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  1. 36 minutes ago, Monorail Orange said:

    That's true. However, I suppose its more cost effective for P&O to create their own show, rather than pay rights for an existing show.


    However, that being said, I think for the most part we'd all rather they put on a known show instead.


    How do they do it on RCI? Is it the same  show every nigh and you just watch it when you want? or its it once a cruise?

    It's only two or three nights on a cruise.  They have other shows and guest appearances too.

  2. 18 hours ago, molecrochip said:

    I honestly think that ship sales are done for now. That said, P&O have always seem to look for a disposal rather than have seven/eight ships in the fleet.



    I was on a Grand Voyage when Britannia was named bringing the fleet up to 8 at the time.  One of the entertainment team told me that P&O only wanted 7 ships and one would be for the chop.  He was right.  Goodbye Adonia! 

  3. 18 hours ago, tartanexile81 said:

    I'm an old timer and used to post a lot on the UK and the cruiseline boards especially roll calls but I think that other mega social media forum has taken over for lots of cruisers. I just find people I know use that one including many people who used to be on here  so I keep in touch with them via that.  However if I've got a cruise up and coming I will occasionally post here and I still check the boards once in a blue moon - like tonight!


     Does anybody remember the P&O forum on the main P&O site? I loved that and it was free to use when you were onboard so you could set up friends on it to keep in touch when you were away. I made friends on those boards whom I still cruise with. 

    I remember the P&O forum.  I had everyone signed up for my world cruise in 2013, so I could keep in touch for four months.  They closed it down a few weeks before we sailed 😫  I think the main prolem was the general boards.  They got quite nasty at times.

  4. 23 hours ago, davecttr said:

    Except Haugesund is not in a Fjord, a coastal town and not very interesting 😟

    I quite enjoyed Haugesund.  I still have my certificate from Britannia's maiden call.  Having said that, it's noy way up on my list of 'must revisits'!!

  5. 4 hours ago, Rupert2251 said:

    Never got to see any of the Glam Rock bands but (and I don't think I dare mention this) I did see The Bay City Rollers at the Victoria Hall in Hanley😁  Would loved to have seen Queen though or The Jam!


     I saw Queen in Earl's Court in 1977!  I also saw Jimi Hendrix in Coventry, he ws second billing to Engelbert Humperdinck!!


    3 hours ago, Dermotsgirl said:

    David Essex was gorgeous. I saw him at the State, in Grays 


    Saw Essex twice, once in Godspell and again in Evita.


    I'm really a Motown boy, though.  Seen so many of them over the years, and Kylie of course (it's the gay gene kicking in!!!!).

  6. 1 hour ago, Britboys said:


    Well, when I mentioned that review, school dinners and Grammar School, I would never have thought it would lead to all this discussion. The joys of 'thread drift' 😄. I had to take the 11+ to go to the Grammar School. Us kids from a working class background were definitely in the minority at my school. The majority were middle to upper-middle class. Not many from council estates like me.


    Most of the kids in my grammar school were either from council estates (like me) or farmers children from the surrounding villages.  As for school dinners, most of ours were fine and certainly worth the bob that it cost!

  7. 23 hours ago, Angel57 said:

    Sounds a good idea Mick!
    Bet you missing cruising - seems a long time ago since we sat at the same table on Aurora in 2013.....! Hope you keeping well. Gill x

    Hi Gill, I certainly do miss cruising, I should have been off on Iona next week.  At least I did manage to a cruise in last February, to the Galapagos, so the withdrawal symptoms aren't as bad as they could be! Hope all's well with you, stay safe.

  8. 4 hours ago, Neecy1 said:

    Hi all. Has anyone managed to get a refund from Holiday Inn Cruise and Stay. We transferred it from a cancelled April booking to next Feb but that's been cancelled now.  It says non refundable. Just wondered with it being exceptional circumstances. Thanks.

    Lost ours.  We had to cancel and no hint of a refund.

  9. 4 hours ago, Monorail Orange said:

    Anyway moving swiftly on...


    I don't think Iona would be this loud, but still - not a cabin for me.


    I've had one of these cabins on both Oasis and Symphony and I'd take another like a shot.  Only a bit of noise during the day and none in the evening.

  10. On 8/6/2020 at 3:34 PM, Dermotsgirl said:

    We've not on the world cruise, but have booked the 55 night Amazon and Caribbean cruise for January 2022.  To be honest, I'm already doubtful that it will go, and my appetite for this cruise has dimmed, as it seems to long and too far away from home in our new COVID 19 world.


    However, I did 2 legs of the 2017 World cruise, and it was a marvellous experience.  The cruise ship becomes your home, so it is very relaxed and laid back.  People take their hobbies with them, so you'd see people drawing and painting, and in one case making jewellery. We tended to have a lot of our evening meals in the buffet,, as we preferred a lighter meal, instead of the full main dining room experience every night.


    If not 2022, I hope you get to experience a world cruise, with all it's freedom


    I'm on the 55 nighter too!


    On 8/6/2020 at 2:56 PM, Lily lady said:

    Any one booked on this . Really excited but not sure it will go ahead. Any advice for such a long cruise. 


    I went on the 2013 World Cruise and the 2015 South America and Pacific cruise.  I'd suggest you decide what it is you want to do in the ports, lots of research  Then try different excursion companies as well as P&O.  Viator, crusingexcursions.com etc.  In Brazil I used toursbylocals.com (they're worldwide), not cheap but a brilliant day.  Some ports you just want to wander around.  In Papua New Guinea, we piled off the ship and negotiated with a local minibus guy.  Don't forget, if you have a lot of OBC, you can always use it to book onboard.  Fingers crossed it goes ahead, I made friends for life, have memories to treasure and a lust for cruising honed by the worldie!

  11. 5 hours ago, Adawn47 said:


    What suits one doesn't necessarily suit another for individual personal reasons. We prefer the two smaller ships left in P&O 's fleet, and we have our likes and dislikes about each of them. You'll never find perfection. (Believe me, I've looked)😆


    You haven't met me Avril 😉

  12. 2 hours ago, Teabelly69 said:

    I've noticed all TAs and cruise companies are pushing 2021 holidays. I just think it means they are more confident of those ones going ahead. Still hope for November 🤞

    Moved both my September and November Iona cruises to their equivalents in 2021.  Fingers crossed you can go in November.

  13. 18 hours ago, Josy1953 said:

     I also liked Jane and can't imagine that Ms Calman will be as good.  We are not thinking about cruising for the time being, just hoping that there will soon be a vaccine otherwise it will be UK holidays for us.  We have cancelled this year's cruises and will make decisions for next year at balance due times.

    I am feeling quite depressed tonight and have resorted to opening a bottle of wine because I have had 2 bad news phone calls, the first from a close friend and the second from my niece both telling me that they have been confirmed with breast cancer today.

    Tomorrow has to be better.

    Sorry to hear of your news.  I've had two friends die this year, both suddenly and neither from COVID.  One of them was one of my oldest friends, I'd known her for over 50 years.  Stay strong.

  14. 16 hours ago, Jack McGowan said:

    A lot of speculation regarding a possible Arcadia sale floating around in some groups I’m in. Anybody heard anything about this?

    I hope not.  I'm due to do her Amazon cruise in 2022.  Assuming the Brazilians haven't cleared the jungle by then and Bolsonaro hasn't killed off most of his population!

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