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  1. On 1/16/2020 at 3:00 PM, john watson said:


    I beg to differ:  1. in three years Iona will not be "the new ship" as other new ships will take the title.   2. Offering the cheapest price means you cannot increase your price as you will no longer be the cheapest price.  Economies of scale will likely drive bigger ships being cheaper again leaving Iona without these two USPs.


    Regards John

    Whenever RCI introduce new larger ships, they are more expensive not cheaper.

  2. 2 hours ago, Britboys said:

    If they are that keen to recruit P&O customers maybe they'd like to sell me one half price with no single supplement 😉😁

    I'm off on my first Silversea cruise next month.  Sailing solo and paying full price, but only(!) 25% single supplement.  Having said that, the price for 9 days is about half of what I paid for my P&O world cruise in 2013.  Mind you, it is the Gapapagos (top of my bucket list) and I'm flying business.  Mind you, I'm still looking forward to Iona in September 😋

  3. 17 hours ago, Lois R said:

    Hi coolers, wishing all of you a very Happy 2020---health to all of us (yes, me included). I have a Dr appt on Friday

    with my Oncologist.   And of course today was my LAST DAY AT WORK!!!!!!!!!!:classic_biggrin:.  It really has not totally

    sunk in yet. Maybe after my cruise in 2 weeks and I realize I don't have to go back to work? LOL...…...

    No plans for the next few days. I fly to Ft. Lauderdale on 1/15 and sail on The Wind on 1/16.

    Thanks for being my friends:classic_smile:

    Enjoy your retirement Lois.  I retired early 8½ years ago.  It's the best career move I ever made and I'm loving retirement.  I'm sure you will too.  Just make sure you tick off some of your bucket list.  I did number 2 last year and ticking off number one in February.  So get planning 😉

  4. 17 hours ago, Stumblefoot said:

    At some point you’ll receive the infamous silver box.  Inside it will be more paper tags for your luggage than you will most likely need.


    The silver box for our cruise next week came 2-weeks before departure, whereas the ticket arrived about a month prior to embarkation

    The silver box arrived about a fortnight ago.  Quite disappointing really!

    3 hours ago, jollyjones said:

    They sent you just one of the rigid plastic tags with steel attachment cable, put that one on whatever bag you want, probably best on your checked one. They last forever and you'll get a new one with each cruise so you can end up with them on every bag you own.


    What SS means is the soft peel-off cruise specific luggage labels with your cabin number - you've probably got four of them in a booklet in the silver box - then if you don't want to carry your hand luggage with you at lunch while waiting for the cabins to be ready at 2pm, you can leave it with reception or somewhere and it'll be delivered to your cabin.


    You don't have to if you don't want. I travel with only carry on and don't use any of their labels and keep my bag with me - as a solo, it occupies the other chair at lunch.

    That makes sense.  I musunderstood what they were saying, I thought they meant the plastic thing that came with the silver box.

  5. 23 hours ago, Unibok said:


    In the Guest Info tab, you'll see this at the bottom:



    Yep!  They're all ticked and have been for ages.  I've had no reply to my email, so I guess I should phone.



  6. 2 hours ago, jollyjones said:


    The only thing I can suggest is to double check that you've completed everything under 'Guest Info' on My Silversea and that you've checked the three boxes for "Travel Docs', Terms & Conditions', and 'Passage Contract'.

    Otherwise, apart from being lost in transit, I can't guess why you haven't received it.

    At 50 days you can go to 'Documents' on My Silversea and if that shows your 'Cruise Ticket' available for download, at least you'll know you're getting on the ship, just download and print it.

    Everything is complete.  But. having said that, I can't find the three boxes to tick!

  7. 3 hours ago, jollyjones said:

    Everyone gets one.

    Box 100 days out.

    Ticket 50 days out.


    (But only if you've completed your on line check in on My Silversea)


    Silver coloured cardboard box contains luggage tag, luggage labels, and travel journal.



    I'm 70 days out and still waiting.  My consultant called a couple of weeks back and asked if it had arrived.  It hadn't!  She said she'd check and since then, silence!

  8. Both of my cruises are now on the new system.  They've got some details right, misspelt others and missed even more.  I'd also noticed that the default is now electronic booklet rather than through the post.  That was promptly changed!  For some reason the picture for my cabin on Iona was of an inside, but still no cabin number.  A pretty major omission I think.

  9. 26 minutes ago, Lois R said:

    Good morning, not out of line at all...I appreciate the words.:classic_smile:  The shower (or lack of it) won't be till after the surgery----- I will just deal with it. Sponge batching a lot....LOL Maybe that earlier post was

    confusing....the surgery is on Wednesday.  So once I get home, that afternoon....the post op stuff will come into play.  Right now, I am ok. I still get a bit teary  sometimes but that is human nature. (for me).

    I appreciate everyone's support on here very much---it helps a lot.

    That Get Well part will be staying with me throughout...…...especially after the surgery.


    Good luck on Wednesday, Lois

  10. I did a solo Christmas cruise on Ventura a couple of years back and I'm considering another one next year.  Being 'family friendly' there were lots of kids but, amazingly, they were no trouble.  They (the kids club) put on a nativity(!) in the theatre on Christmas Day.  Wonderful. On Christmas Day which is a formal nght, they'll plonk you on a table with other solo cruisers.  I'd recommend you take the plunge.  Some pics here http://www.mickberry.co.uk/ventura.htm

  11. Drinks are cheaper on P&O, though much less choice than on RCI (I've never cruised Carnival).  No 18% service charge added to drinks, meals etc.  No daily tips.  Most P&O ships are less 'blingy' than American ones.  Sterling prices on board.  The food is very much geared to British tastes.  Sample menus are available on the website.  There'll be a curry every day.  You'll often find a proper British pudding (spotted dick etc.)  on the menu.  Especially in the buffet.  Custard!  There'll be tea cakes and scones in the buffet after about 3pm.  You'll get a decent cup of tea (PG Tips now rather than Twinings), as you'd well expect with a British line and lots of Indian crew onboard!  White Company toiletries.  I'm looking forward to my cruise on Iona and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

  12. When I try to log in for my Iona cruise, I get redirected to the old CP.  On my Arcadia one, however, I can use the new one.  I put in some details, but it claims my phone numbers are wrong.  Still accepts them though!  Also it doesn't give my cabin number, just the cabin type.  Some progress I guess.

  13. 7 hours ago, Daveywavey70 said:

    Good Morning all. 

    Thoughts are with you Lois.

    Well, This time tomorrow I’ll be on my way to Luxor. Unfortunately no flights from MAN so a long journey to LHR before an Egyptiar flight to Luxor and arriving at the Ship at 11.30ish. Luckilly the temp looks like it’s dropping from 35 this week to a more bearable 29 (not sure what that is in feet and inches sorry). 12 years since my last visit and let’s just say I lost 3 stone in the 3 months following my visit. Hoping the Pharoes don’t get me again. Anyone have any tips on avoiding their curse other than not touching, eating, drinking anything or breathing? Looking forward to taking lots of 360 footage esp since camera use is allowed now in many places that weren’t before. Will try to post a bit but no idea what t’internet will be like. 

    I'm impressed you've managed to find a ship in Luxor!  On my last visit they were all boats!! 😉

  14. 3 hours ago, daiB said:

    I only use the site to access my CP before a cruise. This was successfully done yesterday and all inputs made.


    i did use the new system but it then redirected me to the old one.

    I tried yesterday and got directed to the Cunard cruise personaliser.  Gobsmackingly, it didn't recognise me!!

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