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  1. Seen this on plenty of ships including my last cruise UK to the Arabian Gulf in January.
  2. My favourite bar at sea! You'll always find me in there!
  3. When I cruised out of Singapore I arrived on the Friday before sail date on the Sunday, no way I'd leave it until the day of deparure. Going home was a different thing altogether. My flight was at 11:50 and I was off the ship and at Changi by 9.am. I travelled by cab. This was a Sunday though and traffic can be a lot busier on weekdays. There is an MRT station quite close to the cruise port.
  4. Me too, I never use the thing. I can't be arsed to carry it aound all the time.
  5. You still pay the 18% though, not sure what the bionic bartender will spend it on! I agree, get rid of the Bionic Bar and put the Champagne Bar in it's place. Th e CB was my favourite bar on Oasis.
  6. Ask your room steward, if he/she refuses ask the hotel director. We've always managed to get a kettle if it's not been provided. Might help if you have an English accent 😉
  7. Happy 2019 everyone, I hope the new year brings you all you wish.
  8. My count was around 50 or so until I retired. Cruising helps! The world cruise in 2013 added places like Papua New Guinea, that I have to say were never really on the radar before that. My current travel ambition is 50 Hard Rock Cafes. I only drink or eat in them, never buy the merchandise. I'm currently at 39 with hopefully two more (Malta and Bahrain) within the next few weeks. Boy I love retirement 😁🛳️
  9. Mysty, we love Canadians here in MK! We started and ended in the U.K. It was the Commonwealth Expedition, hence the Canadians. I saw countries I wouldn't dream of visiting now, like Pakistan, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. I even drove through the Khyber Pass. It gave me a taste for travel and one of my ambitions was to visit 100 countries. I hit 102 in February and will hit 104 on my next cruise to the Gulf.
  10. Mysty, the concrete cows are one of the reasons Brits take the p*** out of MK. That and the roundabouts. I was born here and predate the place and I love living here. BTW, I visit Vancouver often, about 12 visits now, as a very good friend of mine lives there. We met when I drove a bus to India and she was one of the mechanics. That was way in '74!
  11. We were given a WOW band on the Anthem way back. I thought they were a waste of time, only useful for opening the cabin door. It was a royal pain in the butt to keep taking them on and off to buy drinks or whatever. I for sure wouldn't pay for one.
  12. That's good news, I'd rather go to the Dubai Mall instead of BurJuman.
  13. besberry


    Well I was speaking personally. If you don't drive then I guess the parking option isn't much use!
  14. besberry


    Yesterday I was looking at Iona for 2020 and they were offering the usual OBC, coach travel or car parking. The OBC amount was so low that it made way more sense to opt for the parking.
  15. On my last visit to Dubai with P&O the shuttle took us to the BurJuman centre which is close to a Metro station. That's where I'm expecting to go in January/February.
  16. I don't know if Silversea offer it, but the train and catamaran is a fun trip.
  17. Been down for me for over a week now. We set sail in January. I've tried on both Firefox and Edge (eek). All to no avail. I always thought Royal Caribbean's site was rubbish, but P&O is matching them now.
  18. We had a Central Park Balcony on Symphony last May. It was great. We could people watch during the day, some noise but not intrusive. Night times were fine.
  19. I'm not a fan of Jamies here in the UK. Overpriced, mediocre food. However, we used it on Symphony for our free lunch. The food was way better than in his land based restaurants. The place was packed and I think most people were taking their freebies. I seem to remember we were only allowed take our lunch on a sea day, but I could be mistaken, after all it was over 4 months ago!
  20. Blippar has never worked properly for me.
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