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  1. Sorry to hear that. I have to say that every time I've used Special Delivery at Bayonne my luggage is in my suite by 1:15 pm at the latest. A few times it was already in the suite when we entered the suite as soon as they made the announcement that the rooms were ready. I don't think what happened to you is the "norm" for the Special Delivery service at Cape Liberty. Also, one time last year we had friends who were traveling in the same limo as us to Bayonne. They were not in a RS or PH but rather in a sky suite. The shoreside concierge had their names added to the "list" which I thought was an extremely nice thing to do.
  2. Most of the times I sail with a couple of my girlfriends, but occasionally I will sail solo. Celebrity definitely makes solo travelers feel welcome. The crew and fellow passengers are very welcoming to solos. I think you'll be fine and have a wonderful time. What ship and itinerary are you sailing?
  3. If the concept of waitlist were to work correctly, the cabin you are looking for should never show up in available inventory. However, I think we all know that lots of things don't work correctly with Celebrity's computer systems!. We were once waitlisted for a RS and I, like Jim, saw one become available online and I also held it and called my TA immediately and she was able to get it. So....you are wise to be checking online inventory even though you are waitlisted.
  4. "Special Delivery" bag drop off (for PH and RS only) is located in dropoff Area #6 (right in front of the entrance door to the terminal). You will see a "Special Delivery" sign on the sidewalk. Once you enter the terminal, Suite passengers are directed to the left of the security line and you will proceed through Security. After Security the Suite/Zenith Check-in Area is to your left - all the way to the end of the terminal and right in front of the door to embark the ship. As soon as the ship is ready for boarding the Retreat (i.e. Michael's Club) Concierge will greet all the suite people and escort them en mass onto the ship. If you arrive a bit later after they have begun the embarkation process, my experience is that after check-in the RS and PH suite passengers will be personally escorted onboard the ship and into The Retreat Lounge (formerly Michael's Club). Lunch will be available in Luminae from approximately 11:30 am to 1:30 pm.
  5. Looking forward to following along. Have a great time and enjoy Alaska. Fingers crossed for good weather for your helicopter tour. Enjoy!
  6. Radio, Thanks so much for your review. Your pictures were great. I'm looking forward to my June 27th sailing.
  7. Prior to sailing on Edge I would have said that tips are pooled in Luminae. At least that was always our experience on SM when we dined in Luminae. However, we specifically asked on Edge if tips were pooled and we were told definitely not -- each person keeps his/her cash tips. And, I can believe it because we did not witness the "teamwork" that we usually experience in Luminae. I did not see any waitstaff "helping out" in tables that were not assigned to him. So I really think the concept of pooling cash tips in dining venues varies from ship to ship.
  8. Radio, Enjoying your review and photos very much. I sail on June 27th and am looking forward to being onboard Summit once again. Thanks for posting.
  9. I sail solo occasionally. One time (on a cruise to Bermuda) I had to book a double cabin and cancel my friend 3 days prior to sailing in order to get the best rate. Example: If I booked a double occupancy, the price was $1200 per person for a total cost of $2400. If I booked a single occupancy, the price would have been $2700. So I booked a double and 3 days prior to sailing my TA called Celebrity and cancelled my friend from the booking. I got reimbursed the cost of her port taxes and fees. This only happened to me once. All other times booking a single occupancy upfront was the exact same price as booking a double occupancy (except of course for the port fees). So......it does occasionally happen but I don't know why!
  10. Yes, you can drop your carry on bag in your cabin prior to the cabins being ready. But I believe you will get your seapass card when you check in on the pier. I'll know for sure on June 27th!!
  11. The current cruise director is Dan France. He replaced Patrick very recently.
  12. Thanks for all the pictures and info. It looks to me as if there is plenty of closet, drawer, and cabinet space in the PH. I don't think anyone should be concerned about this issue anymore! Again, thanks.
  13. Thanks for posting. When you have a moment can you please post the names of both the Retreat Concierge and the Retreat (Suite) Manager? (I'm presuming they re-named Michael's Club to The Retreat!). Enjoy your cruise and get the ship safely to Bayonne!!
  14. On most of my recent sailings my experience has been the complete opposite of what you post. There is a private bridge tour and a lunch with the Captain and Sr. Officers for the guests staying in the PH and RS. There may or may not be an additional luncheon for Zenith members (depends on how many Zeniths are sailing). Or sometimes if there are only 2 or 3 Zeniths on a sailing they are invited to the luncheon for the upper suite guests. The invitation actually referred to it as a VIP Luncheon. So I think this luncheon with the Captain varies from ship to ship.
  15. Denise was a concierge the week we were on. The only reason I know that is I read her name tag when she opened the door for us on disembarkation morning and directed us to the elevator. Priscilla then escorted us down the elevator to the point where you exit the ship. My feeling is (and this is only my feeling) that the 3 concierges were "on top of their games" during the preview cruises and the cruises that had press and travel agents on them in order for folks to come back with glowing reviews. But the ball was definitely dropped by January!
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