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  1. If it’s too dodgy to go there it’ll go somewhere else they’ll have a lot more intel than the Daily Mail and all it’s experts. It’s probably more dangerous walking around London at the moment with all the knife crime.
  2. We’ll be on her not worried in the slightest
  3. The EU261 compensation threshold is based on arrival times not departure times
  4. She managed to crawl into Lisbon at 19 knots leaving later this evening back into Southampton on time
  5. But why do they need extra ferries are they expecting more imports into the country why else would they need them if all the doom merchants are listened to no ones ever dealing with Britain again! We’re just sat on a Little Rock here watching it all happen and shaking our heads in disbelief at all the little lost sheep following the flock! Wake up people look at the likes of Norway and Switzerland how do they cope
  6. Can’t the remoaners even leave these forums alone accept it you’re going out it’s called democracy if we had a vote that’s the way we’d have gone #projectfear
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