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    In our experience the shrinkage occurs in the MDR, not the laundry.
  2. We are also thoroughly enjoying this trip. We came for an adventure - and that is what we are having! Glad to hear that you are also having a great time. We simply move away when the complainers start up with their nonsense and claims for compensation. Life is too short to spend time listening to them.
  3. Yes you can call the Sydney office Mon to Fri 9 to 5 and Sat morning to 12 (Sydney time). Dial 61 in front of the Sydney 1800 number. They answer very quickly and are helpful.
  4. We were awake at this time. The ship tilted very slighty, and I waited for the slight roll back, but didn't feel it. It must have moved again slightly, as it did not feel tilted during the morning. With so much then happening I didn't notice anything else.
  5. We got an amazing view from the back of the MDR.
  6. We have a new shower in a Lanai. Shower is the same size as the old bath and is walk in with a glass door.
  7. We are on Volendam right now in a Lanai. Yes to new tv, no to fridge (still having to cool my wine in an ice bucket😦
  8. Thank you snoozecruise and ski ww. It was getting very dark so I wasn't sure that our flag would be seen.
  9. Watch for the New Zealand flag - Volendam, midship, port side, promenade deck. ☺
  10. Kia ora. Welcome to New Zealand. We think that our little country is pretty special - we welcome visitors who come to share it with us.😀 Have a great day in the Otago region today.
  11. Have just checked the contract for next week on the Volendam. This is what it says - The plan can be activated on any device but only one device can be actively connected at a time
  12. Big wheel keep on turnin' Proud Mary keep on fallin' Rollin', rollin', rollin' on the ocean Rollin', rollin', rollin' on the ocean
  13. Yes. 30 day cruise - Amazon Explorer. We fly from New Zealand on Monday so I am starting to feel a little excited.
  14. I'm watching. Our turn next Wednesday. Heading up the Amazon!
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