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  1. Another day another cancellation imminent which now makes 6/5/21 Mardi Gras our next cruise.
  2. I’m ready to cruise as soon as Carnival is ready, Have May, July and December still booked for this year on the Mardi Gras, I am an optimist and figure I’m not going to let her sail without me.
  3. My sister and I are sailing the Panorama 10/02/21 for my birthday and looking forward to this cruise. I’m in FL now but Southern CA natives so know our way around well and can hardly wait. Staying at sisters in Norco then we’ll head over in the morning. I have never not had a balcony so am confused, you get a balcony for room service? They do room service for interior rooms also, right? OR....is it because eating/drinking while sitting on the balcony is so nice?
  4. I’m just excited to see that they have posted some protocols. Restricted excursions is the item that saddens me, as a moderately experienced cruiser I usually take local port excursions now. In my early days of cruising I enjoyed the Carnival excursions but now I much prefer small or family groups. There are many of us that will abide by whatever protocols are set in place so we can cruise again. Others that are on the fence or know they won’t cruise with these protocols should still hang on to your reservations if you can until final payment and keep fingers crossed, things could
  5. Thanks for the help, I am super happy to be able to use on already booked cruise. I will defintely book a short cruise so that I will be eligible to use it on #26. The #25 cruise you get a white card but that OBC is the real perk for milestone as far as I can see.
  6. I am approaching my first Milestone cruise and am wondering if I will be able to use the 25% OBC on a future cruise that is already booked. Currently the Celebration inaugural ta cruise is #25 as it sits now. I would happily book a nice short cruise prior to make that one #26 if I could get the OBC . I booked a suite for the first time and is the highest price we are ever likely to spend for a cruise, would be nice to have that OBC for that one.
  7. On a Behind the Scenes tour the solid dark chocolate they use comes in huge blocks. I wish I could remember where it was from but was a European processor if I remember right. I thought that was funny since cocoa doesn’t grow in Europe or USA.. I just got my first dose 2 days ago and feel like we’re facing a liberation, can hardly wait to travel and visit again!.
  8. It’s easy peasy, pack your bags, make sure your room steward knows you are btb and they will get everything moved for you while you do the customs check and get back on the ship. I have not had to move on my btb yet so not sure when/how you get new room key though.
  9. Yes, when they extend it the same rules will apply with whatever the new date is that they give you.
  10. I am one that always books the early saver rate. I usually book my cruises far in advance and enjoy watching for price drops while waiting for the cruise. The rate is usually more than $50 less pp than the Fun Saver rates which are fully refundable. I figure if I have to cancel I will just rebook a different date at a maximum cost of $50 pp to switch over and still come out ahead.
  11. Making Platinum was super nice and have been enjoying the benefits for awhile now. It sure does seem like a long way to Diamond from there. I have 49 days currently booked over the next 2 years. I’m working on it slowly but surely. Retirement is allowing me to book so much easier now.
  12. FWIW, many rooms are currently open on the web site for the 4/24/21 inaugural cruise. If interested get them while available!
  13. Checked mine, no offers for me except for balance transfers. Darn!
  14. I was also on the original TA, I rebooked right away and got the extra OBC but when that one canceled and I rebooked the second time I lost the $200 but gained the $600.
  15. We have already booked this cruise and many questions also as we look forward to our first TA. Since this will require more planning than cruising from one of our home ports here in FL I am a bit nervous. It looks like we’ll have to wait till cruise is much closer to purchase flights/hotels/transfers so we’re going to try to figure out what we can plan ahead for and what we’ll have to wait on. If you book the cruise do you plan to spend a few extra days in England before the cruise? Getting around is one of my concerns also. Edit to add, you are looking at November 2022, not 2021,
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