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  1. Our ship docks at 7:00 am. Is it cutting it too close to leave on a flight at 11:35? I know it is suggested to have a 5 hour window, Just wondering if the 25 minutes is cutting it too close. Any thoughts? We would walk our luggage off the ship and grab a cab to the airport.
  2. Thank you so much for posting a picture of the beginning of the trail. Looks much better than what I had anticipated. Seeing this makes me feel more confident about our bike ride down. A picture is truly worth a thousand words 🙂
  3. Thanks for the quick replies. From what you both said, I think we are good to go! We will just take our time walking the bikes. Really looking forward to this, hope we have some decent weather. :)
  4. I am also traveling to Norway in June, 2018 and have booked one way tickets on the Flåm railway and bike rental. For anyone who has done this, how steep is the beginning portion of the bike ride? Also, how wide is the area that you have to walk down and are there cliffs near where you need to walk? My group (3) ride bikes when we can but are not expert riders in any way. We are also in our mid sixties but fairly active (as much as we can be with bad knees 🙁). Any comments on this is greatly appreciated :).
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