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  1. I was thinking the the same thing, and i am not joking, i am quiet, would mind my own business, and most important i dont smell
  2. Two weeks ago on escape we intentionally got up late, ate breakfast at 8:45, relaxed a bit and got off the ship at final call to get Off, so it took ten minutes at about 10am
  3. guess we all have different definition of chair hogs, you said you already were there using the chairs for 2 hours, then left for at least 20 minutes and then expected the chairs to be open in a premium area after you already used them for 2 hours
  4. Whose kindle did you throw?
  5. Well some people think they should get free tuition to goof off for 4 years, well i paid for my tuition, so now i want 4 years of free cruising , "ask not what you can do for your country but what can my country do for me"
  6. I have never paid at labadee, half moon caye, stirrup caye, dont know about the others, now im not talking about the alcohol
  7. Tried the auction for nov 1 hnl-ppt, 13 nights, Jewel, have a window OA room, bid $305 for balcony, the bid was not accepted, oh the horror of it all experiencing Hawaii, Tahiti, Bora Bora without a balcony
  8. Private islands are the best, free food/drink and safe clean beaches
  9. Video boards on the escape say 60 minutes then any items will be brought to guest services, i think that is 40 minutes to long. Some places of the ship are premium
  10. i got off the escape last week, in bermuda we walked off the ship, gave our room number, got our towel and went to the beach, on the way back told the great worker our room number, gave him the towel and walked on the ship. When using the pool area it was pretty much the same type of program, it worked better for me than having bunch of dirty towels in the room, but to each his own.
  11. is the dinner like a Cagney dinner or just basic mdr food, (only reason I would go is if the food was better)
  12. Hey does anyone know if they separate the load, white/dark, or do they just throw it in all together
  13. just took a 7 day on the escape, gave all my dirty clothes on friday, got them back saturday, disembarked on sunday
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