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  1. https://www.carnival.com/recipes/melting-chocolate-cake-recipe.aspx
  2. There have been some very amusing photos and videos posted around the internet of people replicating their cruises to the best of their ability; for example, watching ocean waves on their big screen TV while sipping tropical drinks in their bathrobes. In addition to trying to make our favorite onboard drinks, I thought about trying a few of the cruise line recipes found online. OH... MY... GOODNESS... now I know why we all come back heavier than we left!!! I'm pretty sure I gained 10 pounds just reading the recipes. I may prefer Celebrity overall, but that "Carnival Cruise Lines Chocolate Melting Cake" is both pure evil and one of the most delicious things I've ever eaten (haven't made it at home in years, but just may have to do it again soon).
  3. And yet, with all the angst, turmoil and serious issues going on, here you are posting on an online forum dedicated to cruising. I understand that there are serious issues going on. People are sick and dying, people are losing jobs. However, life does go on for most and we will, as the human race, figure out how to survive. Personally, since I support online conferencing for a large company I have had to put in 23 hours of overtime so far this week and will be working more tomorrow, but I still have in the back of my mind that I was supposed to have been on a ship heading out to the Caribbean from Fort Lauderdale today. No one is making light of the situation. I think we all realize that missing a cruise is a "first world issue," but let's not pretend that none of us are a bit wistful for what we've been planning and looking forward to for weeks, months or even years.
  4. Another "interesting" aspect of the refunds, besides the large amounts of positive balances in credit cards, is the credit card points/bonuses that people may have already used long ago from putting cruise payments on their cards. It will be interesting to see how those are processed. Guessing we'll see the refund come in and then the charges go against the card if there are insufficient points/bonuses currently in the account to cover the refunded amount.
  5. Seems you've had most questions answered, but I'll throw in a couple of comments. I HAVE seen people in shorts turned away from Blu so yes, there is some enforcement of the dress policy. Whether or not it's more strictly enforced than the MDR, I have no idea. We have not been at all impressed with the canapés. We asked our steward to set us up with cheese and crackers instead on the last cruise, which was a great improvement. Whatever that tea stuff is, we've stayed away from that as well. Our favorite thing about Aqua is Blu. Dinners in there are usually quite delicious, with great service, and the nice quiet sit-down breakfast in there is a very relaxing way to start the day.
  6. If we don't see a drop-off if this thing soon, it may not be a question of if, but when. Even putting aside the medical situation, which is obviously the primary concern, losing out on a vacation seems like such a minuscule issue right now in comparison to the number of jobs in the travel and hospitality industries that could be affected. 😟
  7. Interesting that it's a proposal FROM the leading cruise trade organization TO the White House. Sounds to me like the cruise industry doesn't want these folks to cruise, but doesn't want to seem like "the bad guy."
  8. Can anyone confirm that storage cabinets are still in place over the bed in the Aqua cabins (which I believe are the same as pretty much any other veranda cabins)? With the little collapsible cubes we bring along with us, we've found that storage area to be very useful and nicely out of the way in what otherwise would be useless space.
  9. Thanks for the info. We'll keep that in mind for next year when we go (land tour starting 08/07/2021 in Fairbanks and working our way down to Seward, followed by the southbound cruise). Hopefully, they'll be offering that excursion next year.
  10. According to the brochure, the Fairbanks accommodations seem to vary depending upon which cruisetour you're taking (ours is Sophie's), but the tab only has the one. Since we're not cruising until 2021, I figure I'll wait a little while and see what the 2021 brochure says.
  11. Thanks very much for posting this. One item that confuses me is that the cruisetour brochure says that the Fairbanks accommodations are at Sophie's Station Suites for our cruisetour, but when you click on "Destinations & Accommodations" and go to Destinations and then Fairbanks, it lists Pikes Waterfront Lodge as the only Fairbanks option. We will fly in a day early and it would make the most sense to stay in the same hotel so I don't want to pick the wrong one. I 'm thinking Sophie's Station Suites is the most likely though, because the brochure is the 2020 brochure and although we know their cruises are awesome, we all know how lousy Celebrity does websites.
  12. It depends somewhat upon the activities offered that day. Could be trivia, a paper airplane contest, a lecture, a future cruise preview presentation, a guest choir rehearsal (that was on our 14-day cruise, not sure it's offered on shorter cruises), dance lessons, a flash mob rehearsal, a martini/whiskey/wine tasting, a mixology class, enjoying some music in the grand foyer or out on the pool deck, or a worship service if it's a Sunday. Beyond the scheduled activities, there's checking out the dinner menu for the evening, eating far too much, enjoying some drinks (especially trying some new cocktails, wines or spirits I haven't tried before), people watching, reading, looking into future cruises, planning future non-cruise vacations with hubby (yes, those happen too), hanging out and conversing with old and new friends, getting in a bit of romance with hubby, or just sitting out on our balcony or one of the decks (usually in the shade) and allowing ourselves to be mesmerized by the water. We don't generally go to any of the sales demos for jewelry, watches and such, and haven't been to an art "auction" in years, though we tend to occasionally stroll through and look at the art. Most of our shopping is window shopping. On non-Celebrity cruises we spend a bit of time in the casino, but that's one area we find lacking on Celebrity. We're not heavy gamblers and the games hubby likes to play tend to have too high a minimum for very casual play or are not even open during the day, and I've found the slots and video poker to be terribly tight on the Celebrity ships. We're not sun worshippers (too many skin cancer spots removed already and we live in Florida and don't feel the need to "prove" we've been on vacation... we're probably among the palest people on the ship).
  13. It depends upon the travel insurance policy you purchased. In most cases, I would think no.
  14. I hope you'll do a trip report when you come back. We are are booked on the 13-day southbound Celebrity Cruisetour in August 2021. I have never been disappointed in a Celebrity cruise and have faith that they hire the best companies (apparently, they use several) for the land portion of the trip, but I do find it a bit frustrating that it sounds like we'll have no information ahead of time regarding the optional excursions and upgrades available for the land portion. I'm a planner, and having to wait until we get there to get the scoop and decide all that is not sitting well with me. We've done one week Alaska cruises twice before with another cruise line and so we have an idea what we do and don't want to do at the various ports, but I sooooo want to plan out the free time allocations for the land tour and figure out what optional activities we'd enjoy. Hope you have as wonderful a time as we did on our previous Alaskan cruises! ❄️ 🛳️ 🗻
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