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  1. We have stayed in 9670 three times on the Gem and once in a cabin on deck10. We preferred the 9670 for the room space instead of the larger balcony. Loved being in the aft. You will enjoy it.
  2. have never brought wine so have a couple of questions. Is there a charge and can you only drink the wine in your cabin?
  3. When you called how long did it take for them to bring the scooter to you?
  4. Since NCL doesn't usually use that port who knows how they will have it set up. You would think it would be the same.
  5. Spa treatments with USA bookings can only be booked on the ship. You should be able to book dining but not all times will be available. You can book both dining and spa treatments the first day.
  6. Last year they made us spill out our water from our water bottles so better drink it at the port.
  7. Activity cards have been around for years. Gifts are getting cheaper but it is fun to get anything. Years ago went on RCL. Our group got a medal for winning trivia. Brother just went on a RCL and got a medal. No change for them. Much better to get a mug, a shirt, keychain, etc.
  8. Don't expect good binoculars. Husband always brings his.
  9. I always bring at least a 6 foot cord. I requested distilled water from the Access department. They recommended bringing at least a 6 foot cord as the outlet is not near the bed. They have cords on board but they are first come first served.
  10. Suites can book at 130 days. Mini suite is considered just a big balcony so 120 days. When deposits were 90 days we booked at 100 days for suites so before we were paid up.
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