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  1. Jazz club was also reserved for this group
  2. Duh..... never thought to do that
  3. Is there a way to find out ahead of time if there is a large group sailing on our cruise? We are currently at the end of the first part of a b2b on the Sky Princess and there is a group of 800 that has closed the Vista Lounge and the Jazz club every night until 11-11:30 for their private events. Next week, from what I’ve heard another group of 600 will be on board. These venue closings have made the other areas of activities extremely, EXTREMELY crowded. Princess Live has had people blocking the walkway in order to be able to see the shows there. All levels looking at the parties on the piazza has been so very crowded. Also, for some reason 5Skies is not being shown this week. We’ll see what happens next week. I wish I would have known about these groups before hand. I would have booked another date. On a side note, there was no elite bath amenities given. They only had lib balm and shower caps. But I could have if I wanted. We’ve had the best servers in all my 27 Princess cruises. Beef Wellington was thick and oh so tender. Most crew members were very friendly. And I can’t find my family members with the medallion. Although they can find me. Ship is beautiful.
  4. we’re on the Sky now. Show times are 6:30 for late seating and 8:30 for early seating. Shows last 45 minutes. We have late seating and going to the show at 6:30 works for us.
  5. Can anyone tell me where the door is in a connecting cabin?
  6. Thank you. I'll be on for a b2b also, so I am excited. I also booked her for New Years 2020. Partly thanks to you.
  7. We were in a mini suite. E731 in November. No USB port in the lamps.
  8. We board in a week and your posts and pictures have gotten me more excited. Can't wait. Thanks so much for taking time from your vacation to do this.
  9. I was on the Crown Thanksgiving cruise and didn’t see it either.
  10. Discovery Princess is going to Tortola and Old San Juan in Dec 2021. Both full day visits. Also an 8 day cruise. They seem to be saving the newer, different itineraries for Christmas and New Years. I think if they wanted to, they can go to these islands. They're substituting St Martin for St Kitts summer 2021. Tortola is near St Thomas. It can be done if they wanted. And yes. Amber Cove is like going to Grand Turk. We were there twice on Princess ships. The ship is the new destination, not the itineraries.
  11. The ABC islands were 8 day cruises. I'll be doing it again on the Sky New Years 2020.
  12. They don’t have to look at their handheld. Just look at the display at the door. If you’re in your room, there’s a medallion logo, (I believe)next to your name, I believe it means you’re in your cabin. If there’s nothing after your name, you’re out. Not nice.
  13. 2006-2009, Princess cruised during the summer months from Brooklyn, NY. They were 9 day cruises that went to Tortola, Old San Juan, and Bermuda. I'll have go look at old pics to see where else we went. I wish they offered these islands again.
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