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  1. So if you cancel before final payment (balcony room), you will also get your deposit refunded? I thought the deposit would be forfeited. My final payment is in May for a September Canada/New England trip out of New York.
  2. I vote for @2 with Aruba and Curacao. I have done both FYI
  3. Thanks everyone. The Celebrity site only mentions skirts and slacks (including dress jeans).
  4. I will be on the Summit in a few weeks. Are Capris pants ok for MDR in the evenings for ladies? Thanks in advance
  5. Just a thought - maybe it would be helpful to start a thread with POST Revolution info so that new comers do not have to filter through 20+ pages of "old" information. Make it current.....
  6. I am going on the Summit out of San Juan in Nov. I say that Summit is a much better value. I am a big Celebrity and Carnival fan. Therefore, I look at itenterary first and then value.
  7. I say step outside your comfort zone and experience Celebrity. We have been on 33 cruises. Platinum with Carnival and RC. We cruised Celebrity about 4 years ago and loved it. We started cruising in our mid 20's and are now in our mid+50's. We are going on our 3rd Celebrity cruise this year and looking very forward to it. Try it - you might like it!
  8. If you upgrade from classic to premium, do both in a room have to upgrade or can only one?
  9. Just got back a couple of days ago from 11 day Panama Canal on Jade. The bus did have a bathroom (only urine/no poop). Our ship was delayed getting into the canal so everything got a bit backed up. We were on the bus going to the ferry about 45 mins to an hour. Bathroom facilities on the ferry are fine. 2 women and 2 men. They are located on bottom deck only. There are a total of 3 decks. Unfortunately, due to our late arrival, our transit got delayed since we had to go through the locks with another ship since we missed our scheduled partner ship. Therefore, our 4 hour ferry portion tuned into 7 hours with a good amount of waiting time for the large ship to catch up with us. The total time of the whole excursion should have been 7 hours but was actually 10 hours! It was a very long day and we got back on the ship around 7:30pm or so. We were pretty exhausted but never regretted booking the excursion. After all, I took the cruise for the Panama Canal and I got plenty of time on it!!! I would like to think that the delay we experienced is not normal. Have a great time and don't worry about the "potty" issue.
  10. Thanks for the kid and noisy tip. We are very pro "calm" dining!
  11. Thanks fshagan. Good to know that the wait should be minimal. Many people have the dining packages (we do not) which should make it even quicker. I was mainly curious if the menu was the same.
  12. Hi Everyone, What is the difference between the Alizar and Grand Pacific Dining Rooms? Do they serve the same menu at each? Not sure which to make reservation at. Thanks in advance!
  13. Any idea as to when travel agencies/travel companies release held cabins prior to sailing? 30 -60-90 days out from sailing? I am hoping some cabins will be released and we can have some possible upgrade options soon. Thanks for any input.
  14. Is the Thermal Suite in the Spa open to the general public?
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