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  1. 3 hours ago, Selbourne said:

    most people will continue to opt for ‘free’ parking, oblivious to the fact that it isn’t and it is dead easy to take additional ‘on board credit’ in lieu and then book parking with another operator at reduced cost. 

    The OBC offered to me is wayyy less than the cost of parking with any other operator, so I've opted to take the 'free' parking.  If it's as bad as they say then I'll have to get there at 8:30 to be on board in time for my lunch! 😂🛳️🍷  Seriously though, I'm not on Iona until September, so hopefully they'll have it running smoother by then.

  2. 2 hours ago, jeanlyon said:

    Just been reading about it the BBC news site.  How disgusting.  This is going to start happening more and more on the huge ships I fear.

    Nothing to do with the size of the ships and everything to do with the passengers.  I've been on the Symphony of the Seas, most people (including me) were on the alcohol package and I saw no bad behaviour.  I'd say half the passengers were Brits.

  3. 15 hours ago, Lois R said:

    Terry, have a great cruise:classic_biggrin: 


    JP, you are one cool looking dude:classic_biggrin:


    I am going to retire early next year (I turn 62 in March)….things are not going well and I feel like the stress is going

    to make me crazy:classic_blink:..after all those years of being in such a good office, this transfer is NOT doing it for me.:classic_angry:

    Lois, retirement was the best career move I made!

  4. An awful lot of Caribbean tier and above go on world cruises, I guess that's why there's no embarkation lunch, too many folks who are entitled.  We had a couple of fancy lunches on two or three sectors on the two worldies that I've been on.  We were also given a gift too.  A set of cufflinks on the first and a weird combination of chess set and wine friend (foil cutter, corkscrew, pourer etc) on the second.  There's also a Captain's drinks thing on most sectors.  We seemed to have a couple of the free drinks receptions on most sectors.  Things may have changed a bit, though.  My last worldie (well Grand Voyage), was in 2015.

  5. On 6/15/2019 at 2:01 PM, Daveywavey70 said:

    Well that’s curious. A couple of months ago our entire voyage (17th June, Muse) suddenly went from lots of availability to none whatsoever overnight and has shown as waitlist ever since. Having just looked now it’s suddenly opened up again all cats from vista to Deluxe verandah. Most peculiar.

    This happened to me on my Galapgos cruise next year.  Then I get a phone call to say that my cruise was cancelled as a travel agency had chartered the whole ship.  So instead of celebrating my birthday in the Galapagos, I'll be 'celebrating'(?!) on board a plane instead.

  6. I've met Americans (a few) on P&O.  It's much more British than the lines you mentioned.  The decor isn't as glitzy, more restrained.  I love Andersons on Aurora, like a gentlemans club.  The food is defintely British.  The drinks are wayyy cheaper and no 18% surcharge either.  Don't expect to get the range of cocktails that you get on American ships either.  Entertainment is geared to the UK market. 

    My favourite line is RCCL with Celebrity and P&O in joint second.  Having said that, my favourite ship is Aurora.  I'll be on Iona next year too, but to the Med.

  7. 20 hours ago, Lois R said:

     59-1/2? wow......glad you were able to do it.   I am just concerned about insurance more than anything else...…….(well, being able to live as well LOL).


    Here in the UK we still have the National Health Service, despite the Tories efforts to privatise it.  So I don't pay for health (other than dentists) even my prescriptions are free (not that I'm on any meds.....yet!).

    13 hours ago, jpalbny said:


    I want to grow up to be like you! Though seriously, I think we could swing it by that age if we keep going according to plan. Like Lois, our biggest issue is that we'd want to travel even more than we do now, once we retire. So we'd need a decent income stream. That will take a little more work, to build on what we have now.


    I've done way more travelling since I retired.  I used to get 30+ holiday days a year, so always had at least one long haul holiday a year.  Apart from a week wayyyy back in the '70's I didn't start cruising until I went in 2011.  I have over 400 nights on a ship now.  One of my travel ambitions was to visit 100 countries.  I achieved that in February 2018 and half of those were since retirement. 

    13 hours ago, Daveywavey70 said:

    Lovely meal JP.

    Re retirement I can't even imagine it. Im going with me boots on!



    Best career move I ever made 😊

  8. On 4/26/2019 at 12:16 PM, Lois R said:

    Good morning, JP, sounds like this will be an interesting trip for sure!


    This was a yukky week after returning from the trip.   I took Monday off to get some errands done and had lunch with my Broker. I am trying to figure out if I can retire next year.  I will be 62 in March and have multiple accounts with growing $$$...….I know the biggest issue is the health insurance thing.

    I know I am not staying at this job till I am 65...….after 4 months of being in this new position? I am really ready to go now but that is not feasible.  So will see how things go for next year. Have to get all my ducks in a row.

    I went at 59½ (still too late for me!), and I've never looked back.  If you can afford it, line up those ducks and go for it!

  9. We ate in Sindhu on Oriana last June and it was really sub-par.  If it had been my first experience, I probably wouldn't have bothered again.  Let's hope it was just a one off.

  10. 17 hours ago, alithecat said:

    Yes I know the flights between Quito and the Galapagos are all economy. They are short flights, not an issue.  But I was told that Silversea couldn't offer any business class flights originating/departing from Ecuador. Maybe my travel agent was given the wrong information?

    When I spoke to my consultant about upgrading, she never said it was a problem  The price she quoted seemd a tad high and I've found it for a lower price.  I'll be calling her up again soon and if she's still quoting a high price, I'll book it independently and get my economy airfare back from SS.

  11. 15 hours ago, sgmn said:

    I'd be interested too.  Now that the ships are making their way over to Europe for the Summer has anyone in Europe had a Royal Up offer? 

    I'm sailing on 22 June Jewel sailing.  I had an offer last week.  Sailing solo, minimum bid was $400 pp, so $800 for me for a balcony.  I think not!  Offer came via my US based TA. 

  12. They no longer add on the few months remaining.  Your passport is runs for only for 9½ years now if you renew 6 months before expiry.  They changed the policy last year, but didn't make it public until people started noticing.

  13. I've been doing online check-in with Royal Caribbean and Celebrity for a few years now.  Works really well.  When I sailed on the Ovation out of Southampton, they had people with iPads checking us in.  I checked out of the Holiday Inn at 10:45, walked with my case to the ship, checked in and was having my first drink by the pool bar at 11:10!

  14. 20 minutes ago, bostonfred said:

    did 20 nighter on NCL out of New Zealand to Singapore two years ago and it was great...been to Europe multiple times....Caribbean is to hit the beaches, swim and escape Winter...53 days is too long on a ship and too long away from Grandkids, family and friends....got a lot going on here...otherwise would winter in Florida

    I disagree.  I've done 106, 105 and 65 nights and none of them were long enough!

  15. There's a Limelight Club.  Wouldn't they have dancing in there?  We went in there on Britannia (after the show) and there were people dancing.  My friend danced with the male dance teacher.  Amazing bloke, didn't appear to have any bones in his body!!

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