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  1. Post was suppose to be deleted. Did say thought it was amusing but really didn't offer much. Apologize to the OP.
  2. Your posts are kind of amusing but worthless.
  3. On the Sky twice since rehab. OV and balcony, didn't notice any changes to the rooms.
  4. On the Sky last week. Towel animals 3 nites out of 4.
  5. White Hot last week Cuba on the Sky.
  6. Then Cuban customs should have come on the ship and taken my visa. Not sure u are correct about this.
  7. Thanks, will try that. Never would have otherwise.
  8. Going to Cuba on the Sky next week. We were there for 2 days in 2017. Don't plan on getting off ship but still had to pay for visa. Doesn't seem right, when some attorney going to test this. Was there several years ago on my private boat and never paid for a visa.
  9. On a typical day Topsiders Pool Bar 8am, Java Caffe 6am, Great Outdoors & O'Sheehans 10am, Spinnaker, Magnums 2pm,Tankards 3pm, Bliss 4pm,Casino 5pm, Sake 5pm, Sugarcane 5pm, forgot the Pitstop 12pm. Maybe more drank so much can't remember. Stormy
  10. Will be back on the Sky with GSC 4/11/19. Will get more info then. Stormy
  11. Be on the Cuba Sky 4/8/19 will save the dailies. Recall a Sky trip bout a year ago. Ship very quiet nite in Cuba. Stormy
  12. Recall usually between 7 and 8 in the Bliss. Can't really trust my memory.
  13. Well the villas are A/C. What's the point of sitting in an air conditioned room on the island. Wish we had taken them up on the free offer so could report more. Stormy
  14. The villa's are not free for any class. We were in a BA balcony and offered a free one account of a soft rollout for them. We sail the Sky 6 or 7 times a year. Probably reason for the perk.
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