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  1. Lol I live in Toronto and its been amusing as the subway has felt a little emptier these days. Employers recommending to try and keep your distance from people on the subway...haha like not really normally possible at rush hour
  2. We are supposed to fly to San Juan for Apr 2 and be on Freedom Apr 5. Being in our 30s and healthy, we aren't necessarily scared about being on the ship or getting the virus - but what is making us reconsider is how countries are handling the ships (either denying them entry to ports or holding them off shore in quarantine). Both of our employers have the 2 week allowance to work from home so there is flexibility there but being stuck on a ship with uncertain return date makes things infinitely more complicated and difficult to decide. I personally don't see cruising as any more risky than flying in an enclosed airplane either....just hoping all this panic settles down soon.
  3. burlybear

    Aruba UTV Tours

    Hi All, We are heading to Aruba in April on Freedom of the Seas and have a relatively long day in port from 8am to 10 pm. I was looking into booking a UTV tour (for the husband and I) and have it narrowed down to either the Around Aruba company or ABC Tours, though reading on these boards some people seem to recommend renting a UTV and going at it on our own with maps (I am so paranoid about getting lost or stuck somewhere with the UTV though). Has anyone used either of these companies or have any suggestions? Thanks in advance for your help!!
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