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  1. Maybe New Zealand is not a major airline transportation hub and the virus was not already seeded in their country to the extent of the USA.
  2. Well Taiwan was doing it right all along and the "WHO" would not even acknowledge them.
  3. Yeah that organization gets a lot of money, they do some good, but the political stuff is outrageous, they are sanctimonious and corrupt.
  4. Seems like on a per day per person basis (fare, taxes, fees, tips) to be a pretty expensive "cruise" about 38 hours on the ship. Freeport not really a place I would like to go, probably better off having a group of 4 just get a hotel for a couple nights on the beach, Does anyone know if they have a basketball court?
  5. and this is why the disease is still spreading, cue drum and cymbal
  6. ? Is this a serious question or snarky? If you truly dont know the answer I will inform you, but I think you are just being snarky
  7. That happened to me at a hotel once, in the lobby one lady asked me to bring her bags to her room, for laughs I DID. (P.S. this thread is absolutely the best right out of a Sacha Noam Baron Cohen skit, thanks you crazy cruizers)
  8. Yes Yes and Yes, this has been posted numerous times, yet people from royal thread think they have to reinvent the wheel
  9. Even though your life your love your lady is not the sea, (I think you are more a vacationer than a cruiser) I would still like to know your definition of a good deal, My definition of a good deal is $71.42 per day or less, that includes, fare, taxes, fees, and tips. So basically out the door for a 7 day cruise is $500 or less, that is a good deal. How about you
  10. only the elitists make fun of Golden Coral Buffet
  11. Wow what an incredible sacrifice for the country, is your pops still with us? Please thank him for me.
  12. Jenga beautiful beaches especially on the north end.
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