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  1. Anyone know if the Enchanted will have a Planks and Steamers too? My favourite places to eat!
  2. Thanks for all the great info. We've decided against Oceania. Maybe next time.😎
  3. Thanks, Who did you use in Canada? Can you recommend a TA? Is that allowed here?
  4. Thank you for your quick reply I will check that out tomorrow 😎. Do you prefer Oceania? Have you been on Viking? Interested in Croatia ports . Can’t travel in the spring only In the fall . Cheers and thanks . I guess I have my work cut out . DH wants to go to the Med, I’m more of a Tahiti kinda girl , just show me the snorkel spots 😎thNks again .
  5. Schmer1 😎 Okay I must have read it wrong , what is premium economy ? I don’t think we have that on our Canadian lines? Thanks In your experienced opinion of Oceania , is Ole worth the upgrade? Are the excursions just mass bus tours ? Cheers
  6. Thanks Flatbush, so if i wanted to upgrade to first class air for 200$ then Ole would be worth it just for the 1st class air, am I correct in saying so? Is Oceania an adults mostly , an upgraded cruise? Do you like them? Looking at Viking vs Oceania, we're not experienced cruisers so looking for personal experiences and recommendations. Thanks
  7. Hello, Considering Oceania and I do not get the ole life ? Is this part of my price or is this extra? Someone explain this to me. Is Oceania worth it? Looking at Med in Sept/Oct 2020. Have sailed Princes and Holland, Gratios!
  8. I had no problems ordering 2 brewed coffees at the same time in June on Caribbean Princess. I did have the old punch card, and then had to buy another new one on board. The medallion is great for this!
  9. I wore it the whole time 👌🏻Snorkelled maybe 20 hours with it , it’s great 😎I love the classy look of it , didn’t need to wear my bracelets 😎
  10. I got in on the ship in June, comes in silver and gold and looks real sharp 😎not cheap looking. I think it was around 40 $ . Made very solid , never came off . The medallion just pops out if you need to scan it, but mostly you just tap it on the machine. We love them! DH just got a plain black rubbery band that he did not mind . Don’t worry you’ll have lots of time to figure out which style works for you 😎when you’re on the ship. hope this helps 😊
  11. I love mine, wore it 2 weeks ,never took it off. Scuba diving, snorkelling...light as a feather. love it!
  12. MISS PP2, Yes it was a voucher for 25$ to spend as I chose on the cruise. NO strings attached! Not sure I can be any clearer on this, I guess I was the lucky one. LOL😎😎 I do have a foto in the archives.
  13. Colo Cruiser ...... No issues at all ! Holland staff were very firm and professional. This was a French Polynesia cruise so very easy , laid back and courteous passengers, like I said ... no issues that I seen or heard of.
  14. Hello Coral, Where did you stay in Civ? We're doing the same on the Enchanted next fall. Looking forward to your comments and reviews. I think the Enchanted is pretty much as the same as the Sky. My daughter was in the officer ranking for 8 yr with princess and they experienced the outbreak a few times. Mostly starts with Passengers never washing up. Staff always commented on Dirty Passengers! Sad but true that grown -ups want to skip this step . ON a recent Holland Cruise there was a staff permantly stationed at the buffet area ensuring everyone washed up properly using soap and water.... no one got past them ! Many tried and were denied entrance! I thought it was a great idea. Hope you have a great adventure on the Sky. 😎Cheers.
  15. It was very much appreciated and I did receive it !
  16. Let Princess know you are celebrating a special day, I got a 25$ birthday gift certificate under my door, a beautiful birthday cake at supper, and just a wonderful day. I now have a lovely PC hoodie from the boutiqe . Take advantage of all your free b's. 😎Have fun! This was on the 14 day Carribean Princess in June of this year.
  17. So with only $1 deposit, what is the catch? Are you comitted to the booking in any way if you cancel it ...or can you cancel and all you will lose is the dollar? All new to me? CAn you add insurance after you book?
  18. Yes , that is correct. You will use the same medallion for both legs. However , because you are in the USA you have to disembark in Ft Lauderdale and embark again. (USA LAW) This procedure takes as long as it takes the slowest person /group to arrive at your meeting spot, we met in the MDR. (This was a first for us doing a b/b. It took us about 3 hours.)
  19. We enjoyed the world market place very much and agree with AF-1 😎
  20. Such a tragedy . I also questioned why people were swimming and partying in and out of the pool as I walked past around 11pm . Why was there no netting on the pool? The pools are normally netted up. Passengers need to act more responsible. Such a tragedy.
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