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  1. Well Canada is closed until July 1 so it could be in reaction to that since you can't cruise to Alaska without a Canadian stop.
  2. There is zero chance that if this crisis is still serious enough that Canada is locked down that Seattle will be allowing people to cruise.
  3. You can't take drinks into the SPA (obviously you can have then in your in room tub). There are various waters and teas available. Also, you have nice Haven robes in your room. Use those instead of the SPA robes.
  4. Way off topic, but did you see the Ducks have permanently shut down in Seattle?
  5. Almost exactly a year ago I had a fever, dry cough, awful sore throat, and difficulty breathing...basically the worst flu I have had in my life. If I had it now I would swear it was COVID 19.
  6. Mine are in my signature 🙂 Venice, Alaska, and Baltics.
  7. It is moot. If the threat still merits closure of Canadian ports there is no way any cruises will be operating.
  8. We are staying home trying not to get sick and trying not to get other people sick.
  9. Just a suggestion, we kept ours in one of the large wine refrigerators so it would be at cellar temperature. We had access to it whenever we wanted and they would even fetch a bottle for us at dinner.
  10. My company now requires you to self quarantine for 14 days after taking a cruise. I also think it is the right thing to do.
  11. The one not building a tennis court during a global crisis?
  12. I said if we are still under a federal emergency in response to using those powers for a cruise port waiver.
  13. What??? You mean he is not an unqualified friend or relative of Trudeau? That doesn't make any sense.
  14. Not in any way where the federal government would try to figure out how to enable Alaska cruises before July 1.
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