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  1. The pier the water taxi's stop at is slightly closer than the people mover but not much, it might save you some of the walk, but all it depends which berth your ship is in, the Vaporetto also stops at the same place. I've been from berth's further away and sometimes there's been a bus and sometimes not, like others say it's pot luck! The shuttle buses from Pizzale Roma seemed to cease once the people mover opened.
  2. Hi he was on the Britannia transatlantic in March and was very good, we also had Phil Campion (ex special forces) who did a talks on a afternoon whilst at sea, covering the SAS, his private security work and the work he does for SKY, again very good if that interests you. David
  3. Hi we sailed on the Britannia TA this March and booked it in March 2017, we had our flight details straight away. Our flight should have left Manchester at 09:15 but was delayed by a hour, we arrived in Barbados at around two O'clock local time, straight on a mini bus which took about 40 minutes without any hold ups, we had no queue to check-in and got into our cabin just after three O'clock. Our luggage arrived about an hour later. Hope this helps
  4. Hi we found ourselves in the same position, so in September instead of the Med did a Transatlantic on Princess which took in Shetlands (although didn't stop due to bad weather) 3 stops in Iceland, then St Johns and Halifax in Canada finishing up in New York, we would recommend it if you fancy something different!
  5. Hi, we are using the crusingexcursions.com tour in Akureyri in a couple of weeks, I will give you some feedback once we return.
  6. Hi, I know it counts the other way, we are doing 15 days on Princess in September and was hoping them to put us up a tier on P&O in March. It did say on the P&O website you could transfer them, but now says under the FAQ section you can't that's changed recently so might be the same for Princess.
  7. Sorry, the third identical reply, i didn't see the other two!!!
  8. Hi, I would think so, I've done the exact same thing with HAL, who take a whopping $60 dollars a day authorisation per person at the start of your cruise. So I've put that on my CC then settled the bill the night before departure on my debit card, then just let any spend on the last night which is usually minimal, be charged to my CC. That way it saves joining in the big queues on departure day. The authorisation has then dropped off my CC within a week of arriving home.
  9. Hi, we used a company called NCC airport a number of times, last year they charged 70 euros for my wife and myself, I think if you search fiumicinoshuttleexpress you will find the page. We book on line then pay the driver on the day.. Hope this helps
  10. We have sailed with HAL for the last four summers and agree with a lot of the posts it is a more mature crowd and the ships have been deserted by 9pm. However they all have been on port intensive cruises around the med, and there always seems a lot of people from Australasia doing all the big sites in one go, whilst they are in Europe so that could explain some of it. We like HAL and our only criticism is the entertainment is not as good as we have had on other lines, with the exception of the R&B club. Doing our first Princess Cruise in September and really looking forward to it!!!
  11. Hi! Thanks for doing your review. We are the reverse doing our first Princess cruise in September after doing HAL for the last four summers, so noted the differences with interest. Think your observation on HAL spot on and we have always found the entertainment disappointing other than the R&B club. Regards David
  12. Hi, thank you for your answer about the window, it seems fine to be, we've had a lot more obstructions on previous cruises. Can't wait to we sail in September!
  13. Hi, thanks for the review. We are sailing on the Crown Princess on the transatlantic cruise in September and have booked the same cabin, so it was good to see the photos. We know it's obstructed but how much of a view do you get? Regards David
  14. Hi, we've done that walk a few times and it's no more than an hour at that pace possibly less. It's a lovely walk to see the backstreets, smaller canals and some lovely little squares, plus there's signposts on the walls to the Pizzale Roma so you can't go wrong. If you want to stop for a drink you'll get a beer or coffee at lot more reasonably priced than round St Marks or the Grand Canal.
  15. Hi, we went to that port on a RCI cruise a few years ago, and yes we had a free shuttle bus from Souda to Chania, it dropped and picked us up right on the sea front in Chania. Hope this helps
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