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  1. Sail away no perks, but much cheaper than "free", in any event price it out dont take the marketing terminology to be factual as to actual price.
  2. If mobile and light luggage take the train, we do it all the time!
  3. Fake news media got a lot of play on this one, after all thats the point of media these days, either try to get ratings at all cost, or push an agenda, i hope the passengers were banned and/or arrested.
  4. Bummer cause i am going be on this ship for a month, hnl to syd
  5. So in the last 10 days we booked 3 cruises, the nyc round trip 7 day bermuda (2019) and were offered opportunity to bid on an upgrade, we also booked hnl to ppt and ppt to syd (2019) back to back, however no opportunity for upgrade bid was offered, any thoughts?
  6. We have done this at least 6 times, we like exercise, we are frugal, right now we are getting ready to leave for dinner we have a two for one coupon, yeah two for one baby, thats what Im talking bout, yes our luggage is a carryon rollerboard with jhook for tote bag, (literally one finger "pull"), we each have one, whether we go for a week long cruise or 28 day asia cruise same luggage.
  7. hey everyone exercise is siily, saving money is silly
  8. Exactly! That is why I need to know if everything goes according to plan does 6am, if the stars align, does 6am mean disembark at 6am, I know things can go awry (we are seasoned cruisers.) Thanks for info about ppt board
  9. Well sometimes experience and knowledge of the port go along way, example San Diego customs would come on board and not let anyone off until the whole ship was cleared, a night mare with literally a 3 hours delay (dont know if their procedures are still the same). So in that case NCL would know it is a nightmare and could inform some joker like me. Our last cruise I think we disembarked in Manhattan and we literally got off the ship 1/2 hour before stated time on the daily. So once again knowledge of the port and procedures go along way, that is why I would like to ask. Also sometimes in ppt windstar docks the night before and people are allowed off the ship, so this is why I need to communicate with an experienced entity in this arena.
  10. cultural differences my neighborhood jokers is an endearing term, sorry if anyone was offended.
  11. Once I needed permission to get on the ship 2 days later after embarkation, it was approved but I had to email the ship and one of the jokers with the epaulet stripes on their jacket had to approve, so that type of an official
  12. HQ hmm I dont have much luck with HQ, Well I want to know about PPT de-embarkation on nov 14, will the ship be cleared the night before?, is it feasible (if things go according to plan, experienced cruiser here) to actually get off ship the ship at 6am? Is customs quick and effiecient in PPT, Very specific questions to this particular cruise, so want to email the ship, thanks
  13. Hello I need information on how to email a particular ncl ship, not an individual guest nor a particular staff person. I want to ask the officials a specfic question about a particular port. thanks
  14. Salad bar is limited but quality, da meats forget about it, way to salty and not tender, we are platinum so we have one night free perk at moderno, $46 per person - shazzam you got to be kidding me.
  15. There was information out there stating that a decision on whether the Puerto Rico authorities would file any charges would be made by august 28. So some of us following the story are interested to see if any decision was made.
  16. I concur (it is really really really hard trying to obtain facts on any "news" these days)
  17. We are platinum as well, lately ncl has been the cheapest and most convenient, however we are not married to them and have over 365 days of cruising, unfortunately not with one cruise line so very limited perks across. We are active so carnival, royal, and ncl work best, funny though the most points we have is with HAL and there aint nothing to do on HAL. Oh the fajitas at osheans, our favorites!
  18. (your post if kind of off topic but in the ball park) However I dont know what you are trying to say - are you saying the tourists deaths have nothing to do with the safety in the DR? or are you saying the deaths are being swept under the rug and it is not safe in the DR? or are you trying to say something else - thanks
  19. I take megabus to penn station area then walk down 34th street west to the hudson river then walk up north to the pier, pier is about 1.3 miles from penn station
  20. Same price? For the love of $%#^ take the balcony!!!
  21. That sounds like fun! We are value cruisers and dont drink (other than the free sparkling wine and free wine with platinum dinner) we always gty/sailaway. Some people love to drink and they will drink all day every day, in that case a package perk may turn out to be better but the "free at sea" numbers never work out for us. Even with a great room location you can still get lousy neighbors that make crazy amounts of noise.
  22. "Epic has little area in which to actually have connection out to sea on the public decks" Bingo Bongo Boom, Epic might be ok for a port intensive cruise but outside of value the major reason we cruise is for the sea, sight lines, etc. New York and the Dawn, that cant be beat, heck spend a day in nyc, nothing like it
  23. That fire excuse does not hold water, NCL constantly wastes paper by putting numerous flyers about art auctions, etc. outside my door
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