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  1. Oops...misread the question. Well now you know when it closes as well 🙂
  2. It closed at 11-ish for us. It was supposed to close at 11 but if it was busy they would stay open a bit longer.
  3. Just make sure you put mobile devices in Airplane mode and then turn on wifi. You will be able to do email, text, etc. I was able to do webex meetings and even stream a Seahawks game on our last cruise on the Getaway (I obviously had unlimited internet).
  4. We did the Haven on the Getaway and thought it was great. We never had an issue with the size of the restaurant or the bar. It was a Baltic cruise so there were not many people using the sundeck/hot tub was pretty low.
  5. After rereading my TR...I wish I could go back and edit all the typos 🙂
  6. For me it is how they compare to quality land based restaurants. LeBistro, Ocean Blue, Cagney's, Teppanyaki all compare pretty well. Moderno not so much. I think there must be limitations on how they are allowed to cook on ships (open fire?) VS land which affects Moderno more than the other restaurants.
  7. Don't do it if you only care about the wine. Veuve Clicquot is the best bottle you can get and it is worth about $45...so do the math on how much you would normally drink to make that worth it. If you care about wine you are much better off bringing decent wine that you enjoy and paying the $15 corkage fee.
  8. If you do the Baltic cruise use Alla tours for your SPB days. They are awesome and about half the price of booking through NCL.
  9. Some of the ports are pretty small (Dubrovnik, Split, Kotor, etc.) and can be touristy but still very interesting. Despite the warm weather, it is definitely a walk and explore cruise as opposed to a sit on the beach cruise.
  10. I have kind of (Venice which included stops in Greece) done both (reviews below). They are very different. For me the Baltic cruise ports were far more interesting largely because the ports were less cruise ship touristy but the Mediterranean was very enjoyable as well.
  11. Ocean Blue Le Bistro Cagney's Wine Show La.Cucina Teppanyaki Wasabi . . . . . . . . . Moderno
  12. We did Teppanyaki on the Pearl. There were multiple tables but not as many as the larger ships (we did it on the Getaway and Star as well). Our table was the only one at that specific time...I think the tables were staggered by 30 mins. Even on the Getaway the tables had staggered start times.
  13. Yeah, that is why we always bring our own wine even with the beverage package. The options, as poor as they are, keep dwindling. We enjoyed the wine show 🙂 .
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