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  1. On Sept 30 my TA was able to rebook my original May 8 21 day RT Barcelona Med cruise to 3 individual 7 day segments Sept 4-25 of the new Rome itineraries. 2 segments will be repeat of same ports but that is OK for me to be able to see more! I moved it to Sept for 2 reasons....surely cruising will be up and going by September and secondly I had already booked last year a Celebrity 12 day cruise leaving Sept 28 RT Rome for Israel and Med. So it was sort of a win win with only needing to do 1 trip to Rome. And Princess was able to keep my original OV Cabin S103.
  2. No. I was thinking that might be my new trip being the same dates. Nope....Because this morning I got the cruise cancelled Princess email on one I had booked RT Barcelona. So, will wait til Oct 2 and try to book the September dates. I am OK with the ports, I was most excited that I had the new floor to ceiling Ocean View room!!! Hope I can still get it.
  3. I agree with you. Earlier in that virtual thing they hold with Jan once a month she said it would be delivered Sept 30 and stay in Trieste. They still had to bring ship to FLL for the planned TA in April. Obviously they just moved the dates and changed the ports for the entire season. I have that May 8-29 RT Barcelona date. But I do not like the new itinerary ports on the TA to Rome. I want to change to Sept 4-18 then 18-25. Like that combination better. Hope I can get my same cabin. I will have my TA call on Oct 2! Hope that date is for passengers already booked only so they don’t sell out too quickly with everyone make changes. Big mess!
  4. Thanks. I found the new itineraries someone posted. My May 8 is now the TA from FLL to Rome and then the 7 day ports after to May 22. They have taken out the Mykinos and Athens and Santorini. Bummer because I was looking forward to going back - last there in 2005. I do not like itinerary for my dates. I want to switch to Sept 4-18 N136A and then Sept 18-25 N138. I am hoping to still board Celebrity Reflection on Sept 28 in Rome to Israel.
  5. We got email today also. But to do the 21 day RT Barcelona May 8-29 we had to book 2 separate voyages. The 14 day Barcelona to Athens and the 7 day Athens back to Barcelona. We got the notice for the 7 day now being RT Rome with new itinerary to be announced no later than Oct 2. Will I get another email about the 14 day?? I am so confused on how they will change route when all the voyages are all Sold Out on Enchanted. Will they consider my total 21 days as one cruise or will I have to end in Athens after 14 days???? I hate waiting to know until Oct 2.
  6. I have determined that my word of the year 2020 is IF! I seem to start every sentence with it no matter the subject. 😂 I have always been a bottom line kind of person...tell me what I need to deal with and I’ll take it from there! A friend told me she was at an event recently that guests were given wrist bands - red, green, yellow. They all naturally wore masks. Red - I am scared of getting the virus so do not approach me. Yellow - I am sort of OK with talking one on one at a safe distance Green - I am fine and want to get on with my life so you can talk to me! As I see it, those are basically our 3 choices until vaccinations are common place. On the positive side, if they determine the elderly should get vaccinated in the first wave along with medical workers, we could all start cruising sooner!! 😊
  7. I mentioned this early on in a post that providers were going to have to offer some sort of coverage in order to start traveling again. Read this article today on Flipboard. https://flip.it/uobuG8
  8. Love the shades of blue colors theme! Hope Princess will have sort of announcement after Sept 30 that will feature real photos vs design boards. Cannot wait to board May 2021. Been a while since I have been on first year of a new Princess ship. I think my last was Royal in 2012. I have one of the new floor to ceiling ocean view cabins directly on the front of the ship 😊
  9. I read an article over the weekend that two-thirds in US will not get COVID vaccine if available in early 2021 which could have an affect the “herd immunity”. Mostly cited felt it was rushed and may not be safe. Which made me look to get recent percentage of people who get the flu shot every year (remember it is not a vaccine). Surprised that in 2019 only 47% got the flu shot. I personally feel the vaccine will be safe - all these 7 or more major named companies working on it have too much at stake to risk hiding unsafe results. I believe H1N1 was produced quickly. (?) I think so much of vaccine and new drug development has always been slow due to red tape and countless reams of government paperwork that wait on someones desk in an understaffed department. (ie, think of right to try...it might be approved in a couple years but by that time you might be dead) This vaccine due to the nature of its importance for the entire world (not just US) has been given every resource available at no matter what the cost and a green light for moving along at “warp speed”. I don’t recall any new life saving medication in the last few decades to be given that amount of attention. Although the media does not give much positive news on the Covid vaccine development I did just read that even Dr Fauci said it should be available by first of year (if not sooner). I have signed up on all the volunteer sites for testing the shot but have not been called yet. I am 70 and in good health with no underlying conditions and will take the vaccine with no hesitation. I really want to take my May 2021 Enchanted Princess in Mediterranean and Celebrity to Israel in late September! I am old enough to remember standing in line at our neighborhood school for the mass vaccination program for the polio vaccine with the sugar cube!
  10. We had just booked this cruise on Star for Alaska August 2021 on 8/25!! Got notice this morning. We were replacing our Cunard because they had cancelled the Elizabeth. I was just looking at Grand deck plans .. Princess said it was refurbished March 2019. However with all the “musical ships” redeployment currently being shuffled, I would not be surprised to see it change again before they start saling again!! Must be a logistic nightmare for determining ships, crew, ports, provisions....
  11. That is a good point. Perhaps until this virus is under control (such as how the seasonal flu currently is) trip insurance may have to temporarily find a way to make exceptions and allow coverage for such situations when you have a positive test and cannot get home. The current CDC guidelines state you can be around people after 10 days from date of positive test. If you were to get very ill with seasonal flu and had to stop your trip they cover it. Contagion with seasonal flu is still high and not everyone gets vaccinated. There are so many “what ifs” with this virus.
  12. Exactly the point - we are adults with common sense to choose what, when and where to do what is best to protect ourselves, regardless of this virus or any other situation that has the potential to cause harm. Like my Dad used to tell me when I was growing up and wanted to do something and I used the excuse “everybody else is doing it” his reply would always be “so if everybody else is jumping off a building would you do it too?”. 😊 Freedom of personal choice and responsibility. Give us the facts on what you need to do and decide for yourself the risk you are willing to take.
  13. Thanks for sharing the only usable info re: resuming cruises and what might be done differently. And now we no longer have to wonder what will they do with Enchanted Sept 30...bring it to US or keep it in Europe. If you have cruised long enough we have all at some point in time had to have buffet served by crew so that was to be expected. And we all thought testing would be in the mix. That new $5 rapid test announced yesterday by Abbott with results in 15 mintues and 97% accurate sounds like a game changer. And the abiliy to produce 50 million a month is huge. It is exactly what is needed to get every part of society moving ahead again. Plus your results can interface with an app to show your results. IF cruise lines choose to use something like that I would have no problem paying $5 a day to be tested. We get charged fees now for things (cruises, planes, hotels, etc) that don’t really matter and live with it, but this would be Important and Needed. With regard to Princess technical issues...don’t we all remember how the roll out of the Medallion has been??? Still not perfect with no alert tone when you have a message!!! Technical is not their strong suit.
  14. Thanks. We booked it before the virus hit so didn’t think about the new rules. I will alert my TA.
  15. The newest cancellations are for the Island and Pacific. Island doing So America (terribly hit by Covid) and World Cruise which is quite obvious. Cruise lines are changing what regions ships will be in left and right. And I don’t expect that Princess will instantly start back with all 18 ships. We fell victim this week with Cunard taking their 3 ships to Europe for the 2021 season which forced cancellation of their Alaska season. We were booked on the Elizabeth for this August in Alaska and was cancelled so we moved it to 2021. Now that is cancelled. We now are booked on Star Princess for Alaska August 2021 - used my 125% FCC I got for cancelled March TA and splurged for a mini suite. Will owe very little after I get deposit refund from Cunard! Win win. We are hoping to be on Crown Princess Dec 29 for Panama Canal. Final pay is 9/25 but we do not plan on paying it. Rule number one for seasoned travelers...Be Flexible.
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