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  1. Or, NCL is to dollar conscious to pay to get their crews home.
  2. The only reason I ever cruise with the current NCL is because of the deep discounting that goes on all the time. If I'm going to pay for a high dollar ticket is sure isn't going to be on NCL. I think Frank speaks out of both sides of his mouth. As far as bookings being robust, I just have to shake my head. Common sense tells me no way.
  3. I'm glad to see the crews finally headed for home. Hopefully the cruise lines are making sure the transfers are free of the virus and the mixing of the crews is not an issue. I wish the crews well for all they have had to put up with.
  4. Tick, tick, tick...... It is not looking good for NCLH.
  5. If this is how NCL handles their customer service, it truly is a crappy company. I don't think this is the issue. The issue is they don't have money and they are using anything they have their hands on to continue on. NCL is toast. Hopefully they don't nick customers to harshly in their chapter 11 re-organization.
  6. Royal/Celebrity is refunding in 4-6 weeks.
  7. Protect yourself. You own nothing to NCL, they owe you your paid cruise fare and incidentals prepaid. The chances of this company surviving this situation grows bleaker each day.
  8. Thank you for reminding us for the 10th time. Del Rio is the head of the corporation that owns NCL and has much say about how NCL operates. But go ahead and ignore that little tidbit and continue your hero worship.
  9. You have read wrong. NCL is toast. Their cash burn is far to much for the amount of cash on hand.
  10. While you wait patiently for NCL to refund your money, others with legitimate CC disputes will be credited before NCL goes into receivership. Your choice.
  11. Buying stock in CCL will not help CCL. That money used in your purchase will go to the seller of the stocks, not CCL.
  12. Only for Frank's Convenience.......
  13. Frank Del Rio has created a new hybrid and the stock is climbing!
  14. I've never had a 1 star cruise on any line. I wouldn't worry that much. But I have to agree the Epic is a flawed ship. Once was enough for me.
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