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  1. If you want to see the city of Rome before your cruise, don't stay at the airport. It is not easily accessible to the sites in Rome. We used a company called Habicabs for all of our transportation to the hotel in Rome and then to the cruise port. Neither FCO or the port is close by. You can book a shared van or private van with them.
  2. I read a plea from a store worker who requested that people just get there items and get out. That is also my philosophy. On the other hand, my neighbors who are out walking love to stop and chat...from six feet away. I've noticed a reduction in neighbors being outside for walks now that other options are available. Glad to see that life is getting back to normal for some.
  3. The CDC just put out new info on how unreliable the antibody test is. I want to get one, because I believe my husband and I were right in a hot zone two different times on cruise ships in Nov/Dec and then in early Feb. A test that is 50/50 is about the same as my thinking I have it just on my observations.
  4. Everyone's observations depend on where they are and which type of media they watch. In my suburban Ohio world, the people have been very "obedient" and cautious, yet have been reaching out to help others. In retrospect, we should have allowed the younger population and workers to just go about their lives while the older and at risk group was protected. That of course, was nearly impossible because the "healthy older ones" still have a vital function: caregivers for grandchildren and make up probably the majority of volunteers around the country. I hadn't heard of anyone I knew having COVID19 until recently: the boyfriend of a friends' daughter. He lives in a ministry house with other young men and they all tested positive. So, now these young men probably spread it all around at their regular jobs before they had symptoms (which were all very mild, like a common cold.) Most of my friends continue to stay mostly at home and only venture out for walks, groceries, and very controlled outside visits in small clusters of "trusted" friends and family. My deck has become a popular place but never sees more than 5 people, all sitting far apart.
  5. I have a different experience than you are having. I'm in the suburbs of Ohio and people are polite but stay distant from one another. It reminded me of the experience I had on the MSC Grandiosa in November with the majority of passengers being non-English speaking. I felt like I was in Bizzaroworld and like an invisible person. No one reacted to others outside of their own social group on that cruise and that was well before news of the coronavirus hit, although some might have been carriers since 1/3 of the passengers were from mainland China. Going into a store with mostly masked people who work hard at not interacting is just so not normal, but it is necessary. It sort of reminds me of a robotic sort of environment without any expression.
  6. What will happen in future cruising will long be compared to the early days of cruising that others like to talk about: small ships, formal dining with tuxes and formals, etc. The big difference is that change was gradual and was the result of many factors. The changes we will see are only because of COVID19 and will be abrupt. In 2020, our children will be talking about the good old days of cruising, meaning before 2020.
  7. As far as ratio, one thing that can overcrowd a ship are packing cabins with many children. I was on one cruise that seemed like it had fewer passengers and that was because it was a TA with lots of solos. Few children and mostly couples- 2 people to a cabin. On the other hand, I was on the MSC Seaside during an unfortunate week (President's Day) and it was packed with kids in many cabins. The ship became very ill and the pool was like people stew (worse than people soup.) So, if ships allow more than 2 people in a cabin, it can quickly get out of hand.
  8. Of course, we may be just at the beginning or middle of this pandemic with South America and Africa being the new hot spots. They are just entering their winter season next month. The USA probably "over reports" their numbers (if you die in a car accident and have the virus, you are in the national count) and many parts of the world severely underreport, not for malicious reasons, but reporting varies wildly. The CDC is now including anyone who has recovered but previously infected as a new COVID 19 case. Dr. Byrx has commented that this is very wrong and the CDC blames it on their "fatigue." You can't compare USA numbers to second and third world nations. Maybe in Europe, but nowhere else.
  9. The Spanish Flu was called that because Spain was the most affected country. It is perhaps the one pandemic that was incorrectly named. I believe "Wuhan" Flu is a more accurate name rather than the "Chinese Flu."
  10. I'm a case study on the limitations of temperature checks. My normal temp is 96.8, and if I was a horrible person and wanted to get onboard, I could take a temperature reducing drug if I had a fever. So, my 101 degree temp could probably be reduced to 99 degrees which everyone would consider normal. In reality, that translates into a 103 degrees fever for the average population..
  11. I used to prefer to get back/forth to Europe at least one way by transatlantic cruising. I'm not sure I would do that right away. I'm a historian, so I want to return to Poland and Israel and Turkey. I'll likely visit Prague and Budapest while I'm in Poland and go by train.
  12. We have been on about 20 cruises and four this past year. At this time, I hope to travel sometime after spring 2021 but will let the cruise industry work out the details and sail without us. We will consider cruising after the industry has at least a year under its belt with the inevitable changes.
  13. I think that concept is quite lovely but the glass windows don't allow visitors to enjoy the lovely clean air next to the water. A lovely setting, but... Those of us with decks or backyards can just bring home take out and eat outside and still enjoy the company of a few friends.
  14. That is likely the situation for MSC in the Caribbean with it preferring Europeans over North Americans, especially for those who have direct flights to the islands. The other cruise lines will be catering to North Americans. I do take issue with your point about Europeans having the virus under better control. If you look at the death per millions in each country, many have a higher rate than Americans. As of today: US 263 per million in population, Spain 587, UK 501, Italy 519, France 420, Germany 95, Belgium 773, Netherlands 379, Sweden 361. IMHO most other countries have vastly under reported and their stats can't be relied upon. I don't mean to get into an argument here, but death stats for first world countries are the best indicator of how a country is doing.
  15. For those of us who are in America or Canada, we may be excluded from travel into many European countries. It seems that Europeans are braced for a slight uptick of cases in order to boost their economy but won't want a second wave. Really, European cruising for Americans won't happen until the spring of 2021.
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