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  1. We have another hour before our transport to the Big Apple and the Navigator. We've enjoyed all of your reports! Have a safe trip home and thank you for taking care of the Navigator for us! Linda and John
  2. Enjoy Newport! Our daughter and son in law live there. It's a wonderful town full of history and so many things to see. It has a rich maritime history as well....both with the military and of course, the competitive sailors (cue Eizabeth and Bob) as well. Even tho the season is just about over, you should see lots of what we call "cocktail wagons" (giant, almost cruise ship size, private vessels) and some of the bigger racing yachts. They'll be headed for warmer climes in the next week or so, if they're not gone already. Have fun! J&L
  3. Not long ago, we had a big discussion on "of all of the ports you've visited, which one is your favorite".....geez that's kinda tough, but I guess not only as a New Yorker, but as American as well, there was little hesitation when I said that my favorite was NY harbor. Something about Lady Liberty, that I've seen dozens of times, that just does it to me. Forget about the fact that both John's and my family came thru there (some at Ellis Island, others at Castle Garden) really doesn't matter so much, but the general welcoming arms of this country does it every time. Won't get into the politics of that last statement, but you can read between the lines.....Ok....done! So Rich and family, DON'T MISS IT! She's spectacular!!!
  4. OH WOW! Fever Tree!! A massive thank you to Vlad, and intrepid procurer for obtaining our favorite tonic water. I don't care what "flavor" it is, as anything FT is a great and wonderful thing! Hope you have a great time in Boston and I know for a fact that Newport will treat you well! What are you doing there? J&L
  5. Oh, be still my heart!!! That would be absolutely wonderful!!! So very much appreciated!
  6. I'd be delighted as well, if they stocked ANY Fever Tree tonic. I had forgotten to request it for our cabin.
  7. OOOO! Thank you, Rich, for doing the bar research! This way we have a heads up on what's special ! Do you have any idea if they are doing an upscale wine dinner/lunch/tasting? I know they usually do a general wine tasting for most of the inclusive wines which is always fun, but we've got some obc to burn this time. That would be a good use for some of it, if they have anything special going on. Do you get to spend anytime in Manhattan after you disembark, or is it straight home? Continue to enjoy and again, thank you for taking us along!
  8. So glad to hear you had success there! Love those llama wool socks! There is also so much more to peruse in the market. Great shopping spot!
  9. LOVED the scarecrows! And what beautiful weather you've been having. Hope you'll leave a little of that for us next week! Did you have any success at the crafts market in Sydney? It's actually one of my favorite shopping stops of all our cruises. I guess it's because they have stuff we can actually use! Any special cocktails we should know about? Who's your favorite bartender (if you've been frequenting any of the local watering holes). Carry on!
  10. WOO HOO. Shauna! Have a wonderful birthday! On board Regent,....how can you miss! J&L
  11. Good Morning from Newport, RI, Hi Rich and crew. Looks and sounds like you're having a great time! Love being able to cruise along with you! Before I forget, I think you call in Sydney. Maybe you've been there before and know this, but there's a huge local craft market in the terminal building right next to the "big fiddle". There's loads of quality woolens, wood worked creations and FABULOUS SOCKS! They're made from llama wool and I swear by them. Light, very soft and cozy and wear like iron...also machine washable without a hitch.....Mine have a little llama design on them.....ok, done with commercial! haha! Looking forward to more of your adventures! L&J
  12. Most adorable photo! Sounds like you're off to a wonderful start! Keep calm and carry on! L&J
  13. I think the block parties are one of the most charming "customs" that Regent offers! I'm not aware of any other line that does this. You don't have to participate if you don't want to, but it's lots of fun! And since Regent is all inclusive (for almost everything short of very high end alcohol/wine) you don't need to spend another cent. Depending if you have any obc, and what kind it is, you could actually get off with Regent giving you cash..... Give the block party a try!
  14. Good Morning to Rich, Ginny and Shauna from John and Linda in the Hudson Valley! So very glad to have stumbled upon your blog which we'll be reading avidly! We're on the Oct. 15th departure of the Navigator, rt NYC. Very simple for us as it involves no air (Hooray!!). Looking forward to your reports on what's extra special or not to be missed. The last time we were aboard the Navigator was before Regent went all inclusive, so it's been a LONG time! Fairwinds and following seas to you all.....have a wonderful cruise! L&J
  15. Oh my goodness! There's so much I want to say....where to start?! First....I'm in on all of Icelandic Air....flew Saga class to and from Iceland. Over was nice...ok..not gushy fabulous, but home trip was over the top wonderful. One of my most favorite meals..."Icelandic Tapas"...not too much food...all total quality, wonderful Icelandic "Ryka" vodka ( would buy in a heartbeat if i could find it at home!)...lie totally flat seats..very comfortable. Not a huge fan of BA...haven't really had a trip with them that didn't have some sort of glitch in it. Not bad, but not my favorite. I'd love to cruise with uunet Bill....of course he's cute (LOL...giggle!) but he's got our cruise vibe down pat. We've really had few dinners on Regent that have included some of the "suits", but the ones we've had have been so comfortable, so low key, that they have been most enjoyable. We actually had two on our last Explorer trip....one with the Exec. Concierge and the Destinations Manager and a couple from Scotland....closed the dining room down and we started early!!!! The other was an invite from the speaker on northern European history....met for drinks and then dinner....so much fun! Explorer entertainment....two production shows...."Paradis"....imho, one of best show we've seen on Regent. My husband doesn't usually make it past the first 10 minutes....stayed for the whole thing and loved it! "My Revolution"....loved it! Costumes, bare feet, great feel for the time....(gushing, sorry!) Anyway....VERY well done imho..... I think that Regent offers a great all inclusive package for those of us who don't want to do our own thing...been there, done that, with some success, but we're "old" now and having things done for us is kind of a treat. I know we pay for that treat, but like John says, we don't do this every day! haha! Wishing everyone a wonderful, memorable cruise, no matter what line you're on or where you go. If you're having fun, then it was the right trip!
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