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  1. I do wish they still served the hot beef bullion in a mug every morning at 11:00. That was a real treat. So delicious.
  2. You could also use What's App
  3. Received EXPERIENCE THE WORLD brochure in yesterday's (April 1, 2019) mail. Gondola in Venice on cover. Read it this morning. On page 3 it says "BOOK NOW! Offers expire March 31, 2019" The small print on page 31 says Offers and fares subject to change on 4/1/19. Anyone have any idea why I would receive this brochure one day after the prices expire. Not booking anything. Just wondering what might be the reason for such a delay.
  4. DH and I were on 6 deck for a crossing last November. Did not hear anything. We like sheltered balcony for crossings. Enjoy your cruise.
  5. I would imagine that there will not be a promenade deck on the new Cunard ship. They do not put them on newer builds. A shame in my opinion. The best place to be on a sea day. They place the life boats in a different position. That way there are no obstructed cabins.
  6. Enjoyed "coming along" on your cruise. May I ask what is the thermal suite and what does it do for you. Must be nice as you spent a lot of time there. Thanks.
  7. Enjoyed your pictures. Brought back memories. The picture with the green door ...... is that the back of the Christopher Columbus museum. Just wondering how my memory is from 12 years ago. We sailed into Madeira at 10:30 at night when all the lights were on. Will never forget that beautiful site.
  8. What Bell Boy said is what I have experienced on Queen Victoria and Queen Mary 2. I like losing the hour in the daytime rather than at night.
  9. - Thanks to all that answered. I have written everything in my book (sorry do not use notes in phone, etc.). Loved Johnny T. -
  10. - Thinking of taking first HAL cruise on Konningdam. 5:45 is just a bit earlier than 6:00, but it sounds very early. Is there another type of dining included in the cruise fare other than the set times. We would be in balcony cabin. Thanks for any replies. -
  11. - DH and I staying 2 days in New York before cruise next month. Where should we go for a good pizza. Staying between Times Square and Penn Station. And the next night.....Corned Beef or Pastrami sandwich. Also, places NOT to go for pizza. Thanks in advance. -
  12. - The excursion package must be ordered 14 days before you board ship. Therefore it is too late for you to choose that. -
  13. - I like the White Metallic Gabbie. It looks like a light green that would go with most things. And it is available in wide. Thanks Ann -
  14. - Does anyone know of brands that are actually labelled WIDE. Really need it to be labelled wide rather than "fits a wider foot". Have a pair of pink Sketchers.....normal width but can wear them for about an hour. Like them. Want a pair in light blue, but can not find nice blue colour. -
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