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  1. COVID 19 is now so out of control in the US that it probably doesn't matter since no country is going to allow ships full of American passengers without pre-quarantine until a vaccine is found. I suppose Pride of America could sail except there is no way Hawaii allows mainlanders either.
  2. $50K Pyramid or something similar like Catch Phrase.
  3. As long as they all do it, I guarantee their revenue will go up.
  4. So if every Casino was non-smoking you would quit gambling?
  5. I am not making blanket assumptions I am giving you a real world example where revenues went up because non-smokers started returning to bars and restaurants. Everyone had to comply so there wasn't an alternative. If you had a choice between not gambling or gambling while not smoking which would you do?
  6. Serious question? How would they know. The virus has entered the body of millions of people...is there some marker that shows how it was contracted?
  7. How in the world would they know that nobody has gotten the virus from a surface?
  8. But that is the point. Smokers will still gamble just like they still went to bars and drank and the net effect was an overall increase in business. If I owned a Casino and the rule was that Casino's would not allow smoking then I would be very confident my business would increase.
  9. That is what they said when they started banning smoking in bars. I lived in the first city ever to do it and the bars screamed bloody murder and claimed they would all be out of business within months. Guess what? They ended up making more money because people who were avoiding the smoke started going out and the smokers realized they didn't really need to smoke inside.
  10. We have to quarantine for 14 days if we go on a cruise and all business travel is currently banned until July 31 (which may be extended).
  11. Indian Casino's here in Washington are banning smoking as they reopen. Hopefully NCL will follow suit.
  12. We were supposed to sail on the Star this August for our 25th anniversary 😞 .
  13. It will be cancelled for sure but NCL will wait as long as possible.
  14. I think there is more of a chance that NCL will go bankrupt than you actually cruising to Alaska in September. Hopefully you are waiting until the last moment to make the final payment.
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