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  1. Oh boy....here we go once again ! It really seems like some people ENJOY spreading negative news reports. It really bugs me to see these posts when the world and cruise lines i.e. EVERYBODY has been trying to move FORWARD....not backward. Covid is here to stay for awhile I would bet so let's just move forward in a positive manner and only report really really bad news maybe? Please 🙂
  2. This is a CLAMSHELL when we were on Half Moon Cay a few years ago. I LOVED and appreciated having the shade available. Fits two people nicely including the chairs
  3. Ann you could just email me directly lol ! Free cruise gift is so generous of you. (Just teasing people) Be aware that if you get them a gift card, if the cruise were to be cancelled, their monies would be returned to another gift card. Also, just recently they had a promotion, which has since expired, that for every $1000 giftcard you would be gifted a BONUS $100 giftcard. I personally think that promotion will come back...... but who knows. Have an awesome weekend!
  4. I APPRECIATE you volunteering at Del Mar BUT I think you needed to ADD that CURRENTLY (02/22/21) the only vaccine available is Pfizer in San Diego County. So many people are waiting to get their second dose of Moderna and have had their appt. cancelled because a new batch has not arrived in over one week. I was lucky enough to get BOTH Pfizer vaccinations but my 90 year old father is waiting to get his SECOND Moderna vaccine. You should stay with the SAME vaccination you started with. Not everyone is able to get their vaccines like you say. Stay safe everyone and THANKS AGAIN for volunteer
  5. https://gohal.com/app/uploads/2020/12/Pay-Early-Bonus-Flyer_1-1-21.pdf FOR CLARITY....This is in regards to they early payoff BONUS
  6. Regarding the pre-pay installments etc, I wish I understood WHY those of us that are on a cruise longer then 21 days are excluded. They are VERY expensive cruises and a little perk to add to paying this off, or down, would be very appreciated. (This has nothing to do with gift cards)
  7. We also have the rollcall started for the 2022 VOV...be sure to come visit and FOLLOW for future updates.
  8. These posts are friggin hilarious!!! We all needed it but I DO think the OP was serious.
  9. Hey Mary! If you receive this European brochure...please let me know about the VOV cruise (or anyone else that has insight). We received the booklet today for 2021 Alaska and Yukon "specials". Will wait again for the 14 day Alaska Explorer cruise which we really enjoy. Let's start sailing people!! VERY interested in knowing any specials for Europe Voyage of Vikings sailing.
  10. I would LOVE to give them $750 towards our cruise payment and get $250 obc BUT since our cruise is OVER 21 days they do not offer it. Weird to me that the longer, super expensive cruises don't get this offer. Anyone have an idea why they dont offer on cruises over 21 days ?
  11. Not sure of what you are referring to but in case you are also visiting St. Anthony, Newfoundland Canada https://www.stanthony.ca/lanse_aux_meadows.php this link is for the L'Anse Aux Museum which HAL does have a tour to. Similar to what you make referenc You can also think about joining your rollcall, on this website, for others traveling to the same places. We are going on the Voyage of the Vikings in 2021 and there is a rollcall for that to view BUT I dont think anyone has written about what you are asking specifically as of yet. Best of luck and happy voyage
  12. IF the cruise lines are going to make it mandatory, a BIG IF, then they better bring their prices down ALOT for their excursions. You can usually book privately for about half the cost of those on the cruise line. Yes, I realize the cruise lines want to make a profit BUT make them more REASONABLE and it could work in everybody's favor. Here's to hoping cruising gets started, and continues, in a favorable manner 🙂 See you soon we hope.
  13. Terms & Conditions: August 12,2020 *Order $500 in Holland America Line Gift Cards in a single transaction and receive a $50 Promotional ("bonus") gift card. Order $1,000 in Holland America Line Gift Cards in a single transaction and receive a $100 Promotional ("bonus") gift card. There is no limit on the number of gift cards a guest can purchase. Qualifying purchases must be composed of gift cards that each meet the qualifying threshold of $500 or $1,000 US Dollars. Example: Single $1,000 gift card = qualifies for $100 bonus
  14. We have visited Alaska, via HAL a few times. We prefer, and are scheduled for next May 3-17, 2021 the 14 day Explorer...this time roundtrip out of Vancouver on the wonderful Maasdam. This will be our first time starting in Vancouver verses roundtrip Seattle but quite honestly Seattle has become quite unattractive (to us) with the homeless taking over a large area and unrest. The 14 day agenda sees awesome, UNIQUE, places and so worth the extra week. You WILL be glad if you decide to pick the 14 day Explorer. Enjoy whatever you decide as it is ALASKA!!!!!!!!!! Safe travels
  15. Thanks for the heads-up. I went into my account at the Big Hotdog place and there it was..........I will wait a couple days before calling. Hope they find that switch that shows we are paid in full lol
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