctuary or the beach in Grand Cayman, last time we were there before kids we enjoyed some turtle burgers......that may traumatize them haha.
  9. Hard to tell if your cruise will be a go so it all comes down to if it is a go do you want to be onboard with all the precautions that will be in place including mask use on the pool deck. My opinion is that you have nothing to lose with doing a Lift and Switch to 2022 and deciding next December if you want to follow through or use the CWC.and cancel.
  10. When we did our L&S today our TA gave us some great news that since our flights booked through Choice Air hadn't been ticketed yet we will be getting refunds on them.
  11. I agree, by November 2021 there will already have been much cruising out of the US for many months.
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