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  1. I've just swapped my September 2020 cruise on Iona to the 2021 equivalent. Now I'm pondering on what to do about my November cruise. Don't need to make a decision until end of June though.
  2. My last cruise on the Silver Galapagos in February. The Galapagos was the top of my bucket list and it didn't let me down.
  3. I travelled solo, in my first ever balcony cabin and I found the design really weird. Not too sure I'd want to travel with a friend rather than other half in one of them. It's no surprise they never repeated the design!
  4. I'm not convinced that Iona is particularly beautiful, but compared to Norwegian Epic, she's a stunner. Epic is one ugly ship, though having said that, I had a ball on her! Enjoy your cruising and stay safe.
  5. I have a Norwegian cruise on Aurora in March 2021 and I'm not sure about that and I paid a huge deposit for some reason. I'm hope my Amazon cruise on Arcadia in 2022 will go ahead. If I survive the virus that is!!! I think she looks fine. I'm no cruise ship snob who makes inane comments about 'blocks of flats'. I've been on Symphony of the Seas with over 5,000 passengers and had a ball. I've also been on Silver Galapagos with 93 passengers and had a great cruise on her too. I just love ships and cruising 😋
  6. A new video of her at sea. She looks odd because her funnel hasn't been fitted yet. I'm guessing my September cruise on her will be cancelled, don't know about the November one fingers crossed 🤞
  7. I think she was destined to be Queen Victoria, then Cunard decided she wasn't right for them.
  8. Terry, I know I'm in the minority. There are some nice places to visit, Rotorua, Arrowtown and the like. As for the green lipped mussels, they're good. So is the venison. As far as I'm concerned the best food and (and cheapest) I've eaten on my travels, was in South Africa. It was a good few years back so I don't know what the situation is like now. But we ate like kings for peanuts the whole three weeks.
  9. Enjoy NZ Terry. Personally I think it's God's most boring country. We once spent a month there, which was about six weeks too long!! Having said that, whenever I've had port days there, I've always enjoyed them.
  10. Oh I'm not going anywhere near it! Luckily I'm retired as the conference centre they're using is opposite where I used to work!
  11. I'm the only one on my cruise next week! I looked to see if there were any cabins free and they're all waitlisted, so I guess the other 98 people don't want to talk here on CC!
  12. Norwegian has cancelled all Asia sailings for the rest of the year on one of their ships. I'm hoping it's clearing up soon I'm off to see my man in Penang at the end of May. All the people being repatriated from Wuhan back to the UK are being quarantined for a fortnight. They've just announced the location for the second site, about two miles from my house! 😲
  13. Terry, I didn't suffer too much, just the odd shortness of breath, especially climbing steep hills and, weirdly, when standing shaving! I was the oldest in my group at 67 but many of the others weren't too far behind. Some people did suffer a bit (with headaches and nausea) and needed oxygen occasionally. I took medication with me and I'll be taking it for the couple of pre-cruise days in Quito, which is lower than Cusco and at a similar altitude to Machu Picchu. The tour I took basically moved from lower to higher altitudes over a few days. The trip also included a night on the Belmond Andean Explorer. The whole trip is well recommended. Some pictures here http://www.mickberry.co.uk/peru.htm
  14. Thanks Terry. Yes I'm on Silver Galapagos. It's the top of my bucket list.. I did Machu Picchu (Number 2 on the list) last August and it's one of my best ever holidays, so the Islands have a lot to live up to. I'm sure they will.
  15. Yep, it is, though some of the constituent parts are over a thousand years old. (Probably just English arrogance to the Scots!!). Either way we survived before and we'll survive this. What sort of state we'll be in I don't know. In the meantime I'm off on my first Silversea cruise next week and I'm going to enjoy every minute. I'll be gutted if I don't see any blue-footed boobies, though! Onward and upward.
  16. Well we've managed over 1,000 years so far!
  17. It was 11pm as Europe is 1 hour ahead of, thus it happened at midnight on the continent. Hence the apparently weird time. As for the Daily Mail, well! It's a racist, homophobic rag that I won't give house room to! Like much of the UK press, it's been against the EU. I notice it didn't mention the vigils for the pro EU people that went on around the country. It's going to be a bumpy ride folks, hold on to your hats! Mind you, we'll survive, we always do!!
  18. I was a remainer, but only just. What we voted for in 1973 was a 'common market', now it's trying to become a single state. It's never been particularly democratic, though. I thought the benefits of remaining slightly shaded leaving. But the vote's done, we're leaving in 7 hours and 20 minutes, and one bonus is that my next passport will be blue!!
  19. I don't have a hard time accepting it! I'm a Brit, we tip for good service rather than because it's the done thing! Sorry It wouldn't download for me. Edited, I've now managed to download it! Thanks for the replies folks. I now know to keep my hand in my pocket!
  20. I'll be heading for my first Silversea cruise in just under a fortnight on the Silver Galapagos. I've never had a butler before and although I know tips are included in the fare, I just wondered how many people tip their butler and approximately how much for a week's cruise. Thanks in advance.
  21. Well it may not be the best in the world, but thank God for the NHS, no problems like that for us. I got back from Australia last year one Wednesday, with what I suspected was a melanoma on my back. My man, who's Malaysian, Googled what he'd seen and the only word I recognised on the Bhasa Malay site was carcinoma. I saw the quack on Thursday and the specialist on the Sunday. It wasn't cancer and it didn't cost me a penny. Phew! BTW, good luck Lois, helluva way to start your retirement. It can and will only get better from here on in 👍🤞
  22. Things have changed then. My last P&O cruise was from Southampton to Dubai in January last year and curry was often on the menu. I don't know about potatoes, it's the reliance on green beans that kills me. I eat them, reluctantly. I usually ask for peas instead. I swear given half the chance P&O would serve them with cereal at breakfast! 😒
  23. Lois, not sure if this will help or not, but whenever I take long cruises (50+ days), I use a hire car to get me to the port. I have a friend of mine on my car insurance (brought the cost down, amazingly). She'll take the car out occasionally and then she'll bring the car to the port, I pay for her overnight hotel and then drive the car back (with her, I don't leave her there!!). It works for me and she's a good friend!
  24. There's been a curry on almost all the nights I've dined in the MDR over the last 9 years. Vampiress, you can always ask the night before to see the menu. People with special dietary requirements do this all the time. I must say that whenever I get fed up of all the fancy food and just want something plainer, I ask for eggs, chps and peas. Some waiters aren't happy and try to put me off, but I've never been refused.
  25. My take on Harry and Meghan. I worry about history repeating itself. The last time a senior royal married an American it ended in abdication. It won't be so serious this time but I worry that they (she?) will sully the royal family with unseemly commercial ventures. I'm guessing that it is mostly a clash of cultures although our tabloids (not that I read them) can be vicious. I know Americans have married into the lower ranks of the aristocracy without any problems. And I guess Meghan is nothing like Wallis Simpson and Harry (as far as I know) is nothing like Edward VIII with his abhorrent right wing Nazi views. He obviously didn't get what he wanted, he's had to give up his royal military duties and he had a very close affinity to the armed forces. She was accepted by most of the British public. Her ethincity was never a problem for most people. She did manage to alienate people fairly quickly though. The public were stopped taking photographs of her at Wimbledon by her royal protection officers as 'it was a private visit'. If she didn't want to be photographed, watch it on TV! It'll be interesting to see how they manage to live in Canada, whenever I've been there, the maximum length of time I could stay was 6 months. He may be a member of the royal family, but he has no right of abode in the country. He's made his bed and in it he must sleep.
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