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  1. Our cruise is Caribbean maybe other itineraries are different offers. Standard Internet Standard Internet Book now and save 20% vs. onboard price! Data limit: 3.5 GB that can be used throughout the length of the cruise Up to 2 devices Benefits: Ideal for limited internet usage, the "Standard Internet" package lets you access all social networks and chat APPs, check email and browse the web. If you finish your MB before your cruise ends, you can recharge your package buying more MB at a cheaper price. Per adult £61.50 Per child £61.50
  2. Just notice MSC have included the Purchase of Wifi Packages to your account. Currently the Standard package is for 3.5Gb with 2 devices costing £61.50 - Onboard the same package costs £70.
  3. When MSC updated their website late last year they failed to include wifi on their Online purchases. We had to contact our travel Agent to get it included pre cruise as it's cheaper than purchasing onboard by 15%. You purchase Gigs not time/days. Don't forget to cancel data roaming better to leave in airplane mode then the cheapest package will last forever if you don't stream.
  4. From the press releases my initial thought is - 'Virgin Voyages is not for us' Like tradition not a never ending party scene and most of all like a nice bed.
  5. MSC wifi is very fast, better than Celebrity and they were class leaders. We choose the cheapest package $80 for 3.5 Gig with 2 devices. Other cruise lines the wifi is based on time not data useage, so much better if you forget to log off you don't lose out.
  6. Don’t try a lower passenger deck, you will get lost. Unfortunately it is deck 15 or deck 7, both are a pain. They say it is anytime dining, don’t believe it. Either go 6.30/7.00 or 8.30/9.00, any other time you will end up waiting in the open deck bar with all the smokers.
  7. Tried P&O Britannia in the Caribbean not for us, too cramped, poor dining and similar to the Costas in the 80's. Whilst Celebrity is significantly better in most areas but has its shortcomings. We probably sailed our last Celebrity cruise last December due to their ridiculous price rises, similar cruise to what we experienced last year is currently 65% more this year. We recently tried MSC in their Yacht Club and were blown away by the experience. Both P&O and Celebrity need to up their game as the competition is way ahead.
  8. We also have a larger square cabin (15031) booked on the Preziosa next year for DW and I. Before I placed the reservation I talked to MSC Booking Management and had an assurance in writing that the cabin will not be changed other than for exceptional circumstances and definitely not to make way for different cruise passengers. Read previous posts months ago, so thought it important to get it in writing, time will tell if MSC honour their word.
  9. Tui would not be my choice, suggest you wait until after your Celebrity cruise before booking another Marella cruise.
  10. Preziosa booked in Uk as was cheaper here whilst we booked Seaside in US as it was cheaper also has refundable deposit. Rather strange MSC pricing, need to be alert and look at options.
  11. I just looked at what we paid last year on Silhouette B2B in December 2018 in a 1A balcony cabin - £4176 with free Drinks Pkg. This year the identical B2B cruise, same itinerary, same cabin grade costs £7097 with Free drinks and $400 obc The price increase is 69%. We have already jumped ship to MSC Yacht Club, WOW what a difference having just completed our first Yacht Club cruise on Preziosa. Already booked two more Yacht club cruises for 2020 and 2021, one on Preziosa the other on Seaside. We are so glad that Celebrity hiked their prices otherwise we would probably never have tried the Yacht Club. Celebrity could never match the quality of the experience at anything near to the prices of MSC which have already increased by 20% over last year. Thank you Celebrity, we won't be returning anytime soon if ever.
  12. Smoking was permitted in part of the Safari Lounge, Yacht Club Top Sail Lounge and in the Casino (players only). Subsequently smoking has been banned in the Top Sail Lounge when sailing in Caribbean unsure of their policy when in the med. Don’t worry there will be plenty of places to smoke, the ship stinks of cancer.
  13. Obviously, the middle and lower the deck will offer least movement. It is totally dependent on the weather so cross your fingers. Always better at the sharp end, less soot fallout.
  14. Seaside will probably dock as shown below (nothing is ever certain ) - San Juan - Pan American Dock St. Thomas - Havensight St. Maarten & Nassau - Main Cruise Terminal
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