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  1. I have the GeoBlue annual policy also - I'm on Medicare and aware that they don't cover health issues outside the US and I travel out of the country at least 3 or 4 times a year. I usually don't buy trip insurance because many of my cruses are casino comps, so if I lose two or three hundred dollars for port fees and taxes, I don't care. Doing Alaska again this summer with friends and am paying for this cruse. Just signed up for trip cancellation, etc. insurance - figured I would rather pay $400 now, then eat a $6000 cost if something happened.
  2. Leaving on a solo cruise this month and looking forward to it. I have taken several solo cruises and enjoyed them all! I’m a widow, so not exactly your situation - some members of my family express some anxiety about my traveling alone but I m comfortable with solo travel. I cruise/travel with friends and relatives, but I also (selfishly) love solo trips. There is much to be enjoyed about rising when you want, spending a lazy afternoon reading on your balcony, going to bed at 1 AM without worrying about waking up a cabin mate. I usually dine in the MDR and i don’t mind being solo at the table. I am sure you are going to enjoy your cruise - happy travels!
  3. That's disappointing:( Cruising for first time with them in September 2020 for an 11 day cruise and was hoping they had more video poker. Thanks for the info!
  4. I'm Sapphire, but it's because of several cruises in the 18 month period. Booked an Aqua Class cabin, solo, for a June Alaska sailing. Going with a few friends who have no casino standing - when I booked I received 20% off as casino adjustment, then they told me to call back after the 1st of the year and they would credit some more based on my gambling from the last cruise. When I called last week, I got another $550 off based on my May cruise. I am doing an invited cruise to Bermuda in July, but that one is free except for port fees and taxes. I'm not sure exactly what "annual cruise benefit" is - sounds like it might be the $550 they credited me.
  5. I booked a cruise to Alaska in August 2019 for a cruise sailing June 2020. I am sailing solo in an Aqua class cabin and the casino rate was close to a third off - rep I talked to said to call back after Jan. 1, 2020 and they would give me an additional $550 off - guessing this is the "six month before sailing discount" described by the original poster. Usually I try to just sail the cruises that are offers from the casino, but this is a trip I'm doing with very good friends. I've been sailing with Royal and Celebrity, prefer Celebrity but get more offers from Royal. BTW, have found that Celebrity responds pretty quickly to emails to the Blue Chip Club but I think they sometimes don't understand what the question is.
  6. I’m not sure what the deal is with the Retreat sundeck - when I was on Summit in May, Rihanna (host in Retreat Lounge) said I should check out the sundeck, however, I had read somewhere that only suite guests could use it so I never went up there. I’m not crazy about being in an area with limited shade, so I didn’t feel bad about missing it. Yes, I’m doin the July 19 Bermuda cruise😊
  7. Also had to add that I much prefer the quality of Celebrity cruises to NCL but I realize that’s subjective.
  8. The other very nice benefit of sapphire on Celebrity is access to The Retreat. You almost don’t need a beverage plan - can just stop by and have a drink. Btw, took advantage of one of the cruises on the Blue Chip offer - heading to Bermuda/Newport in July.
  9. Great pictures, thanks for sharing - I've sailed frequently on Summit but June 2020 will be the first time for Millenium. I enjoy the Solstice class ships, but feel at home on M class. Staff seems friendlier on the smaller ships.
  10. If that's so, it must be a very recent change. I was on Ovation for an Alaska cruise on Aug. 2 - Aug. 9, 2019 and spent a lot of time in the casino and smoking was pretty heavy. They do have a non-smoking section but the smoke definitely leaks over to the non-smoking section. I actually try to sail Celebrity more often because they have a non-smoking casino.
  11. Although I love creme brulee, I really don't like the Royal Caribbean version of it - almost has a banana pudding undertaste to it or something. The Grand Marnier souffle was being served on Ovation last month when we did our Alaska cruise.
  12. Ovation of the Seas had two Super Star machines in the non smoking section a few weeks ago - I think there were two or three in the smoking section. Celebrity Summit had a few Super Star or All Star (not sure of what theirs were named) in May of this year. I look for them, too - like being able to switch off to other games and I love that Celebrity is totally smoke free. I sailed on Silhouette last year and they had a couple that were in a corner - didn't find them until the second day - had the most uncomfortable stools ever, but those may have been changed.
  13. Thanks for the info - exactly what I was looking for. I was Prime on the first cruise on Royal in Sept. 2018, did one with my free certificate in Jan. 2019, and Alaska earlier this month; have a cruise booked with RC for November 2019; had wondered what next level was. Appreciate your response!
  14. What are the tiers in ClubRoyale? Tried looking at their website and also tried searching in the forum and couldn't find anything. Thanks for any information!
  15. We do a combo of casino, bringing two bottles of wine, and paying as we go. Just completed a cruise to Alaska on Ovation of the Seas and only purchased drinks a few times - definitely worked out cheaper for us than buying a drinks package. In fairness, neither my friend nor I normally drink that much, we usually have a glass of wine with dinner and a frozen thing on a day that we spend in the solarium.
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