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  1. I agree with the initial poster, we were informed when we booked that we would not be required to book a ship excursion. That seems to have been changed to that quoted here. The tours described show free time on the beach in some places and time on your own in various places, walking tours in busy places etc etc. How can they hope to herd people around and keep them together in a bubble if thats what is intended! I think those tours will be different than described and people will be disappointed if that is the case. In Cyprus no private or small tours are included as yet. If they w
  2. Yes, we are in the UK, we had b2b out of Barcelona in September 2021. One a 9 night and one a 12 night. We have switched 12 night one to September 2022, and accepted the 7 night 18th Sept out of Athens. Flights from / to London Heathrow and prices came through last week. Pretty fair and additional OBC! Happy bunny here for Easter, nice to have something to dream about.
  3. I was sad to see this post. The current situation in the UK is improving and vaccine rollout going at pace. The restrictions currently in place are to limit the spread of varients from Brazil and South Africa primarily. It DOES NOT affect all areas, and as such I found it a little alarmist. Of course there will be restrictions from time to time where new dangers emerge, and it is impossible to forecast where or when this will occur, but all governments will act to protect their people. Countries such as Australia and New Zealand have had this type of quarantine for some time. Yes t
  4. We are booked on this sailing but havent heard anything.....yet!
  5. I understand the UK govt today discussed a vaccination card, like the old yellow fever card, and IATA are in discussion with govt about using the app they are developing
  6. No vaccine would ever be 100%. If authorities do no plan for this type of scenario then travel and lots of other activities will be over for good! They will have quarantine facilities on board I understand. The antibodies take time to build and be effective, at least 3 weeks, longer if over 60, so maybe one lesson is get the vaccine as soon as you can before you even think about travelling.
  7. I dont think I deserved 1 or 2 of the snarky comments when I was pointing up an inaccurate and misleading post. Thank you to those who reacted positively. It actually sent me off checking CDC and other sites for more information when I read it! Right now many people are looking for any tiny snippets of information, and then reacting quickly to lift shift and re-book.. Maybe in these troubled times we need to consider whether what we post is accurate and the impact of what we post on others.
  8. Thaks for5 posting. The earlier post was so very misleading and could have persuaded people to cancel or lift and shift! Perhaps admin could delete?
  9. I think it should be a requirement at least for any 2021 sailings. The ships wont be sailing at full capacity anyway so if some cant or wont have a vaccine, there will still be enough demand from those who have to commence some sailings.
  10. I wouldnt want to risk going to find myself feeling insecure on a ship with people on board who arent complying and putting others at risk by their behaviour...so, I wouldn't cruise unless onboard measures, hand cleansing, social distancing mask wearing were compulsory and part of the cruise contract. Everyone should have to comply, no excuses or exceptions etc. otherwise, like other behaviour issues they would be offloaded. It would be for the safety of everyone on board, crew and cruisers. If this meant some couldnt cruise for now, then they might have to live with that and chose anoth
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