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  1. mickey89


    Just had great news. Had £7500 refunded today by Visa Section 75 Dispute Team. MSC still haven't paid up, now Nationwide is their creditor not me. GOODBYE MSC..........never too be trusted. NB - emmas gran........the reason I periodically view posts is to advise People that MSC are totally untrustworthy and DO NOT honour their contracts. I feel very sorry for their hard working staff who equally must be ashamed at the way they have been told to act towards loyal customers. I will never again give them the opportunity to shaft me.......lesson learnt, I hope others act the same.
  2. mickey89


    They must count themselves lucky, at least they only paid a deposit. They will be very fortunate to ever see that again - MSC are totally untrustworthy
  3. Good news from VISA Dispute Team today, MSC will refund my deposit within 7 days. Pressure works........ (It took almost 3 months for VISA to view my case due to the massive pandemic backlog) Just remembered I was unable to use my AMEX as very few companies except them due to their high charges. Learnt a lesson, never ever trust MSC.
  4. You have my sympathy..........don’t forget your mask
  5. I filed a dispute with VISA back in July......still waiting their decision. Wish I used my AMEX now
  6. WOW. That must be a first, you are the ONLY person that have reported having received a refund. There are many thousands still waiting in vain. We been told 120 days to receive refund. I support the OP. - Say NO to MSC .............they are totally untrustworthy
  7. No matter who twists and turns the result will be the same, cruising is DEAD as we knew, the future as suggested by RCL/NCL leaves me shuddering with disbelief. I have no desire to holiday on a prison ship, without an effective vaccine that what it will become. Let’s hope that medical science comes up with a breakthrough as so many lives and future depend on their success.
  8. Be very cautious booking a MSC cruise out of Barbados. We booked MSC Splendida in their YC for March 2021 only to discover that MSC had decided to change the ship to MSC Poesia which is a smaller ship and has no YC. They refused to refund our deposit saying that the ship has the same itinerary and you will given a suite. MSC never even told us of the change we found out via social media, MSC just don’t care for their passengers and treat them with little respect. We had experienced the same 14night Barbados cruise aboard MSC Preziosa in 2019 and 2020. We would never consider anything other than the YC on this itinerary as there as so many Caribbean residents that board in Guadeloupe and Martinique that it becomes an overcrowded party boat. The yacht club is essential if you choose MSC. Better by far is stay clear and look to Celebrity for a quality experience. With the pandemic still with us for the foreseeable future maybe cruising should stay on the back burner until the experience offered is made very clear.
  9. We’ve enjoyed over 30 years of cruising, all good things come to an end. Cruising with masks/social distancing is not a holiday I wish to endure so we’ll call it a day unless an effective vaccine is proven.
  10. Thankfully the CDC is more sensible than cruise CEO’s, cruising is DEAD without an effective Vaccine.
  11. Don’t trust MSC, they ride roughshod over their customers. You will be lucky to get your money back when they cancel your cruise and your credit card protection will be of little use. Section 75 does not apply if you paid MSC via a travel agency as that is regarded as third party involvement. We had a similar situation MSC changed our ship from Splendida to Poesia and said no refund were being offered and we booked Yacht Club and Poesia has no YC, still no refund. We issued legal action against MSC.co.uk last week and if they ignore the courts the Sheriff will follow. Best advice to everyone is too AVOID MSC as they are the totally untrustworthy and a disgrace to the cruise industry.
  12. We paid deposit for YC on the Splendida for next March. MSC changed our booking to the Poesia which has no YC. Asked for a refund as per T&C, outright refusal saying it’s not company policy to give refund. Cutting a long story, too boring, finally accepted I’m hitting a brick wall. I have issued a Section 75 Dispute with Visa about 2 weeks ago. Still waiting their decision, have doubts as a paid through a Travel Agent which may invalidate my claim. If unsuccessful, I will be issuing a Court Claim against MSC Cruises.co.uk We will never cruise with this shower again, MSC are not TRUSTWORTHY.
  13. If you ring Customer Services don’t expect the truth. MSC are the most untrustworthy cruiseline, they will offer you the world once they have your money they renegade on all promises. You have been warned, look at other cruises lines if you value your sanity.
  14. Probably will be ejected since I paid thru a travel agent. Third party involvement usually invalidates Section 75 claim. Will cross fingers, last option will be Court Claim. Hate MSC getting away with treating people like garbage.
  15. Has anyone had success in getting a Refund by issuing a Dispute under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 I have just began the dispute process which I believe could take 6/8 weeks to get a decision.
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