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  1. The Christmas market in Champs Elysees has been discontinued a couple of years ago (MeHeartCruising it's possible you were at the last edition). The main Christmas Market is now in Tuileries, but it's not 100% guaranteed it will happen again this year. There are some smaller markets around town usually.
  2. These are difficult times for everybody and companies are trying to their best towards their customers and their employees in a situation that changes almost by the hour. Actually, I can't see now any reference to numbers on the webpage (I may not be looking at the right place). I don't see what the customer is losing when they will recoup 100% of their trip money plus some. They are now extending this rebooking offer to voyages up to September 2020, which is a sign that they probably don't see this situation going away any time soon (nor am I). Honestly, if someone's only problem when we come out of this is that they didn't gain as much by cancelling early their Hurtigruten trip, they should consider themselves lucky.
  3. It seems that 2 ships will still be running a shortened route between Bodø and Kirkenes to maintain some traffic in the ports of Northern Norway : https://e24.no/naeringsliv/i/BR1Q69/hurtigruten-stopper-14-av-16-skip
  4. Hurtigruten will stop operations along the Norwegian coast starting today and until April 19th (and expeditions trips cancelled until April 28th). The ships will be gradually taken out of service in the upcoming days. https://global.hurtigruten.com/practical-information/coronavirus-update/ Not very surprising since foreign travellers can't come into Norway and Norwegians are asked to limit travel, but I wonder if that ever happened before?
  5. RA is currently at anchor outside Punta Arenas. Passengers are still on board but not allowed to disembark, so Hurtigruten is trying to find an solution for them. Fram is currently in the Falklands and Hurtigruten may be trying to arrange for passengers to be flown back from there, since they are not allowed in Montevideo which was the original ending of the trip. Maybe RA will join them? Midnatsol was allowed to disembark passengers in Ushuaia on March 15th but the following cruise was cancelled. And apparently Fridtjof Nansen has just disembarked passengers in Portsmouth and will now cease operations.
  6. People currently cannot travel into Norway, most ports and airports are virtually shut down so currently it's not possible for a foreign passenger to board a Hurtigruten ship, but the ships are still running as a local public transport service. I follow some Hurtigruten passengers FB groups and I have to say I'm extremely impressed by the level of professionalism and communication shown by Hurtigruten at that time. When the travel restriction was put in place by the government, with very little notice, Hurtigruten had 11 ships full of passengers from all around the world and 24 hours to get them back home before the airports started to shut down. They got the ships to the nearest port with a major airport and managed to find a solution for everybody. They have put in place a generous rebooking offer : https://presse.hurtigruten.no/pressreleases/hurtigruten-introduces-risk-free-rebookings-2981318, and I believe they are proactively reaching out to all their passengers travelling in the upcoming week/months with this offer. Possibly why people are not so much worried, because information is forthcoming. The expedition ships in Antarctica were still running but some of the latest journeys have been cancelled also because of travel restriction by Antarctica and Chile. The new Fridtjof Nansen is on her first showcase journeys, which are more or less going on, but with some itineraries disruption, maybe the ship with the most uncertainties at the moment.
  7. I hope this is the right place to put this (official) information for visitors to Norway, otherwise I'll take it elsewhere : Effective immediately, and until March 26th, a 2 weeks quarantine is required for every person arriving in Norway from outside the Nordic countries (including Norwegian national traveling abroad, and even retroactive to people who arrived in Norway since Feb 27th) : https://www.fhi.no/en/news/2020/norwegian-directorate-of-health-implements-the-following-today---from-6-p.m/
  8. Norway is now on lockdown and a 2 weeks quarantine is required for every person arriving from outside the Nordic countries (including Norwegian national traveling abroad), effective immediately (and even retroactive to people who arrived in Norway since Feb 27th) : https://www.fhi.no/en/news/2020/norwegian-directorate-of-health-implements-the-following-today---from-6-p.m/ If you have a trip to Norway plan for this month, this is a clear sign that you should postpone. This is the full link for Hurtigruten's "risk-free rebooking" offer mentioned by Hallasm : https://presse.hurtigruten.no/pressreleases/hurtigruten-introduces-risk-free-rebookings-2981318
  9. Usually there is a tourist map available at the excursion desk (or near the reception), at least for the main cities. When I first started travelling with Hurtigruten, each passenger was given a small booklet about the journey with a few pages for each day : brief historic outline, some local information, the towns visited, the main landmarks along the way... It was a very helpful guide for the trip and I've learnt a lot from it. Then they stop giving it, and now it's still possible to buy it on some ships (in the shop), for about 60 NOK. It comes in different languages. I don't know if it has been updated recently, but it can be a worthwhile investment. It may look a bit like this :
  10. She's a sister ship to Roald Amundsen, so about 500 passengers on expedition trips.
  11. Even more reason to get medical travel insurance when you come from the US 😉 I actually don't think anyone should travel internationally without medical insurance (but that's me).
  12. In case of emergency, a visit to an ER will not cost too much, if they can patch you up and send you home. I had to visit an ER because of a nasty burn, they tended the wound and it cost me about 25USD (but I still had to pay - I'm French). It's also my understanding that you need to pay for your health care in Norway as a tourist. I would not travel without medical insurance.
  13. I have no specific experience with Seabourn, but during my trips to Antarctica with Hurtigruten, in between landings I would spend most of my time outside on deck so I didn't change clothes that much (just change shoes because we had to store the boots near the zodiac embarkation point, and maybe get off the waterproof pants). I didn't change clothes either to go to the meals, just left my jackets at the entrance (you never know when a whale is going to pop up!), but Hurtigruten doesn't have a dress code.
  14. Thank you for the trip report, so glad you had a good time! Your experience having sailed both on Midnatsol and Fram, and at different seasons, is very interesting. The whale watching sounds extraordinary! Like you I've visited Falkland Islands for the first time aboard MS Fram a few years back and it was an incredible revelation for me, it's really a hidden gem (I since came back on a land-based trip).
  15. I'm too late to edit. You can have a look at the "Antarctic Adventures" forum on Trip Advisor, there is a FAQ there with many trip reports which can help with choice of ship/company.
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