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  1. I think you are my new best friend Sherri914!!!!!
  2. Here is RCCLs description of this room... Ocean View Panoramic Suite (No Balcony) Two twin beds that convert to Royal King. Curtained section with bunk beds. Living area with double sofa bed, vanity and sitting area. One and a half baths with shower. Floor to ceiling wrap around panoramic windows. Stateroom: 406 sq. ft.
  3. There is a much more limited supply of items since there are only a couple of stores, They are much more pricier to what you can find in-town as well. We loved Sanchos but were not crazy about the stores BUT the last time we were there was 2 years ago so maybe the stores have gotten better?
  4. I have been to Sanchos 3 times and have not seen a bunch of kids at all. Just my 2 cents.
  5. I received a royalup offer 3 days ago (46 days before) for a family suite no balcony, jr suite & grand suite on my 4/13 cruise on Rhapsody. We are currently booked on an extended balcony so I bid $400 total for the family and $300 for the GS but didn't bid on the JS.
  6. My wife and I always had such a great time enjoying a relaxing drink there before we had dinner. And the concierge (don't remember his name) that was there in October of 2016 was the best!!
  7. Some of the smoothies are made with fresh fruit but depending on which smoothie, some are made with the mix packages and not real fruit.
  8. Smoothies are available in the vitality spa but the powder does cost extra. Smoothies (at least abt 18 months ago) are included with the refreshment drink package. I am speaking from direct experience.
  9. Thank you so much for the information. I am hoping this is a welcomed surprise for the wife :).
  10. Thanks again Carol for your help. One last question and I should be all set...I feel like I should send you a gift or something :). I have narrowed it down to the Ramada Plaza Newark or the Hilton Garden Inn Staten Island with price being somewhat of a consideration but making my In-laws happy MUCH more important! Based on the photos and reviews on trip advisor it appears that the Hilton is much nicer than the Ramada but I think I remember reading that the Ramada has recently been renovated, is that correct? If so, then the overall rating on TA would be skewed with negative reviews pre-update when the property was long in the tough. So would the Hilton today be nicer than the Ramada enough to justify the cost difference (about $50 per room...booking 3 rooms)? Thanks so much again for your input Carol...and anyone else willing to help a weary travel planner :D
  11. Thanks for the quick reply. We will have 3 separate cars and room config would be 4+4+2. We would be leaving super early that Saturday so we would be getting into the area by 7 p.m so we shouldn't have to worry about after dark arrival. I looked at the Hilton/Hampton Park&Cruise package and I tried to do the same with the Holiday Inn one but when you click on the package for some reason it never gives you the option to select it?
  12. Carol, Thanks so much for lending your helping hand/knowledge while expecting nothing in return. You are truly a special person! I am hoping you can help cure the headache I have which is figuring out travel plans involving the Bayonne Cape Liberty Cruise Port. I will be traveling with DW, DS, & DD along with another family of 4 and my In-Laws from NC on 3/28/15 for a 7 day Quantum cruise on 3/29. I took your advice and went to Trinity Reservations and I see the Newark Ramada Plaza Bayonne Cape Liberty Cruise Port for $185 (Hotel, parking, and transport) but the reviews of this property seem to be very bad. So I am wondering if you or anyone else who has stayed at this property recently can chime in with reports on the current conditions. My In-Laws are used to the better hotels so my fear is that they will be very irritated if the Ramada property isn't at least decent and clean. I was also looking at the Courtyard Newark Elizabeth and booking my own transportation. If I choose this route then I was wondering what the best option would be to get to the port? Would you suggest that we use a car service for roundtrip transportation and leave our cars (driving from NC) at the hotel for the 7 days (would there be any problems with just leaving them)? If so, who would you suggest we use and what do you think the cost would be for 10 people with approximately 12 pieces of luggage? Or would you suggest we use a 3rd party parking service and if so who would you suggest for this?
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