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  1. Hmm we have done about 4 TAs, if cost is a factor fly to europe and sail back to the states (you pay no international flight tax on the way over to europe, it is flight back that pays that tax, this would save about $200 pp if the port was in England) Once we got an outside 15 day for $299 on Royal, we probably booked within 2 weeks of departure.
  2. NCL, Holland, Disney, Royal, Windstar, Carnival, used to be a backpacker, just so convenient to cruise only down side is the time in port, however we had two nights shanghai, tokyo, and the port closest to Beijing. Overnights are the best. Reposition cruising is very reasonable pricing, also off season and after holidays, cheers
  3. bummer but not really unexpected, thanks
  4. We have done a 28 day Hong Kong to Vancouver, and a 30 day HNL to Syd (ending dec 1, 2019) We use to just really enjoy cruising.
  5. im not the smartest tool in the shed, took me a bit, thanks lol
  6. So is the 12/15 true? I was eyeing a 46 day on princess from US to asia around the middle of Oct, I was hopeful but now things look bleak
  7. I think someone on the cc once told a story something like this: I needed to get some preventative drugs to prevent disease while stationed in Africa, I asked the physician about possible side effects of the drug that could be bad for my health, the doctor said you know what else is bad for your health, - Malaria.
  8. Not only will I get it, I will also start selling it on the black market
  9. I was right with you until you said you went to cinque terre from Naples. This has nothing to do with frugal, it has to do with bad choices. I mean say what? How many days were you in port in naples? thats about an 8 hour train ride.
  10. We did the Road to Hana, I know it is in a lot of guide books, but a lot of driving, we were not that impressed. Last time we were in Maui from the cruise port (short distance behind shopping center) we just took the public bus, numerous destinations, great beaches, lahaina, and a transfer gets you out to kannapali beach
  11. yeah the anarchists messed this up bad, bottom line is we need to get cruising, i concur
  12. definitely need to get their "ship", (actually ships but), yes florida gets your ships ready, cause cruising is starting soon, So Florida USA here we come. The CDC wants to ensure all protocols are followed before we can begin, the CDC is eager to get this going and florida is the perfect place to start, most cruise ships anywhere.
  13. I concur zero out cruises aint the way to go, we got to get back to cruising, So there will be no more disappointment
  14. Yeah we just got to get back to cruising, when everyone was cruising there was much happiness, since cruising stopped mean people have filled the void, if we can just get back to cruising the world will be back to normal, cruising is the denominator.
  15. yeah i was on a little "ship", no stablizers, nasty stuff crossing the drake
  16. lets go cruising, you dont have to go if you dont want to
  17. I imagine that some how, in some way the monarchy actually did at one point (perhaps incognito, on the down low) did actually get a dna test done. LOL, thanks
  18. This is ridiculous, lets cruise already
  19. As the year started 2020 there was going to be about 3 million people that were going to die in the usa, now because of the modern plague more than 3 million will die but not because of the plague, but because of the stress's of the plague, aka not going for regular checkups, domestic violence, poverty, drugs, mental health, oh not to mention the lockdown riots, etc, etc, etc. Got to look at the big picture not just a snap shot. open cruising now!!!
  20. John&lala lots of funny lol good ones today, thanks
  21. of course, I actually made a couple out of a two liter clear bottle, easy peasy
  22. yes!! wear can you order the n95? thanks
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