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  1. That's good information. Thank you for the head's up!
  2. Show me how that works or worked for you in real time? Please show us all how you do not have to make a new deposit if you rebook? Fairy Tale.
  3. Do you have an example of this or whom to contact? We would all be so happy to have this option available through Carnival.
  4. Your 2 hours took me 5 minutes. And I already explained it to you. Good luck on your future bookings!
  5. Hello. Tried to state this earlier.....Your phone time on hold....
  6. Can you show me how this works? Or how this worked for you?
  7. I had a couple of future cruises on auto pay. Cancelled that today. Refund to my original form of payment for my 4/20 cruise, then we'll see how everything plays out. Other than the cruise credit, I am still awaiting the balance of my fully paid-for cruise, the Cheers Package, two wifi packages and a few other items for our stateroom to be credited. Waiting game.
  8. I cancelled our 4/11/20 cruise online at Carnival's website on 3/10 after receiving the email letter. Our penalty amount was $963.00. I then re-booked a new cruise for 2/27/21. You DO have to place a new deposit on the new booking before you can apply for the future cruise credit to be applied to the new booking. With the new booking number I filled out the reimbursement form and submitted it. (BTW, the form would not submit on my computer, but worked using my phone on the CCL website) You will get an auto reply that they received your request, and that once they apply your discount you will receive a confirmation email. I received the confirmation email on 3/14. $963.00 had been applied to my new booking. The fine print on the bottom of the original letter you received gives the instructions on how to complete this process. You do not have to call them.
  9. We just had to cancel our 20th anniversary trip on the Freedom Eastern Caribbean for April 11, and rescheduled for the Vista Western Caribbean for February 2021. If it's all about the ports, keep searching for what looks best for you. If the ship is important....We'd take the Vista. But that's just us. We love the layout, multiple dining options and things to do onboard. I hope you find the right itinerary, ship and a great deal! P.S. We love the sea days!
  10. First Pina Colada on Carnival Vista after boarding (my straw) 12/7/19. Cleaned the stateroom with Lysol wipes awhile later (accidentally left them in the check in luggage!) With FTTF we shared the casino bar with a wedding party. Pretty cool.
  11. I cancelled and re-booked on 3/10 online. I submitted the form per the email letter I had received that same day. My new cruise was credited with the cancellation penalty last night (3/14). I had cancelled several pre-booked items prior to cancelling the cruise on 3/8 & 3/9. Those credits to my original form of payment are slowly trickling in. Still no credit for our Cheers, WiFi, cruise balance, prepaid gratuities and taxes/fees. I think it's just a slow process given the circumstances. I'm trying to learn to become patient in my old age 🙂
  12. Look for reviews from Saint Greg. He's got some great ones. He also just returned from a cruise on the Carnival Panorama.
  13. Thanks so much for bringing us along, Greg! That was quite an adventure, and am looking forward to your next one. Welcome home!
  14. Whoa. That's an expensive Uber. Thanks so much again for taking us with you on your adventure, Greg. I will have to catch up again, tomorrow. Daylight savings time sucks. Enjoy the rest of your evening! Safe travels!
  15. The cruise lines are stepping up big time to keep their ships clean and disinfected. No more self service on the Carnival buffets (yay!) either. I'll feel safer on our Carnival Freedom cruise next month than I would ever feel walking around in downtown San Francisco. Streets covered with feces, hypodermic needles, rats and tent cities. Bubonic plague waiting to happen.
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