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  1. We had to go to the naughty room on the first night of our 2011 Allure cruise. Before dinner we knew one bag was missing, but since we were cruising with friends, we just went ahead to dinner. After dinner, our cabin steward told us that security was looking for us; she was quite upset, as I recall. Messages had been left on the phone, etc. So...we went down to the Naughty Room to open the bag -- it was an unopened bottle of mouthwash (still sealed). We did have to take the bag up to our cabin ourselves (wheels, but only two!).
  2. So glad to be following along! We've cruised the last two years on December 1; this is weird to be home. Glad I have your thread to tide me over. Looking forward to more!
  3. Thank you for this. Thought for sure we'd have Dennis again! We liked him back in 2009; 2019 -- a little tired. We've never Marc as a CD; thoughts?
  4. Thank you both for sharing your cruise with us! It was a fun two weeks -- wish I'd been there in person! Safe travels home!
  5. Thank you, John and LaLa, for sharing your cruise with us! It was a wonderful two weeks -- which we'd been there in person, too! Safe travels home.
  6. We already told our three adult kids to save up, we're all going on a cruise to celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2022; however, Dad is not paying. Maybe they'll want to split one of these and treat us!
  7. Cheryl, This sounds like something I would do! Glad that you're able to take the cruise anyway -- we wouldn't be able to, and have to wait until May for our next one -- right after Pat retires (finally)! We've been to Bonaire; just walked around the port. But we liked it and would like to go back to take an island tour. Hope all is well with you and Don -- happy to see that you're keeping busy!!
  8. We did this before our very second cruise that happened to sail from PoC. We stayed at a Disney resort and arranged for the Royal Caribbean shuttle from MCO to PoC. I remember we just got ourselves back to the airport (it was 2006, so don't remember how we did it) and waited for the shuttle. If we'd had a rental car for Disney (maybe; it was before Magical Express), we would have returned it at the airport and then just made our way to the shuttle waiting area.
  9. Finally caught up! We were on Anthem in late April, early May, and got one of those birthday cakes, too. Guess they're really celebrating all year! Looking forward to the rest, and Happy Birthday!
  10. Just finished in preparation for our Harmony cruise...next MAY! Still too far away, but at least we're under 200 days! Loved your narrative and photos. We just upgraded our 8+ to 11 Pros. Still learning but we are impressed with the battery life. Thank you for your list of drinks, too. This is our first time with the beverage package. I'm familiar with most on your list, but what is the Master Card? I love the Beverly Hills Iced Tea on Princess. No one else seems able to make it right. It's just the clear liquors (same as LIT) with sparkling wine. Definitely going to try the Pirate Tea (no Tokyo Tea for me--don't care for Midori)! Happy Anniversary!
  11. John and LaLa, Finally caught up! Enjoy cruising with you two (and seeing pictures of the adorable Belle--we have two of her Scottish clansmen). Noticed that about Harmony. We like to eat by 6:30, too. I'm still reserving for 6:30 and hoping if we go down earlier, we can eat earlier. We're in a JS -- can we eat dinner in CK? We were able to try it one night on Quantum in 2014, but I have no recollection of that meal; would like to try it again. I'm looking forward to next week, too!
  12. Bill and Marie, Happy to have found you and I'm following along! Hope Marie has shaken her cold; at least you have a few more sea days for her to recuperate. It's been 30+ years since our one and only visit to Hawaii. Definitely time to go back! I believe that is Dumbledore's hat in the Rowling exhibit. It was the Music Experience when we visited in 2006 (before our Alaska cruise), and we saw that Jimi Hendrix exhibit! Everyone keeps exhibits/shows for such a long time ($$$$). Speaking of shows, what are the shows on Ovation? Anything good?
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