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  1. Until recently, Royal and Celebrity would refund via a cheque in USD. They have a system set up now where they can issue refunds electronically. As mentioned though, they can still take their time. It's nothing to do with commission. They send back the nett amount to the agent. Carnival Corp still issue refunds via cheque. It's ridiculous! But hey, why let anything get in the way of agent sledging? This place is the worst for it. No wonder I stopped coming here.
  2. Royal are a lot better than they used to be for refunds, but they still take their sweet time (I'm an agent). Royal normally take around two months or so and I've been waiting since the beginning of April for P&O to refund money to me for a client. :(
  3. Which cruise lines do you mean Porky55? P&O will honour price drops. It's just they won't include the perks that the original fare included (in sweetp12's case) as they are no longer available. It's exactly the same for Princess, Carnival Aus, and all the other Carnival brands in Australia (they all use the same reservation system and repricing the fares for all of these are done in exactly the same way). Royal and Celebrity don't honour price drops in Australia, only in the U.S.
  4. It's being likened to Celebrity Cruises. There is gonna be a push for English speaking travellers, not just Asian travellers. There's been a hold up with brochure printing but they should be out soon.
  5. Unlikely many TA's would charge cancellation outside of the cruise line's cancellation charge (if any), especially when it's essentially changing from one booking to two.
  6. We had this is issue with our Mariner cruise. It took a few emails back and forth to C&A for them to get it sorted.
  7. I LOVE Margaret River! You could do wine tours (visit Berry Farm), visit the cheese factory, the chocolate factory, there's a couple of breweries. Go have lunch at Woody Nook (their tasting plate is to die for). [emoji4]
  8. They don't have either of those restaurants on the Jewel yet. There is a surcharge for Luna (which is the Asian fusion restaurant on Jewel), and it's well worth it. Currently both Dragon Lady and Angelo's are free of charge on Aria and Eden.
  9. I know! It's completely ridiculous! But as kobecat said, it all took place in the late 80's during the whole WA Inc saga.
  10. Honestly, I wouldn't recommend it. Even the cruise line recommends not booking any flights before midday. You'd want to be the first ones off the ship and hope there's no delays with arrival. You'll need to clear customs at the cruise terminal, get from the terminal to the airport in Sydney peak hour traffic (if it's a weekday of course), and then check-in, and clear immigration and security at the airport as well. Theoretically, it can be done, but you'll be cutting it fine. [emoji15]
  11. Crown/Burswood own the gambling rights in WA so the onboard casino won't operate. This is also why there are no pokies in pubs/clubs in WA.
  12. Why would they? Especially when P&O has had quite a few promotions that have included the premium drink package in the last 6 - 9 months or so.
  13. Those sound like the Christmas tree ornaments. Definitely after the larger models (about 10 - 12" long). [emoji4]
  14. Did they have the ship models onboard in the gift shop yet? Apparently they are coming, but I'm not sure when.
  15. Great pics! But what's happened to Oasis' C&A funnel logo...?
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