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  1. Well, normal as in I canceled the cruises online as I normally would cancel any cruise before the pandemic.
  2. I had 2 cruises booked both with refundable deposits and I canceled them 3 weeks ago, well before final payment dates, but haven't seen any refunds. Not surprised that there is a delay given the current events but does anyone know how long it currently takes to receive a normal cancelation refund?
  3. I guess is, no, no double dipping. There should be some real reports soon. Let's see.
  4. Yes. All 4 CNs are now back. My in-laws canceled their September Sun Alaska cruise on March 9th or 10th. Ours (same sailing) was canceled by NCL last week. MIL used 4 CNs to book our cruises, doubled up, 2 for themselves, 2 for hubby and I.
  5. No it was a different one but I forgot the exact name. Right now there is a "Cruising into Savings" rate that is refundable and comparable to the one I booked. Carnival used to regularly have a past guest rate that is known to be refundable but i haven't seen that for a while . They now change the name of the refundable rates from time to time. I suspect Carnival is subtly trying to make it not as obvious which rate is refundable. You really have to read the fine print each time to make sure.
  6. Mardi Gras Thanksgiving sailing. Because I had Amex Offers I put down $2200 on it, refundable. There are signs that Mardi Gras may not be ready even without this Covid-19, so I want to prepared and am searching for an alternative cruise in 2021 to my $2200 to. I always always book with refundable rates, no matter which cruise line. This time around my strategy saved me so much grief.
  7. Would you still get the $600 OBC per cabin if your entire cruise is paid by gift cards?
  8. Canceled my Sun Alaska cruise. Thankfully it is still before final payment date and I only put down $100 deposit. Now the wait. My in-laws canceled their cruise on March 9th, got the refund within 2 weeks. They must have got the last batch of regular timed refunds.
  9. That was my experience as well. True to form of a CC'er with a CC, 99% of all my CC refunds are cruise related.
  10. molole

    Alaska TourSaver Book

    Same boat. Don't think we will be able to use it. I am hoping they might allow us to exchange to 2021 or 2022. But judging by their website they are still trying to sell 2020, I have my doubts they will grant it, at least now.
  11. Can someone help me with the implication? My canceled cruise is much less than the next cruise (in 2021) I already booked months ago. My full 125% FCC will be around $1000. My next cruise is well over $2500. Same 2 people. I guess I have nothing to worry about no matter how they slice it, right?
  12. What if it all goes poof? 😱
  13. Darn it, I booked one of the new JS's on Explorer. Oh well. But if that keeps Royal going bankrupt then be it.
  14. You don't want to do that. If you do that, you will lose $100. Either cancel right before the final payment date or pay up and let NCL decide what they will give you if things get worse.
  15. Hate to sound pessimistic but I seriously doubt this thing will be over within 30 days.
  16. What if it's a short cruise less than $1000? Nothing?
  17. My in-laws booked a September cruise directly with NCL and paid the $100 deposit plus $500. They decided to cancel a couple of days ago and got all their money refunded back to their credit card. PS, they called again today for something else. Both times the hold time was very short, only 1 minute or so. Kudos to NCL for keeping up their customer service. It can't be easy right now.
  18. Wow! Damn. Hard to believe just a week ago I'd never have guessed Chp 11 would become a real possibility now. Some say 50/50 at this point? Damn. Still hope they can pull through.
  19. Damn, if that's the case FCC will be worth half a corona.
  20. Seems like you either get them by truck load or you don't get them at all. I belong to the former. I use them to line the bottoms of the trash cans in the house.
  21. Just to give everyone an update, just in case anyone is wondering: My in-laws who booked the same September cruise decided to cancel and they just called NCL and it was canceled without any hassle, after only 1 minute hold time. Refund goes back to their credit card, no FCC involved. So NCL is doing the right thing and not restricting cancellations before final payment dates. My husband and I will hold on to our cruise a little longer. We still want to go if possible.
  22. You might be frowned upon but I wouldn't let that stop you if I were you. Go on your cruise and wear your mask.
  23. We don't know for sure yet but there is a possibility that if I cancel after March 10 and before my final payment date, my refund will be in the form of FCC instead of real refund to my credit card. I don't think that's right at all. After final payment date, FCC is fair enough.
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