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  1. Wondering if PG will make their cruises vaccine only ? 😎
  2. Hello all , Just booked cabin 767 for Nov 5th. Rooms will not be converted during this dry dock according to PG.
  3. Thank you Supertuscan99, I appeciate your time to answer. They are showing available now, fingers crossed.
  4. We are considering our first PG cruise Nov 5th, ( 7 day) 2022,. I see 766 but not 767? Is 766 a good room to book? Thanks .🙂
  5. Good evening everyone.🙂. Has anyone been on the Silver Shadow recently? I am reading poor reviews for 2019 / 2020 regarding food quality, wine selections, and overall customer service. We were looking at the Sept 8, 2021 Med ( 12 day). The prices should reflect quality I think, We have been on Princess and Holland. Thank you in advance for all your time responding. Regards 😎
  6. Thanks ,but for the Meditterean is a side view not better, thanks so much.
  7. Question? What is the advantage of an aft cabin? thanks
  8. Anyone know if the Enchanted will have a Planks and Steamers too? My favourite places to eat!
  9. Thanks for all the great info. We've decided against Oceania. Maybe next time.😎
  10. Thanks, Who did you use in Canada? Can you recommend a TA? Is that allowed here?
  11. Thank you for your quick reply I will check that out tomorrow 😎. Do you prefer Oceania? Have you been on Viking? Interested in Croatia ports . Can’t travel in the spring only In the fall . Cheers and thanks . I guess I have my work cut out . DH wants to go to the Med, I’m more of a Tahiti kinda girl , just show me the snorkel spots 😎thNks again .
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