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  1. Well the OP could buy the drink package and his wife the refreshment package. Then if she wanted a drink at the pool the husband could put it on his drink package. That way the wife wouldn't have to order and the cruise line wouldn't know she is drinking. Yeah, it's cheating the system but not a sin. Or just bring your allotment of wine on board. Or smuggle some booze on board and use her refreshment package for mixers. Easy, peasy...cheating but still not a sin.
  2. An easy place to dive in GC is Eden Rock. It's about 3 blocks from the port so easy walking distance. It's a shore dive and they have rental equipment. You can even snorkel there.
  3. I think it's a great idea for those of us who don't want to drink every day or feel obligated to drink their monies worth on the regular drink package. 5 drinks a day is about all both my wife and I would drink between us anyway.
  4. Well that's interesting since you're basically paying $6/ea for $9 drinks on the "classic" package and $11.80/ea for the $15 drinks. I am assuming they also add on a gratuity to that as well.
  5. We've never gotten pins sent or delivered to us. We've gotten them from the loyalty ambassador on whatever ship we go on next. We don't wear them but I add them to the pins I've collected over the years from various organization/groups.
  6. I checked on diving in Nassau for my cruise in Dec. Because of the ships morning arrival times the only diving available was through the ship. For you ship's arrival time at noon could be a good thing. Stuart's Cove has a two tank afternoon dive that starts at 1 pm. SC is HAL's contract dive shop so I don't know if you could book them separately. Here's a link. Contact them and find out. https://stuartcove.com/scuba-diving/dive-trips/#pm
  7. I am assuming that the dive operator/ship with have the appropriate size and thickness of wet suits suitable for the environment. If the OP needs more answers they might want to ask this question in the scuba/snorkeling forum.
  8. In that the times didn't match up with a private dive I decided not to go diving. Then the ship's dive excursion went down in price by $30 making it more palatable so I booked it. Don't know why diving in Nassau is still $30-40 more expensive that other Caribbean islands.
  9. The cruise you get, good or bad, depends on the time of year (season) you go and the itinerary. Those two factors determine how crowded your cruise will be. If you sail during the peak seasons and a popular itinerary it's going to be crowded no matter what ship you're on. Off season? Not so much.
  10. The whole thing took just over an hour but we were the first ones there in the morning. I thought the other ziplines were fun. Could probably skip the schooner.
  11. My wife used to remove her mask and snorkel often to clear it as you describe. With a full face mask she will often go for an hour or so and never take her face out of the water. (except perhaps to see where she is going, but no need to take the mask off). I first took her snorkeling on our honeymoon 40 years ago and have been many times since. It wasn't until buying her a full face mask that she actually enjoyed snorkeling. A good full face mask doesn't fog up and is more comfortable to wear. Not to mention no getting a mouth full of salt water while trying to grip the snorkel with your teeth.
  12. Ditto, I like single malts but JWB is a good go to, everyday blend. I also like J&B as a back up. Not a fan of Dewers or Chivas Regal. I too am open to other blends however.
  13. Well, you could always bring your own premium brand. Just sayin' 😉
  14. Just an FYI, I did my referrral/checkout dives while on a cruise in Curcao and Aruba. I went with www.scubacao.com in Curacao and Happy Divers in Aruba. In Curacao we also did a discovery dive with my three kids at the same time I did my checkout dives. We went to the Pier which was a shore dive. The instructor basically taught my kids the scuba class and went over all the skills with me on my two dives. He was very thorough. Jeffery at Happy Divers also does referral dives and will pick up at the ship's dock. There were two other students on board as well as a couple other divers. Be aware that instructors on referral dives may go back and check out skills that have already been checked off just to make sure the student is up to speed. They do this because they didn't initially teach those skills and are just trying to cover what might have been missed or forgotten.
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