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  1. I am ready to cruise again. And I am vaccinated! But waiting for original itineraries and destinations I want. So decided to move everything once again. Forward to 2022. I have lost track what was meant for 2020, moved to 2021 and now moved to 2022!! I want to let things settle out once they get back operating. Read the RCI article today about cruises in Caribbean starting- but if I have to fly to a Caribbean port and then fly back home - sorry..not worth it to me. I live in GA. For my money it has to be flying to catch a cruise in Rome, Barcelona, Southampton- Caribbean is Ok fo
  2. I love cruising - been on 2 World Cruises. I love that it is a great way to see a lot of the world in long cruises to all the different regions. Usually do 4 per year. I miss it more than I thought. Moved a lot to August and September of 2021 thinking surely we can cruise again. Regardless of what CDC required, I was teady to go. My August Alaska just got cancelled. And when I asked the CSR about my 3 Enchanted trips in the Med in September from Rome the answer was not encouraging. I was mostly going for the new ship and a few ports I had never been to. She said “we will p
  3. We had Capt McBain on what would be our last cruise in 2020 on Coral Princess to Antarctica. (We got home Feb 6 just as the virus was making the headlines). IMO he made that cruise even more special due to his unique style. I cannot say enough surperlatives about him. I agree with another poster that he should train all captains. He was so approachable, always around the ship, gave THE BEST updates/reports at any time there was something he thought we should know. He took us into areas in Antarctica that Princess or any large cruise ship had been. He told us in his overview lecture that
  4. We are booked 3 7-day B2B on Enchanted RT Rome Sept 4-25. Then a 12 night with Celebrity Sept 28 to Oct 10 RT Rome Israel/Med. I am certainly hopeful these will happen. I do not think cruise industry can continue to survive if they cannot resume operations by then.
  5. We did this trip in late August 2019. To me the trip to Greenland was all about the unspoiled beauty of the nature and landscapes and simplicity of living. We did the hikes that Princess offered in all 3 ports (26 miles total of all 3). Each was different and beautiful....a photographers delight. We heard people comment about nothing to do in the ports but how many prople go to Greenland for shopping?? Country is 2/3 ice and uninhabiltable... We had done Iceland in July which was also a treat. Reykjavik was more developed than I thought - great city. But trips out to the parks a
  6. This could be a clue as to which ships Princess will use once they get approval to start sailing again. Then add more ships as demand increases and virus is finally under control.
  7. I am very curious which ones will start up....hope someone on the boards has insider info 😉
  8. I tend to agree with this comment. I moved all my cruises (5) to sail from mid August to mid October 2021. If the entire world is not in a better place by then, there will be no cruising period because they will all be out of business! And yes, if I get the opportunity for a vaccine, done deal and rolling up my sleeve 😁
  9. LOL. Just got the charges on my Princess Visa card today!!! But I knew it was going to happen. This way I get 125%! It was only $2400 final pay so no big deal. I have no cruises planned until Alaska in mid August, then 2 in September. Should be back to somewhat normal by then 🤞🏻
  10. We were on the last of 3 itineraries on the Coral Princess for the 2020 season from Buenos Aires that offered the 4 days scenic cruising in Antarctica Peninsular. We disembarked in Santiago Feb 6th. And if our cruising days had to end (or pause indefinietly) then we went out with one of the BEST cruises we have had ... and that includes 2 world cruises in 2017 and 2019. Cruise 1 and 2 had some difficulties due to weather, which can change on a dime in that part of the world, and affected their itinerary. Third time was perfect and Capt McBain was able to take us to places that the l
  11. Just paid final today on Dec 29 Panama Canal (new locks) and Costa Rica on Crown. 10-day. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 it still is a go!! Even if we stay on the ship I am ready 😁😷😁
  12. On Sept 30 my TA was able to rebook my original May 8 21 day RT Barcelona Med cruise to 3 individual 7 day segments Sept 4-25 of the new Rome itineraries. 2 segments will be repeat of same ports but that is OK for me to be able to see more! I moved it to Sept for 2 reasons....surely cruising will be up and going by September and secondly I had already booked last year a Celebrity 12 day cruise leaving Sept 28 RT Rome for Israel and Med. So it was sort of a win win with only needing to do 1 trip to Rome. And Princess was able to keep my original OV Cabin S103.
  13. No. I was thinking that might be my new trip being the same dates. Nope....Because this morning I got the cruise cancelled Princess email on one I had booked RT Barcelona. So, will wait til Oct 2 and try to book the September dates. I am OK with the ports, I was most excited that I had the new floor to ceiling Ocean View room!!! Hope I can still get it.
  14. I agree with you. Earlier in that virtual thing they hold with Jan once a month she said it would be delivered Sept 30 and stay in Trieste. They still had to bring ship to FLL for the planned TA in April. Obviously they just moved the dates and changed the ports for the entire season. I have that May 8-29 RT Barcelona date. But I do not like the new itinerary ports on the TA to Rome. I want to change to Sept 4-18 then 18-25. Like that combination better. Hope I can get my same cabin. I will have my TA call on Oct 2! Hope that date is for passengers already booked only so they don
  15. Thanks. I found the new itineraries someone posted. My May 8 is now the TA from FLL to Rome and then the 7 day ports after to May 22. They have taken out the Mykinos and Athens and Santorini. Bummer because I was looking forward to going back - last there in 2005. I do not like itinerary for my dates. I want to switch to Sept 4-18 N136A and then Sept 18-25 N138. I am hoping to still board Celebrity Reflection on Sept 28 in Rome to Israel.
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