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  1. Message them on FB always gets a quicker response
  2. And it’s after 3 hours not 4
  3. Always have a squirt or two on your skin not your clothes it’s a bit hit and miss whether it’s effective or not but best applied I’ve still got a scab from Madeira 8 weeks ago only an itch but better avoided PS your skin won’t dissolve 🤔
  4. That’s the time they programme into the ais on the ship as the time they would ideally want to arrive at a set point
  5. We were 3 sea days to Lanzarote on Oceana. It’s about 1500-1600 miles so @16 knots will be 100 hours which will be around 1800 on the 16th
  6. At a loyalty lunch last week a senior officer was adamant that they have no plans to sell any of the ships when the new ones arrive much to our surprise and then in the next breath said of course they’re all for sale if an offer comes along🤷‍♂️
  7. We’re on that one and the one before but not expecting a booklet for either due to the lack of time
  8. No proof dai just guessing have you any proof or is it a special privilege of suite pax that they get insider info on advance bookings something that us mere mortals in insides don’t get told
  9. I think they’ll be struggling to fill Iona 1 so the less options available to cruisers the better for them maybe
  10. A little bird told us a while ago Azura to the Med and bye bye Oceana watch out for the emergency dry docking for urgent repairs aka a survey just saying ..............
  11. If it’s too dodgy to go there it’ll go somewhere else they’ll have a lot more intel than the Daily Mail and all it’s experts. It’s probably more dangerous walking around London at the moment with all the knife crime.
  12. We’ll be on her not worried in the slightest
  13. The EU261 compensation threshold is based on arrival times not departure times
  14. She managed to crawl into Lisbon at 19 knots leaving later this evening back into Southampton on time
  15. But why do they need extra ferries are they expecting more imports into the country why else would they need them if all the doom merchants are listened to no ones ever dealing with Britain again! We’re just sat on a Little Rock here watching it all happen and shaking our heads in disbelief at all the little lost sheep following the flock! Wake up people look at the likes of Norway and Switzerland how do they cope
  16. Can’t the remoaners even leave these forums alone accept it you’re going out it’s called democracy if we had a vote that’s the way we’d have gone #projectfear
  17. The fridges were there long before the mini bars appeared, we get the steward to empty it every time and each one has the same story to tell no one uses them and takes up so much time moving it all around and checking best before dates all the time. It’s not like they’ve not got enough to do already. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  18. With P&O apparently bowing to customer pressure and several posters on other threads claiming responsibility for getting them to ditch the gratuities can our heroes now turn their attention to getting rid of the mini bars [emoji848][emoji6] Sent from my iPad using Forums
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