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  1. I watched the passengers on the Bliss slide while on the MSC Divina. It was entertaining, but no one was hurt. Like others said, there is an escape hatch for those who "wash back."
  2. I booked the 20% off on September 22, 2019 for a 14 day Med. cruise in 2020. It was $1,499 and it ended up being $1,215. I logged in under my Latitude account.
  3. That is the issue. All of us would use a TA if we could find a really good one.
  4. A $200 difference is probably worth it. Just make sure your TA is very responsive. If they don't return calls within 24 hours, I would not use them. NCL is correct that if you see a price drop, you will need for your agent to change it. I had four price drops on my current cruise and NCL dropped the price with efficiency and a pleasant attitude. I book less expensive cabins and the perks from a TA aren't compelling.
  5. I believe these are read, but it is very unlikely you will receive a response. I had a very profound and legitimate complaint and wrote to the NCL management and only received a "whatever" response from them.
  6. I'm looking for lightweight collapsible hiking or trekking poles. Any recommendations?
  7. Not bringing mine this trip in early Dec.
  8. I had a medical problem on a transatlantic. Went to the clinic at 8 AM, had an exam, lab tests, and was given two medications: $160 total . Competent, inexpensive, and it was all reimbursed by my travel insurance and private insurance when I returned to the US.
  9. This taught me a lesson. We typically book balcony and below types of cabins and never had the fog horn or anchor issue. This was just another experience in learning about the importance of a cabin's location. I was surprised that no one in the reviews for this cabin mentioned this problem.
  10. This was a This was a tender port and I heard the clanking of an anchor.
  11. We were in a forward penthouse below the bridge. The fog horn was right above us and the anchor sounded like a freight train going through our cabin at about 5:30 AM.
  12. I agree that reviews should have details. After reading many, I gloss over the "everything was perfect" (with no details) and "everything was awful" with details like "The food was inedible." "All the staff were rude." Unfortunately, many of the complaints are written by people who have special needs and were unhappy with the staff's service. Other complainers tend to be loyalists and cheerleaders from other cruiselines and nothing compares to their favorite.
  13. I'm not sure any cruise ship would be fun in those weather conditions. The pools, pool deck, and sports areas would all be closed and everyone would either be in their cabins or crowded in the public indoor areas.
  14. We are all different. The sad part of this experience was that her husband was left alone so often, but he is nice guy and we enjoy his company. My SIL is a very kind and friendly person but wants solitude on a cruise ship and has no interest in meeting or talking to new people. I get it.
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