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  1. Harry Peterson........suggest you retire gracefully, you will never educate ignorance.
  2. Choosing a Inside YC cabins is a compromise but acceptable if you pack light and are of a small build to use the cabin shower cubicle alternatively can always use the Spa for showering. There are some YouTube videos which shows these difficulties, then you will be pre-warned. Again I would definitely choose the YC.
  3. It’s so easy to break the law with no one watching as they dump their CLEAN effluent into the beautiful ocean. Remember they have to pay to discharge effluent ashore and we all know aboard every revenue stream is squeezed to the limit, and beyond. Everyone can believe what they wish but we all know cruise ships need to clean up their act, January 2020 can’t come soon enough and that is just a small step.
  4. Baz..rat - the sooner ALL cruiselines adopt low sulphur fuels the better and also ban the use of scrubber systems which just transfer the air pollution to the ocean via their waste water. If it means higher costs for us passengers so be it, at least we can all then cruise without a guilty conscience.
  5. We had the same when booking Seaside for next year, only available cabin was a HC in the YC. I contacted MSC and they said no problem to book but if they have a request from a handicapped person for a YC HC Cabin we will contact you and offer you an alternative cabin. Any upgrade cost will be mine, hope it doesn’t happen.
  6. On reading their T&C, if you booked a HC cabin and they need the cabin for a handicapped person they will upgrade you but at your cost. That’s the penalty of booked a HC in the first place.
  7. You still have the option to book in the US if you choose, very simple.
  8. Azamara is part of Royal Caribbean/Celebrity cruise company. Fabulous small ships, same ship class as Oceania Nautica and Regatta. More expensive than Celebrity but better experience having a more elderly clientele.
  9. That's very generous of them giving you a week to decide. Next time you want to book a cruise use a USA travel agent, your deposit will be refundable and you wouldn't give them the chance to shaft you again.
  10. Goto Miami airport, top level, take the mover to the car rental section. Adjacent to the rental area is the Tri-rail station. Cheap as chips train journey all the way to West Palm Beach without the traffic hassle. https://www.tri-rail.com/pages/view/fare-information-calculating-your-fare
  11. Cruise lines reaction to the US Foreign policy towards Cuba is summarised as follows -https://www.travelagentcentral.com/cruises/carnival-corp-cancels-cuba-cruises-other-lines-analyzing-details Why have MSC acted so differently? They all have recognised that Cuba was a special cruise destination. All have offered the option to cancel except MSC - WHY? MSC if you read these posts, there is still time to act responsibly as others have done, it is not too late.
  12. Maybe so but it's not a good business strategy to alienate your target market. All the major cruise lines which had Cuba on their itinerary rightly offered Cancellation as an option. They equally suffered due to US Foreign policy change but had more respect for they customers unlike MSC.
  13. It definitely appears that many of the American cruise lines value their customer base far more highly than MSC. I was of the opinion that MSC were trying to break into the American Market - well their recent offer as a result of the cancellation of their Havana cruises gives a bad impression which I believe will come back and bite them hard. I big, big MISTAKE.
  14. We stayed a few years ago at Tenuta dell'Argento hotel, it is on the hillside overlooking Civitavecchia town. It's ideal for an overnight stay awaiting your cruise and not that expensive compare to staying in Rome. They have a free shuttle to get you to the port and do arrange airport collection if necessary. We used an online taxi service to get there from Fiumincino airport. (average taxi cost €100-€120 for 2 people with normal luggage)
  15. https://cruisefever.net/updated-celebrity-cruises-dry-dock-schedule-through-2023/
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