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  1. I had a call back from my cruise consultant. She said that it had been dispatched from Milan (!?) in mid-November. Good job it's not urgent!
  2. Everything is complete. But. having said that, I can't find the three boxes to tick!
  3. I'm 70 days out and still waiting. My consultant called a couple of weeks back and asked if it had arrived. It hadn't! She said she'd check and since then, silence!
  4. Both of my cruises are now on the new system. They've got some details right, misspelt others and missed even more. I'd also noticed that the default is now electronic booklet rather than through the post. That was promptly changed! For some reason the picture for my cabin on Iona was of an inside, but still no cabin number. A pretty major omission I think.
  5. Excellent. I drove a bus to India when I was 21 and I for sure remember roads like that!
  6. I did a solo Christmas cruise on Ventura a couple of years back and I'm considering another one next year. Being 'family friendly' there were lots of kids but, amazingly, they were no trouble. They (the kids club) put on a nativity(!) in the theatre on Christmas Day. Wonderful. On Christmas Day which is a formal nght, they'll plonk you on a table with other solo cruisers. I'd recommend you take the plunge. Some pics here http://www.mickberry.co.uk/ventura.htm
  7. Drinks are cheaper on P&O, though much less choice than on RCI (I've never cruised Carnival). No 18% service charge added to drinks, meals etc. No daily tips. Most P&O ships are less 'blingy' than American ones. Sterling prices on board. The food is very much geared to British tastes. Sample menus are available on the website. There'll be a curry every day. You'll often find a proper British pudding (spotted dick etc.) on the menu. Especially in the buffet. Custard! There'll be tea cakes and scones in the buffet after about 3pm. You'll get a decent cup of tea (PG Tips now rather than Twinings), as you'd well expect with a British line and lots of Indian crew onboard! White Company toiletries. I'm looking forward to my cruise on Iona and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
  8. When I try to log in for my Iona cruise, I get redirected to the old CP. On my Arcadia one, however, I can use the new one. I put in some details, but it claims my phone numbers are wrong. Still accepts them though! Also it doesn't give my cabin number, just the cabin type. Some progress I guess.
  9. I'm impressed you've managed to find a ship in Luxor! On my last visit they were all boats!! 😉
  10. I tried yesterday and got directed to the Cunard cruise personaliser. Gobsmackingly, it didn't recognise me!!
  11. I missed a port last year and claimed. No excess charged and nor was I penalised with a huge increase in premium the following year.
  12. February 15, so I guess it'll be a couple of weeks or so, then.
  13. I'm off on my first Silversea cruise in February on Silver Galapagos. When can I expect my silver box? Also, when do excursions become avaialable online? As it's an expedition, I don't even know if they'll ever be online, to be honest.
  14. I think you can upload your own photos. I've used Photobox in the past (usually get cashback with Quidco).
  15. I think she's next for the chop, but probably not until the ship after Iona is well underway.
  16. It wasn't hot (temperaturewise), quite tasteless, well below Sindhu standard of old and slow service. If that had been my first experience of Sindhu then I would probably never eat there again. However as I have eaten there before (on Aurora and Britannia) and always had a good experience then I'll give it another bash on Iona.
  17. We had it on Oriana too. It was my friend's first time in Sindhu. Neither of us enjoyed it. It was the worst meal I've had in Sindhu on three different ships.
  18. We bought them from a street market close to Las Ramblas.
  19. besberry


    RCI tried splitting their MDR into 4 different concepts. It never really worked and they gave it up on the newer ships.
  20. I did all my own visas for the world cruise in 2013. They were India and China. India I had to go to London for and China I sent off. My friend is going to China in a couple of weeks and she had to fill in a multi-page form and then go to London, so thngs have changed since my last visit. US, Australia and NZ are all online. Oz is free (at least it was in May), the other two you have to pay few dollars for. Apparently there's an app for NZ and if you use that you can save $5!! The ship arranged the rest of the visas while we were on board (Vietnam etc.). Last time I cruised to Vietnam they were free, so it's worth checking. Don't let it stress you out, just enjoy the cruise, it'll be fab 👍
  21. The OBC offered to me is wayyy less than the cost of parking with any other operator, so I've opted to take the 'free' parking. If it's as bad as they say then I'll have to get there at 8:30 to be on board in time for my lunch! 😂🛳️🍷 Seriously though, I'm not on Iona until September, so hopefully they'll have it running smoother by then.
  22. Nothing to do with the size of the ships and everything to do with the passengers. I've been on the Symphony of the Seas, most people (including me) were on the alcohol package and I saw no bad behaviour. I'd say half the passengers were Brits.
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