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  1. I see you're in Jax. Depending upon how long your cruise is and any discounts available to you (senior rate, AAA rate, etc.), you may also consider getting a one-way rental car to the port if you're driving down to Miami or Fort Lauderdale, and then another one-way rental back home afterwards. It can be a bit of a hassle to deal with the rental car locations, but for us (coming from Brevard County and having a great discount because of my employer), it has at times been less expensive than parking for longer cruises, and our car stayed safely at home. YMMV, of course. If you're going out of Jax, a shuttle or Uber/Lyft that can pick you up at your home can be super convenient and again you wouldn't have to worry about your car sitting at some lot near the port. For our next cruise (out of Port Everglades), we're driving down and using Park'NGo because we're vacationing elsewhere in the state prior to the cruise and it would be far more expensive to rent a car for the entire pre-cruise week. Also, our car has gotten old enough and high mileage enough that we're not that worried about it anymore.
  2. We never leave our home unattended during cruises. If my daughter and her husband are not available to stay here while we're gone, we use "Trusted Housesitters." We have a cat and, although we have neighbors who would come over and feed her each day and take care of the catbox, she's used to having people around most of the time since we both telecommute full time. She's much happier to have company while we're away. We always pick cat lovers with lots of positive feedback from previous housesits and Siobhan, who's quite social, has always warmed up to them nicely. We've met a number of lovely people who've taken good care of her and of our home. We have lawn service, so they only need to take of her, water some plants, clean up after themselves and set the alarm when they go out. We don't expect them to stay here at the house all day every day, but having people here at least most of the time keeps her happy and makes us feel more comfortable than having the house vacant while we're away. We let the neighbors know who will be there and provide them with contact info for the neighbors. I generally introduce them to the neighbors right across the street from us in case they need help with something. We put a hold on the mail and have all our bills pre-scheduled for payment through our bank's BillPay service.
  3. I'm frugal in some ways so I can be a bit extravagant in others. We buy the premium drink package, but if I'm paying for an all-you'd-like-to-drink premium drink package, I am not going to buy or carry on bottles I purchased at home or at a port for consumption on the ship. Celebrity has decent enough wine, craft beer and cocktail options to keep me happy during my cruise. The high end whiskeys, bourbons and specialty liquors we buy in port are coming home with us!
  4. Yes, a 13-day southbound Celebrity Alaskan cruisetour, leaving a week after I retire next year... woo-hoo!!!
  5. 563 days, but who's counting? Actually, the countdown clock on my home page is doing it for me, ha-ha! I probably would have already retired by now, but medical insurance has gotten soooo expensive in the last decade that I'm not willing to allocate that much of my retirement $$ to insurance when my company's not helping me pay, so I'm waiting until I can just supplement Medicare (but won't take SS until I can get the full amount). We have my 65th Birthday / Retirement / 10 Year Anniversary Celebrity Alaskan cruisetour already booked, embarking a week after I retire. Yes, there's also a countdown on my home page for that too, as well as one for our Caribbean cruise this March. Only the March cruise is programmed into my Google Home app, though... I'll put the next milestone in once that date passes. Each morning, while I'm making my coffee, I say "OK, Google... Good Morning!" It turns on the kitchen lights, says "Good morning, you sexy thing!", gives me a weather report, then says "You are boarding the Celebrity Silhouette in X days." Gotta love us crazy IT nerds, eh? - Laurie
  6. This is Florida. Nothing surprises me anymore, ha-ha!
  7. When you say "completely avoid all of the shuttles," does that mean it's close enough to walk to/from our car from the ship? I don't recall seeing any parking THAT close when we went out of Fort Lauderdale last year.
  8. For me, the worst part of a cruise out of Miami or Fort Lauderdale is transportation to/from the port... ESPECIALLY AFTER the cruise. You get off the ship all nice and relaxed and find yourself on the side of the road with a zillion people trying to get to the airport or get back to their cars or to a rental car location. We have traditionally done a one-way rental car from our home town in Florida to Miami or Fort Lauderdale, and then a one-way rental back home afterwards (with my company discount on rental cars, this has been either been around the same price or less expensive than parking at/near the port). Getting the rental car shuttles is NOT fun, and I'm wondering how it's been with those who've parked at or near the port. On our next cruise, we'll be vacationing elsewhere in the state before heading out on our cruise and so we plan to drive our own car down. We're trying to decide between at-port and near-port parking options, and one of my main criteria is ease of getting back to the car after the cruise. For those of you who've used at-port or near-port parking for Port Everglades (we'll be on Celebrity, if that makes any difference), which options have been good or bad experiences for you regarding getting back to your car afterwards? I really don't want to have to stand there for two hours trying to get back to our car. Thanks in advance for any experience you can offer up!
  9. We live not too far from Port Canaveral. We usually do one-way car rentals when we have to cruise out of Miami or Fort Lauderdale. We're going to be vacationing elsewhere prior to our cruise this next time and will drive our own car and park it, so unfortunately I'm having to now research the parking options, but the one-way rentals have worked well for us for the most part in the past.
  10. I live over on the coast not awfully far from Port Canaveral, so I don't have this info for you. However, I can tell you that you'll definitely want to find out all your transportation options well in advance because it's basically a lie when the cruise lines say you're going out of Port Canaveral/Orlando. You're not cruising out of Orlando. Orlando, in general, is about an hour inland from Port Canaveral and, depending upon where in the Orlando area you're staying and when you decide to head over for your cruise, the trip can be 90 minutes or more. You may be in for some sticker shock when you go to book a shuttle, especially if you are transporting several people, so don't wait until the last minute and get stuck with the highest priced option. You may want to price out two one-way car rentals to and from Cape Canaveral, especially if you have several people in your party, but also make sure that the Cape Canaveral rental locations will be open when you want to drop off and pick up a car, as they are not as round-the-clock as the airport rental desks. This is what we usually do when we cruise out of Miami.
  11. Not without us knowing about it. Our TA called the day our final payment was due on our next cruise to tell us that the price for the two of us had gone down $500, but that we'd lose $200 of OBC to get that deal. Didn't have to think about that one too long. :-) Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  12. The original poster asked if anyone was planning one for 2021 and that's what I replied to, so our trip is planned for August 7-20, 2021. I plan to do a review, but if you're thinking about booking for 2021 I'm thinking it will be kind of late for your planning purposes! 😁
  13. Like others have said, it's a very subjective decision... it it wasn't, we'd all be taking the same cruisetour, right? 😁 We have booked a 13-day southbound cruisetour (land tour first) on Celebrity for August 2021. We chose that particular itinerary because the land portion has three rail legs and we really like rail travel. We chose the southbound version (land tour first) because we feel like the cruise portion will be a more relaxing way to finish up our trip. We've been on two previous 7-day Alaska cruises on another cruise line, but haven't done a cruisetour yet, and loved just hanging out on the balcony enjoying the beautiful scenery and watching for wildlife... sooo relaxing! A bonus for me is that when we finish up in Vancouver, it's much easier for me to be able to take a train down into California to visit relatives afterwards if I choose to do so.
  14. Yes, we're booked on "The Great Frontier Expedition Cruisetour 8B," which is the southbound adventure that includes six days of land tour beginning on Aug 7 in Fairbanks, working our way down to Seward where the cruise begins on Aug 13. We picked this one because it has three rail legs, and because hubby wants to tour first and cruise second. I may not be able to answer many questions though... we've been to Alaska twice previously on another cruise line, but they were both 7-day cruises with no land tour.
  15. I am confused by the dates shown on the Celebrity website regarding the Silhouette deck plans. Why are the two viewing options "15 Mar 2019 to 05 Apr 2020" and "03 May 2020 to 28 Mar 2021?" Have the drydock/renovation dates changed? https://www.celebritycruises.com/cruise-ships/celebrity-silhouette#deck-plan
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