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  1. We have done a cash account for our last 6 or 7 cruises. I put a chunk of money down on day 1. On day 5 or so, I go down and add my debit card to our account. I don’t think it’s ever been more than $100 that went onto my card. You can check your account on your TV in your room every night. I would never go back to the desk daily to check it. We have never had any duplicate charges, holds, nor towel charges put on my card. This system has worked very well for us many times. 😊
  2. All I can say is Ohio went non smoking about 13 years ago. We have many land based casinos, everyone complained that they would be empty after this passed. Well, statistics have proven that completely wrong. They have no trouble keeping the casinos full and the smokers have a place to go outside to smoke. It’s so nice to go to any public building here and not have to suck in smoke. I would be overjoyed if RC ever did this. I grew up with 2 chain smokers and I watched my dad take his last breath before he died of lung cancer 15 years ago. I have nothing positive to say about smoking. 😣
  3. YadaYadaJodi, great tip. I looked the mixers up. I may have to get some of powder to take with me. Thanks for your input. 😊
  4. If you find a better price on RC, always do a screen shot. I have had RC folks many times they don’t see the price I’m inquiring about. I send them the screen shot so we are on the same page.
  5. Everything is walkable on the A1A strip, there are many hotels, tons of restaurants, places to shop. The location is great for waking anywhere, we never rent a car and this is where we always stay. Enjoy your trip!
  6. The ES in Fort Lauderdale is very dated, rooms are in dire need of updating. I would not ever book that hotel again no matter what was free. We are staying on the A1A strip for $220 a night with the ocean right across the street. Please do your homework before booking any hotel. Best of luck to you for a great trip.
  7. I guess I don’t get the big deal over any type of straw. I never use a straw in anything. <scratching head here>. 😕
  8. Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort. The beach is just across the store so the views from your room are majestic. The staff, restaurants, etc at the hotel are great. There are many restaurants in walking distance and you can get groceries as well within walking distance. It’s definitey our favorite in FLL and we have stayed many times at other hotels. The 2 hotels we would not book again would be Embassy Suites and the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina. I am silver with Hilton and those two are NOT up to Hilton standards in my opinion. Happy planning. 😊
  9. Yes, we are sailing on 9/15 and our 25 people confirmation I received on 4/15 now states there are 6 people signed up. Could it be another one of their ‘cost saving’ measures? Nothing surprises me about RC anymore. 😣
  10. Yes, wine is not free of carbs. Here is good list of wines carb content I’ve attached. If you compare it to a Margarita (10.67carbs), or a Pina Colada (29.65 carbs), and a Mudslide (283 carbs!)..holy cow Batman, wine is a much better option in moderation of course. I will stick to hard liquor or an occasional glass of wine.
  11. I just want to thank everyone who responded. You have shared some great ideas. I plan to make very good choices on my upcoming Allure of the Seas cruise. I’ve leaned that Keto is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. My husband and I both have done very well with it and intend to keep it up. 😊
  12. Oville99, perhaps but we had to show our seapass card that day to go out on the helipad. It was invitation only event.
  13. We were on the Liberty about 5 years ago. We did get invited to the helipad when we left an island but it was not for sail away from the port. I don’t think they’ve done that since then. It was certainly fun though, great music, breeze, and champagne. My kind of afternoon. 😀. I’ve been on the Oasis class 3 times since then, nothing.
  14. Cruiselover04, rum is a distilled alcohol, no sugar or carbs in it. If it’s a flavored rum, then yes it would have carbs etc. in it.
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