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  1. Question for anyone who might know. We told our TA we want refund rather than FCC. There are 4 of us gals sharing PH and we paid with 4 different credit cards (well actually 5 different cards because one of my friends used a different card for deposit and final payment). My TA is asking us if we’re sure we don’t want the FCC. She is telling us Celebrity does not split up refunds to different cards but rather will refund.one card only. So one of our cards will end up with a huge credit balance and that person would have to come up with the cash to reimburse the other 3 women. I cannot believe this is true. Has anyone experienced a refund scenario when several different cards were used for payment? Thanks.
  2. I changed my post to A LOT from ALL corporations.
  3. Profits over People is the mantra of A LOT corporations......not just Celebrity.
  4. The man in the Facebook posting was referring to the three ships that we due to port in San Juan on yesterday (March 15). He actually said the names of the 3 ships (Carnival, NCL, Royal -- no mention of a Celebrity ship). He did not mention the Celebrity Summit at all. Summit was due to port in San Juan on March 14. Now......one can assume that the reason why the Summit did not port in San Juan was because they did not want to wait until the National Guard arrived but this would be pure speculation and assumption on our parts. I'm not sure it's fair to say that Celebrity did not want to comply with this request and that it's Outrageous of them not to do so. We STILL don't have the facts......we only have what this man on the Facebook post said -- and he made no mention of Celebrity Summit.
  5. Additionally, in this day and age of "sue crazy people" I think we might be hard pressed to find a doctor who will write a note stating that someone with a chronic condition (diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, etc.) is healthy to travel. Imagine the liability if that person died onboard the cruise. The doctor could potentially be sued.
  6. ocngypz (Babette), So good to see you posting on the boards. I often wondered where you disappeared to! You always used to give such good advice and opinions. So glad to see you're "alive and well" and still involved in travel.
  7. In the past Celebrity would pay agency commissions after final payment was made and prior to the actual sail date. I believe commission payments were made bi-weekly. If a particular cruise was not taken and money was refunded, the agency would get a commission recall statement from Celebrity and the recall amount was deducted from the next payment the agency received from Celebrity. In the "old days" when you could get a a reduction in fare after final payment was made the commission recall statements were plentiful!! If the cancelled cruise was in 100% penalty phase (i.e. no money returned to customer) then the agency kept the commission money. Of course, all this may have changed in recent years.
  8. I'm somewhat amazed at the fact that "over 60" is considered "elderly". Lots and lots of folks in their 60's are still working every day and are in no way what I would consider elderly. I guess perception of elderly changes as one gets older!!
  9. This may be "ship dependent". We sailed Summit in October in RS. We got a huge bouquet delivered to us from, I believe, the Suite Manager. But I do not recall getting anything delivered from Captains Club (not even that one little flower) and we are Zenith level! We also got flowers from Suite Manager on SM in September (in Sky Suite).
  10. Thanks for your review. You did an excellent job. I'm a frequent Summit cruiser and I love the ship and am looking forward to my next sailing on her. It appears that your entire group had a great time.
  11. I don''t think you'll be bothered by any noise at all. I usually book 6134 or 6133 on Summit (identical layout as Millennium) and I have never heard any noise from elevator or stairways. Enjoy. You will love it.
  12. Totally agree, I ate in Luminae on Edge before they even allowed the "every day items". It was a struggle as the Luminae menu is, in my opinion, very limited. I believe it is very "seafood heavy" and if you can't eat seafood you're out of luck some nights. I remember one night all 4 appetizers were some sort of seafood dish. And now I'm reading above the Luminae guests on Millennium earlier this month were not allowed to order from Blu menu. As I said, my experience has been on SM only and I sure hope that doesn't change. I wonder if it's up to the individual Matire'd as to what is allowed and what isn't allowed on M class ships?
  13. I'm a frequent cruiser in suites on Summit. I have never once eaten dinner in Blu. The folks in Luminae are very accommodating and we can order off the Luminae, Blu and MDR menus. Also the Luminae Chef will prepare whatever dish you want (even if not on any menu) if you ask 24 hours in advance. One time my travel companion asked the Maitre'd if the chef could prepare baked stuffed shrimp for her. He googled it - and she had it the next night! So I personally see no need to sit in Blu for my evening meal.
  14. The Celebrity MoveUp webpage indicates the sailing date must be within 30 days of the date you enter your information.
  15. LOL. They will move my stuff from the SS to the RS too. It's just easier not having to move at all.
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