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  1. I would agree with your strategy if Aqua is sensibly priced. We have found that choosing a standard balcony, many of which are better located than Aqua, and purchasing the Specialty Dining for the duration of the cruise is by far a better solution and cheaper.
  2. I don’t class a YIN cabin suitable for adults, it’s meant for accompanying young children at best. Too be clear.........YC1 or forget it....!
  3. It’s MSC YC or Celebrity balcony for me, which ever is cheaper. YIN cabin is definite no-no
  4. It's like comparing a 3 Star to a 5 Star hotel - the differences are obvious, so is the price
  5. See if you can organise you own small group via your Roll Call on CC. I would highlight recommend https://www.aldolimos.com they are an excellent local tour company. The average cost is about €500 for a group of 8 or check their website as they do Shared Group tours which you could join, they pick up at the port and return back to the port. Definitely better than a Ship tour.
  6. Yes, Group Bookings are the exception which I have never found to be available in the U.K. Don’t understand why when Celebrity offer minimum of 1 free cabin in 8 in the U.K.
  7. Not odd when you realise their business models. US travel agents aren’t allowed to discount Celebrity price, so offer perks as an incentive to attract business. In the U.K. travel agents are allowed to discount Celebrity UK prices - our U.K. TA discounts Celebrity U.K. prices by 11%. It is only in the last 6 months that the tide has changed in favour of booking via the US, since July 2016 the U.K. was always cheaper.
  8. No, there is a time limit of 60 days for you to change an agent - after that you will be stuck with the original assignee.
  9. If you booked on board it defaults to the same agent as the cruise you were on at the time you made the booking. If your booking passed to the UK then crossing boundaries after the event will be difficult. No matter what it has to be done within 60 days otherwise it's a no go. With your booking history it should give you some leverage, so best is give it a go - best of luck.
  10. I booked recently in the UK and then 2 weeks later discovered the same cruise significantly cheaper in the US and now have 2 reservations for the same cruise. The price difference was enormous with RD, over $800 more obc, free gratuities and with Prem Bev. Looks strange in MyAccount with both cruises showing, need to transfer the UK booking sometime in the future or cancel and lose £300.
  11. The front facing balconies in the YC are not ideal as they have an angled glass window enclosing the balcony, which can be somewhat obscured / discoloured. Check on YouTube - search Divina16004 May 2017 - it’s identical to Preziosa.
  12. Another option is too book a Day pass at an Hotel. http://www.caribbeandaypass.com https://www.resortforaday.com
  13. I always check prices in all markets before booking my Celebrity cruise and have never found an EU TA cheaper. Please enlighten us, what cruise / date are you referring?
  14. You obviously have never cruised on MSC YC to make such a comment.
  15. Surprised you choose the Med in October, very brave.....! We board Preziosa in 2 week, 14 nights Barbados to Barbados with no sea days in a YC1 (large square cabin ) with a short walk to the TSL. Pleased to read that the food in the restaurant was good as last year it was poor, that’s encouraging (It will never be Murano standard). Next year Splendida does the same itinerary, we have a YC reservation on her as well - maybe this route will be more to your liking. Glad you enjoyed.......
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