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  1. Never drooled in my sleep till turned 80 years old.
  2. My PCC said he doesn't get credit when I book on line and seemed upset that I did.
  3. Tried and was told no. On the Sky early April. Our 2nd cruise to Cuba.
  4. Grandfathered in, means sailing to Cuba next year and half. Don't think so.
  5. From what I'm hearing, you won't have to worry about anything.
  6. Don't know first hand but have read on CC that if u don't disembark on an MSC cruise, MSC will refund
  7. Will NCL refund the unused visa's? Have 2 unused from a April cruise, still trying to get a refund from NCL. No luck. Stormy
  8. 22 cruises on the Sky and don't remember any sewer odors.
  9. Post was suppose to be deleted. Did say thought it was amusing but really didn't offer much. Apologize to the OP.
  10. Your posts are kind of amusing but worthless.
  11. On the Sky twice since rehab. OV and balcony, didn't notice any changes to the rooms.
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