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  1. Cruising is hardly the only thing we like to do, but since this is CruiseCritic, I was referring to how I feel about cruising. The above are things I miss about CRUISING! (GIGGLE!)
  2. I know I'm not alone in missing cruising on a terrific ship, but there's more to it than that. At this second in time, we have two cruises this fall, which will most likely be cancelled. What I'm really missing is the planning part....what flights to take? should we stay over a night before in port before we embark, what hotel? What should we plan on seeing along the way? What should we pack?, etc. All of this is pretty much gone, as now all we're thinking of is WILL THE SHIP EVEN SAIL?! In the same vein as "getting there is half the fun", all of the fun cruise planning is pretty much out the window. Even trying to guess where to throw the FCC is difficult as who knows where any ship will be and who knows where it's going.....sigh.....I miss all that stuff.....
  3. Confused here.....Isn't this the Crystal board?
  4. I wrote this a week ago while there was actually still hope to get to Europe. Not so much now. Just waiting for the shoe to "officially" drop. At this second in time, I'm pretty sceptical about the Crystal Caribbean trip.....sigh.
  5. I just watched a couple of youtube videos about Alang. So very sad. Not only the sentiment attached to those vessels, but the deplorable conditions under which some of this dismemberment takes place. Glad you've preserved a little something from this past great ships.
  6. Several years ago after a very long, hot day of touring Rome, we arrived back at the Mariner. The ship was festooned with flags, balloons, a dixieland band playing, etc. I said to John, my husband....."wow, look at all of this...." He replied that it must be to welcome back a new, beloved captain....Well....NOT! When we asked who all the fuss was for, we were told "why for you of course!" Melted my heart!!!
  7. You may be right on that.....I still have shell shock from the Regent forum....Holy Moly Andy! However, as I said, I'm not in any rush to devulge any future cruise plans to friends and family.....they'd probably have us committed!
  8. Candy, you are not alone! We're (hopefully) on that very same Oct1st B2B! This is not the only place where the nay sayers are lurking....the Regent board is loaded with them, maybe even more so than here. We've got another cruise on the books with Regent on Nov. 6th..Barcelona to Dubai. I think those of us who are booked on anything that comes in the near future must put up with the "You'e lost your mind"...sort of response. So like you, we don't discuss it with family, friends, etc. Here's hoping that we'll actually get to go and if we don't, we're not looking back! Linda
  9. This is a most interesting site. Thank you for posting it.
  10. aw phooey! Not liking the sound of that, however I will continue to leave little offerings at my Crystal Serenity shrine! "Hope springs eternal..."
  11. Come join us....from one former "Jersey Girl"(Cranford) to another!
  12. OH NO! NO DVD's???? I kind of enjoyed picking one out after dinner. Guess we've been away for awhile!
  13. Please add us to the same cruises as above: Oct. 1,2020 Miami to San Juan (Mudhen) John and Linda Oct. 8, 2020 San Juan to Miami (Mudhen) John and Linda
  14. More.... Portuguese tarts in the bistro and fresh juice in your cocktail ! and the Promenade deck....haha!
  15. Hi Sheila, I usually find you on the "other" board....giggle! John and I are doing the Oct 1 thru the 15th.....hopefully! We're cruising with Jackie and Dennis on the Explorer on Nov. 6th. Again, have no idea if this will go or not.... Will this be your first Crystal Cruise? I don't think you can go wrong with Crystal....lots of space (although "normal" cabins are smaller than Regent) I'm sure you'll have a great time! Linda
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