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  1. Great, thanks all. You helped me arrive at the decision that I was leaning toward. You know when you just need to hear it from others??? Thanks again.
  2. Ship is scheduled to return to port in San Juan on 2/23/20 at 5:30am. Has anyone been able to make it to the airport in time for a 8:30am flight departure?
  3. Lol. I didn't mean to suggest that NCL has a water bottling division, I simply meant that they are no longer selling a brand name bottled water but still charging the same price. Some people find the tap water onboard to have a funky taste, myself among them, so I prefer bottled water to tap water. And, for the record, when I purchased the bottled water package for our last cruise, Aquafina was the brand featured in the picture...again, not a deal breaker.
  4. We did a daily rental in Port Canaveral on a recent port visit so we could drive ourselves to Disney Springs. We dropped off after the rental car office closed and then took an Uber back to the ship, it was after 7pm. We waited maybe 5 minutes for our Uber and I held my keys until the driver pulled up then dropped them into the night box. Pretty easy.
  5. For those interested or affected; From NCL website; Due to strong gale-force winds on the Hudson River, Norwegian Gem’s scheduled arrival into New York City has been delayed until tomorrow morning, February 26. Disembarkation is expected to begin at 6:30 AM ET. As such, the itinerary originally scheduled for departure on February 25, has been amended to a 10-day Southern Caribbean cruise. Embarkation will begin on Tuesday, February 26 at 9:30 AM ET. At this time, there are no further changes to the schedule. We apologize for any inconvenience this unforeseen change has caused.
  6. I also noticed this a while back, the absence of any 7-day itineraries during that particular week. We were on the Bliss last week during the Feb vacation and I asked a CruiseNext representative why there were no cruises listed for that week. She could not give me a definite answer as to why there were no sailings offered, and offered to help me book a Trans Atlantic cruise. She did say that it could have something to do with the fact that it is a popular week for ships to re position. Last year we found a 6-day itinerary on the Escape out of Miami. It turned out to be the week before the ship was relocated to NYC. We learned that after we docked in Miami the ship would be empty (except for crew) on it's sail from Miami to NYC. And for what it's worth, we were able to find reasonably priced round trip flights from LGA to Miami that week for the four of us so we could take advantage of the school break here in Massachusetts. The drive from where we live on Cape Cod to LGA is pretty straightforward and we found a long term parking lot near the airport for less than $150 for the week. We've actually used JFK and LGA for flights in the past and wouldn't hesitate to do so again given the considerable price differences.
  7. NCL continues to nickel & dime in really creative ways. We’ve purchased the bottled water package on several past NCL cruises, usually they carry Aquafina, which we prefer to shipboard water. Now for the bottled water package they bottle their own for the same price. It’s not a deal breaker but it’s a bit disappointing.
  8. Ok, thank you and thanks for letting me know about the past thread, I'll review it.
  9. Where does one "present their key card" to obtain the benefit of utilizing concierge assistance to assist with booking specialty restaurant reservations? I've always made these reservations on my own but if the platinum perk makes it easier, I'm all for that.
  10. We are Platinum but did not get any coupons for the perk on either of our last two cruises. We had to go to guest services to claim them and then make our reservations. Perhaps it has changed so that they are now delivering coupons.
  11. I've had success when two of us from a large group of travelers each made a reservation for 10 (total of 20 at dinner) and the Maitre' D was able to put two tables almost together...it worked pretty well.
  12. I'm guilty as well. From researching which other ships will be in ports with us when we are in port to checking local newspapers for our ports for any possible coupons or bonus information, I start planning long before the cruise. At the earliest possible moment, I book dinner reservations and order the on board amenities that we like in the cabin. At 30 days out I transfer all my cruise paperwork including confirmation emails, cruise edocs, etc. from a plain manila folder to a 1" binder that has sections for each leg of our trip (flights, hotels, transfers, cruise, return flight, etc.). Over the last few years we've persuaded several friends to either join us or go on NCL cruises on their own and I've been unofficially nicknamed "Isley" which is a combination of Isaac and Julie from The Love Boat. Happy cruising everyone!
  13. I felt that the lights in the passageways were a little too bright.
  14. Anyone have a theory as to why there is a lack of itineraries sailing to the Caribbean during the third week of April 2020? I searched for a 7-day itinerary during that week and found none that occupied that week. At first I thought it might be too early for those to be published but then I discovered there are some during the weeks after that week.
  15. Great summary, quick and to the point. Thanks for sharing.
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