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  1. Our sail date is 6/29 (Bahamas on Navigator). There's no chance we are going. Our final payment date is 4/15, and it seems unlikely that our sailing will get cancelled before then. I believe our options are: 1. Take FCC (which we don't want) 2. Pay in full, then hope that the sailing gets cancelled (this would be a big risk considering the deposit is only $400) Is anyone aware of any other options I am missing here? It's a "non refundable" deposit. If we take the FCC now, and then they cancel the sailing altogether, we are stuck with FCC rather than a refund. I feel like we have no good options in regards to getting cash back.
  2. I am also looking for 4-day compass (specifically, the itinerary with 2 stops at CocoCay). Any idea where I might find those?
  3. Also, what age do you have to be to enter the water park without an adult? Thanks.
  4. We are looking at a Navigator 4-night leaving on 6/29. I know there are other sail dates as well. If you look at the title of the cruise, it says Thrill and Chill Bahamas for the ones that have 2 stops at Coco Cay.
  5. I haven't been to the "new" Coco Cay", and am considering a short voyage that stops twice at the island. I've searched on "Coco Cay" to try to find a post that will give me a complete rundown of what there is to do there, best activities and food, best place to relax, etc. I can't seem to find such a post. If you know of a place where I can read an excellent review/summary, I would appreciate it if you could please point me in the right direction. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the info! If we did a 3/4 night, we would hop over to Atlantis for 2 nights as well. My kid likes waterslides 🙂 We would probably use the Nassau day on the cruise to stay on the ship and enjoy the slides and so forth with less of a crowd. So with either option, we'd still be gone for about a week.
  7. I have been on all 4 Oasis class ships. Curious why you like Allure the most? I think my son would miss the slides if we went back to Allure.
  8. Thanks for the replies! So in doing the research, I found an Allure sailing that seems like a really good deal. It also goes to Coco Cay. I haven't been on Allure since her inaugural season, and I realize she's due for a big refurbishment in a couple of months. So, in essence, maybe it's the "oldest" ship when comparing to Mariner & Navigator? Just wondering how long in the tooth it might be at this point. Anyone been on recently? Will we be disappointed after having sailed Harmony & Symphony already? 7 nights in an OVB on Allure would be the same cost as 4 nights in a JS on Mariner/Navigator.
  9. I haven't been on anything other than an Oasis-class ship since they first started sailing, but we are looking to do a quick 3 or 4 night for the sole purpose of visiting Coco Cay in December or early January. If you were picking between Navigator our of Miami or Mariner out of Port Canaveral, which would you pick and why? I realize both are very old ships. Do you like one better than the other? Thanks.
  10. Last week, I received an email from Royal with the subject "You've already hit it big this year — here's an exclusive Casino Rate". There is a "exclusive" offer code in the email, which allegedly entitles me to save big. Just curious...is this a true discount (aka a "casino rate"?), or similar to the "sales" that are offered all the time that are not really sales, just marketing spin? I'm guessing the latter since I spent very little time in the casino on my last voyage.
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