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  1. ditto, the spinner of death, was looking for something to kill a little time during 29 day cruise, it did not work for me.
  2. The only prudent thing to do is make ships with no balcony rooms, and no open areas to see the ocean nor feel the ocean breezes, like a cargo ship with a 10 foot high perimeter. Sounds like fun
  3. Yes we have an annual travel insurance plan for medical, evacuation expenses, etc... we dont buy the plans that involve the cost of the trip. Recently my wife was sick on a cruise passing some remote islands like Vanuatu, my biggest fear was that she would get worse and that they might kick off us the ship to "receive medical treatment" when I know that any limited treatment on board would be of a better standard than anything we could receive on shore. That is the scariest part about traveling the standard of care if something goes amiss.
  4. ?? say what, ah the reason was because vietnam was not going to let them dock/tender
  5. Hello, we booked this feb 15 majesty cruise last minute on the internets with no human involvement from a cut rate provider, the only category of dining available was 8pm. We prefer dinner for 2 using mytime dining. After we get on the ship what is the best chance/way to get this changed? thank you (we are seasoned cruisers but have not done royal since 2012)
  6. walmart shopper here, just reading some of the rules for main dining, looks like I will have to bring some khakis and a shirt with collar for FORMAL night. I was just going to wear my travel pants or shorts until I read the rules.
  7. We booked this last minute new orleans 7 day round trip departing feb 15, did not really care for the ports but got a smoking rate(the only reason why we decided to go), so great to get out of the cold. Got flights for $78, then using hotel points (earned thru work on the companys dime)to pay for a $312 priced room near bourbon street area, gonna take the express airport bus (2 stops) for a total of $3 bucks to get to hotel then the next day walk the mile to the port, gonna bring some samiches on the plane to eat before we get to new orleans, first cruise on royal since 2012 (no loyalty here always go with the lowest price) to bad the majesty aint such a great ship but the weather is supposed to be 70-80 every day, cruising on the frugal here - so i know what you are talking about.
  8. wonder what the flu chart looks like, i just got done with a bad flu, tens of thousands die from the flu each year,
  9. We cruise 1 - price, 2 - destination, 3 - ship (a good ship for us is one with wide open spaces where you can see and feel the sea all over the ship, jewel class are great for us)
  10. about the same chance that the tampa bay vipers will beat the new york guardians today, on the bright side there is always the 24 hour soccer channel, I was on the Jewel this fall for 40 days during football season, did not get to see one game, brutal! Perhaps you can buy high speed internet for the day and use your DISH log in on a laptop or tablet? or something similar to dish, or use a friends log in
  11. granddaughter really enjoyed them so if you have young kids in the cabin sure, otherwise, well, nice to have a few extra hand towels around i guess.
  12. hmm kind of shocked that they are not offering full refunds if someone chooses not to change their airline tickets to fly to singapore instead of the original hong kong. many different issues here (1 like if i cant get aisle seats I would never change, 2 what is reasonable cost to me might not be to ncl, plus i usually buy nonrefundable non changeable airline tickets), i find it interesting that it is actually legal to not refund the full cruise fare. This is not like a missed port during the cruise or a crisis during the cruise, this is a change port of embarkation that is over 1600 miles away from the original port. Bizarre imo!
  13. trying to get an understanding here, so ncl changed either the embarkation port or disembarkation port and then ncl is refusing to give passengers a refund if the passenger does not go on the cruise?
  14. So the jade feb 17 cruise changed the embarkation port or disembarkation port? and after that change was made NCL still refused to give refunds? (P.S. if this cruise comes back online I am still considering purchasing it, last I saw was $384 for a window room before it disappeared.)
  15. it is all about preventing a new mutated virus from turning into a world wide pandemic that is the goal but some people are gonna believe what they want and fuel all sorts of unfounded ideas about the "real" reason.
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