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  1. Yes! Crunchy, sour and sweet. Loved it. We don’t get much rhubarb here in Florida, but when we do my DW makes an awesome rhubarb crumble. Cheers, Daryl
  2. Great comparison, and we found ourselves often wanting to get back into that private club after being out in the rest of the very loud and crowded ship. The msc yacht club was awesome, but the rest of the ship…. cheers, Daryl
  3. My dear wife and I are on the same path, but a year ahead of you, we are gonna downshift at the end of ‘22 and jump on the Viking world cruise. We think it is not only a good idea but a great idea. Life is too short to keep spinning. I would recommend you look at them, on a per deim basis they are very similar cost as the others, but seem to offer more. the Viking loyal folks have a lot of good opinions and even better advice. I also wrote a bit of why a world cruise and why Viking on my blog. cheers Daryl viking23.com
  4. Andy, I am always happy to learn something new
  5. I had to look up "ratings", always something new to learn. Thank you Andy. My Alberta upbringing had very few ships. Just the occasional Prairie Schooner. Cheers Daryl www.viking23.com
  6. I do have to wonder if Viking is waiting to see what the CDC has to say next. Then they have the opportunity to better those requirements, instead of guessing what the CDC will say and then make changes to policy again. Cheers Daryl www.viking23.com
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