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  1. Really useful, except Southampton is way down in the south of England about 500 miles from Scotland and Lord alone knows how far from FL. Gonna make for an interesting trip 😄. Enjoy your cruise.
  2. There was a button to book various shows on my 25 September cruise. Headliners (2 dates) claimed to be fully booked, all the others said 'book onboard', so why the hell they have a button is beyond me!
  3. I booked the Borealis 2024 world cruise just over three weeks ago via a TA. I've had no documentation at all from Fred and they've messed up our dining times. I know there's a fair length of time before the cruise, but I've never waited this long for documentation. Is this normal for Fred? Are they usually this bad? It's my first cruise with them and I'm afraid I'm not accepting COVID as an excuse, they've had 18 months to get systems in place and working.
  4. Do you happen to know if they still have an embarkation lunch/buffet for higher Peninsular Club tiers?
  5. That's because its no longer a Marriott. It was taken over by Britannia Hotels and they're a notoriously poor chain.
  6. Holiday Inn, Grand Harbour and Novotel are all OK. I wouldn't recommend Jury's Inn, it's stuck in the middle of a roundabout, the breakfast tables aren't cleared and there are long queues for breakfast. It's cheap but not cheerful!
  7. Difficult to download the app without a smartphone, as per the OP's question.
  8. Anyone who pleads guilty at the first opportunity automatically gets a one third discount on their sentence. Pragmatism, saves the courts time and money on a trial.
  9. I bought one, but because of COVID I bought online. I had a lot of OBC on my cancelled Arcadia cruise and it was top of my shopping list!
  10. Just booked the 2024 World Cruise on Borealis and only offered the two standard sittings.
  11. My Staysure cover for travelling against FCDO advice came in at £5 extra. I snatched it eagerly!
  12. I sent mine off last week and got confirmation yesterday. It was a letter of confirmation from IWeb. I'd called them a couple of weeks ago and they put in the diary and sent it out later. I'm expecting the same for my November cruise. First time I've ever done it.
  13. I think Arcadia may be next for the chop. I have 2 cruises on Iona this year and they appear to still be going ahead. However, my March cruise on Arcadia has just been assassinated and I still can't fugure out why. Maybe she won't be in the fleet then?
  14. No surprise, EU rules no longer apply. They'll all be introducing them in short measure.
  15. The trouble is that the booklet is issued after one has booked! If I'd known that polo shirts were verboeten I'd have thought twice about booking. I normally take a tux, a few shirts and lots of polos for the evenings. The web site says collared shirts. To me that means a polo. I've already had more hassles with Saga than any other line. I booked through a TA and apparently I'm supposed to do everything via them. I can't access 'My Saga' because they don't recognise I have a cruise booked. If they don't want me to use a TA, then stop flogging their cruises via them. This is my first Saga cruise, and the way I'm feeling at the moment, it'll be my last. Decisions will be made on disembarkation!
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