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  1. If you have Cheers, you can order specialty coffees in the dining room and they are included in the package.
  2. Here's the Chef's Table menu from our December 2019 sailing on the Vista
  3. I hope you have a wonderful sail away day! If it's your first Carnival, be sure to go to the sail away party on the pool deck. Lot's of fun and dancing!
  4. Been a little over a year, but....here's our debark letter for our suite on the Freedom in 2018. Debark.pdf
  5. Suites actually do get debarkation perks. You'll get a letter in your stateroom, and you are directed to the (in our case) mid ship dining room to debark following Diamonds and Platinums. Just speaking from personal experience.
  6. You will love (hopefully!) the cabin and location. Don't know if you've sailed on her before, but if you're a coffee drinker just a head's up that there are actually two specialty coffee bars. The main "Shake Shack" location that usually has a line and the Ocean Plaza bar, right around the corner from your cabin. No one seems to notice that it's there. The only day it was not open was debarkation day. Enjoy your cruise!
  7. Absolutely agree! Though the Havana Cabanas on the Vista had surprisingly little noise, even though they were right next to Ocean Plaza. Ours was the second cabin (5203) from the elevators/ocean plaza, and there are doors to the Havana Cabana hallway that they close in the evening. I was shocked at having no noise in that area at night.
  8. Carnival Magic cabin 6432 balcony near aft elevators, last September. I booked it for location, as it was easy access to deck 5 Ocean Plaza coffee bar, Red Frog pub, Alchemy bar, casino and outdoor smoking area. Went straight to cabin with FTTF, and upon entering was overwhelmed with the smell of diesel and cigarettes. The sofa, table and comforter were covered in soot coming from the vent above the table. On the carpet next to the table was a large gray patch of rubbed in ashes (looked like an ashtray had been dumped there) yet the cabin was set up for occupancy. I went to guest services and explained the cabin condition. They sent a guest services rep with me back to the cabin. After apologizing profusely, they asked if we would allow them to clean the cabin thoroughly (no other cabins available, because it turned out to be a Premier casino sailing). They successfully cleared the cabin of the cigarette smell, but the soot continued to blow from the vent throughout our 8 day Bermuda cruise. I was glad I had my tub of Lysol wipes. I highly doubt I am the first passenger assigned to 6432 to have complained about the soot. There is definitely a problem with the vents in that area of the ship. You could smell a diesel smell in the hallway, too. One other possibly related cause could be that our cabin was directly above the Steakhouse kitchen, and those vents were somehow connected to engine vents? Carnival did what they could to temporarily remedy the problem (thank you for the gigantic cheese plate and OBC!) I did address the cabin vent issue on my post cruise email survey. Hopefully they can address the issue during the upcoming dry dock. For now I'd stay as far away from 6432 as possible!
  9. Bonsai Sushi on the sister ship Vista was fantastic in December. Great food, fantastic service and lots of fun for a very reasonable price. The miso soup (an impressive surprise) tempura shrimp and the spicy tuna roll....yum. Between lunch and dinner.....we ate there three times!
  10. My apologies, PC Cruisin. I did not mean to be so negative on your review. I just got frustrated because I watched over 7 minutes and everything seemed to be bad about the ship. I stopped watching after that, but should have watched the full review. I thank you for your honesty. I wish you the best on your YouTube channel, and many happy cruises to come.
  11. I received this offer last month. I went from deck 7 to deck 11 on the Dream. I accepted the offer, but did have to pay the $22 at the time I accepted the offer. I think it was a good deal. My deck 7 balcony was right in the hallway at the aft elevators. Fingers crossed!
  12. I think SAS would not be in agreement. I'm sure you could learn some YouTube pointers from them. Go Sharon and Jamie!
  13. Jen, thanks so much for your wonderful review and great sense of humor! I don't know if you've ever sailed out of Galveston, but we just sailed on the Carnival Vista a few weeks ago and it was a blast. Big ship, but we always seemed to find the same bunch of people. Great conversations, and hugs goodbye on the last evening of the cruise. We had a Havana Cabana. The Havana area was great, but I would definitely go Havana balcony instead of cabana next time (finances permitting). You can smoke in the casino before the ship leaves Galveston, just no smoking in the outdoor smoking areas due to fueling. Same deal when you get back to Galveston on debarkation morning. Also, on the Vista there were actually two specialty coffee bars. Most people did not know this. The main one was the "Shake Spot". But about 30 feet away, right near the entrance to the Havana cabins was the Plaza bar. No line at all. The gal there was so very nice, and made great cappuccinos for us each morning. Thanks so much again for the great review! Happy cruising!
  14. I think maybe there is nothing comparable to Stingray Sandbar in Grand Cayman. You can tell people about it, but you cannot really explain the experience.
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