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  1. Yes, you will. Although it's been my experience that the pin and coupon are delivered later in the cruise versus day 1.
  2. I also got 16 emails for a May 9th cruise cancellation. Haha
  3. Did anyone else receive multiple duplicates of the cancellation email? I got 16 of the same cancellation email! Lol 😂
  4. Totally off topic, but can I wear shorts in the MDR??
  5. Add us to the boat as well. Chose Option 1 the first day it was available and have yet to see anything from Princess.
  6. We’re in the exact same boat as you (excuse the pun) except we chose all FCC versus the refund. Still have yet to see anything. Guess it’s just a waiting game now...
  7. Good call. We've done the Price is Right in the past. Getting there super early to beat the crowds then waiting around for hours was awful, plus we're locals. Couldn't imagine doing it from out of town!
  8. Don't count on the refund anytime soon. I've been waiting for my FCC since day one.
  9. I got the same thing. Was your cruise one of the cancelled ones like mine? It probably has something to do with that. I was able to get in and see and manage my cancelled cruise through a "backdoor", I just can't remember which link I clicked on that brought it up.
  10. For those that chose Option 1 (funds transferred to future cruise plus FCC), has anyone seen their future cruise credits show up yet in their Cruise Personalizer? I know it's going to take some time since Princess is obviously busy, but trying to gauge how long I should be waiting before I try to call them directly.
  11. Come and knock on my door, we’ve been waiting for you!
  12. What a crazy day it’s been, Greg. Thanks for keeping us informed and up to date. Sleep well. 😊
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