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  1. Like others have said if you fall under the elderly and those with underlying conditions. Maybe i would worry i am not too worried yet. a little on edge but , ive been on many cruises and i always wiped down my own cabin and door handles and washed my hands and never dunked my head in the pool and *knock on wood* I never got sick . So i am hoping it will stay that way. already bought some extra travel size wipes for the cruise.
  2. She will be fine, I am cruising in May I am only slightly worried, I think most of it is under control now
  3. lol we saw him in 2015, didn't see him the last few times we were there. This guy doesn't give up, gotta give him credit for never giving up
  4. Sorry to hear about that but you did pick your room. Could have picked a more central room. I know when we cruise with older family we pick a room based on location for them.
  5. Sweet il have to watch it. Thanks for reminding me
  6. Sailed out of San Juan in 2015 and 2017. Both announcements were in English and Spanish
  7. My last cruise from November 2017 this was on my invoice and my upcoming cruise in May 2019 has this on my invoice YH07 - Club Royale. Does anyone actually know what this means ? Ive seen mixed readings on other posts. Anyone tell me if I am missing something or not. PS I am not a heavy gambler so I am a little confused . Thanks PS: Oddly enough my wife won the $500 onboard credit the last two cruises we went on, not sure if that has any bearings. yes you heard that correctly the last two times
  8. I was on a cruise during the Oasis in Feb 2012 during the superbowl and formal night was during the superbowl. I remember I have a picture of me watching part of the game on the Aqua Theatre in a shirt and tie. I don't think they will change it
  9. there is no way I am carrying a 12 pack of water for a few hours before we are allowed to go to our room. I always get the soda package anyways. I just like having some bottled water for the night time so I don't have to go get something to drink at 2am if I am thirsty
  10. So technically its a 3-4$ gamble still. I never had an issue in the past brining a 12 pcak of water on. I haven't cruised in a year so I am a little track of what rules have changed
  11. Good to know. they still have them on the Allure, haven't been on the Allure since 2013. I need my Orange or Peach Zero Fana . Looks like I will get the soda package again
  12. Happened to us our last two cruises as well when we booked that early. you will more than likely get your early dining
  13. we stayed a hotel very close to where you were staying in Nov 2017. UBER XL was 23.87
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