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  1. I agree with you - got to look on the positive side, what’s the point in being pessimistic - we all want the same thing in the end - for cruises to start back up and things to return to normal. I personally feel the cruise lines are doing everything in their power to get cruises running again, and already some have started up. Like so many people on here we have had a couple cruises cancelled and have some upcoming ones which we are in the dark about. As for the Caribbean, I’m sure all the wonderful island folk are desperate for cruises to return, after all its their livelihood! So as I said before, we all need to keep positive and look forward to the day when we are back on board and having a wonderful time at sea again! 🤞🏻⚓️👏🏻😊🛳☀️
  2. Ah ok - well we’ll see - the only people who know for sure are the Cruise companies so I guess it’s just watch this space and keep fingers crossed [emoji4]
  3. Where do you get your information from? I have gone by the Southampton port cruise ship schedule - which so far has been correct.
  4. Just for info - 28th October is the last scheduled date for Azura into Southampton and 20th October for Britannia -all other ships are showing for dates long after that. So does that mean they are off to the Caribbean? Let’s hope so 🤞🏻
  5. No i was referring to people who comment on the Daily Mail Website who are not cruisers. They just like to think they know what a cruise ship is like and put nasty comments on. I was not referring to people on here - people on here are on here because they love cruising!
  6. No I meant the people who comment on the actual Daily Mail Website - not from here. There are loads of people who dont like cruising and make constant bad comments about it.
  7. i get sick to death of all the 'Anti Cruise Brigade' who comment on the Daily Mail. The paper puts up any story about a cruise ship and they come out in force. The majority of them have never set foot on a cruise ship but just enjoy putting the industry down - hope they stick to their boring land holidays and never set foot on any cruise I am on!
  8. Hi. We decided to pay the balance last month and hold on for P&O to cancel the cruise. They did this last week and were given 125% FCC on another cruise - very happy with that and we have re-booked. Got to have something to look forward to haven't we!
  9. i had the same thought when we thought our Oceana Malta cruise in July was going to be cancelled. We did wonder if they would offer us the cruise with no stops but lots of benefits onboard. I would have done it if it meant 2 weeks in the sun! as it is we have moved our cruise to a later date.
  10. Where are the online letters from the Captain? I’d like to read them.
  11. We got off Britannia on Friday - looks like we were one of the last ones off! On our flight back the air hostess said that the crew had flown out the day before on an EMPTY Dreamliner - thought it was odd at the time but makes sense now. I feel so sorry for the staff on board - I assume like other cruise lines they will be offered the choice to stay on board or fly home.. Celebrity are keeping all their staff onboard and going out to sea for a month. Captain Kate is going to do daily updates of her ship and crew on Instagram - captainkatemccue - should be interesting. Sending best wishes and prayers to all those onboard Britannia heading to Southampton- and to anybody else who is affected by this awful situation.
  12. hello! can anyone tell me how the meal times work in Cafe Jardin. is it correct that breakfast and lunch are included and that you have to pay extra for dinner? I have just watched a video on it and it looks lovely - just makes a change to the buffet and main dining room if you fancy a change. Also does anyone know if you can book before you sail or do you have to book a table on board? thanks in advance for your help😀
  13. I have to say that I totally agree with you on this one. having sailed on many different cruise lines over the years unfortunately i too find P&O way behind the others in terms of food choice, drink choice, friendliness of staff. the main buffet is so far behind Celebrity, RC and Princess in choice, but i truly believe this is because you get what you pay for. We too only choose to go on P&O if its a good deal, unfortunately the other cruise lines just don't do the 'whole package' as cheaply. Unfortunately this shows in the quality of food etc. Yes there is plenty to eat but the choice is limited compared to other cruise lines. On our last cruise on Britannia we spoke to several guests about their experience, and they all had one thing in common - they had only sailed with P&O so weren't in a position to comment. I think people like to stick to the same cruise line once they have experienced one, which is fine, but they really don't know what they are missing! On a positive note i find the entertainment on P&O in the theater one of the best and hope to see an improvement in the main atrium next month on Britannia now that they have updated it. A band and dancing always makes for a good atmosphere in the middle of the ship. Having said all this, it will not stop us cruising with P&O as we just love to cruise, but regarding the original thread I do think there are lots of things P&O can do to improve, unfortunately most of these things need money and it seems that all cruise lines are trying to save money at the moment which results in the loss of certain facilities. I really don't want to see anymore 'Pay For' restaurants on any cruise lines, there are far too many in my opinion, the food in the main dining rooms is more than adequate -unless you want the odd meal for a special occassion. I think the demand possibly comes from the Americans who are very much 'into' their food and because they only seem to go on 7 days cruises, they like to try different types of dining. This is why i don't think cutting out the great British Sailaway to attract more overseas cruisers will make any difference - I just don't think they will accept the limited food and dining choice on P&O compared to their usual cruise lines.
  14. Thank you so much everyone for your replies - this really helps a lot! i didn't think about putting our clothes from the last evening in the case before bed, we have always put our cases out before we go for dinner - so that idea helps a lot - thank you! The idea of leaving your hand luggage in a designated room is great, so I assume people must have hand luggage for the flight then 😊 Hope to meet you on board Jennizor - we are also getting very excited now 🚢 Any more comments and ideas greatly appreciated 😎
  15. Hello cruisers! we are going on a Caribbean cruise on Britannia at end of Feb and although we have done the Caribbean many times before we have never been to the Caribbean with p&O so need some questions answering please. 1. On the last day do you leave your suitcases outside your cabin before bed? 2. I understand that you are only allowed '1' piece of carry on luggage on a Tui flight - so where are you supposed to put your toiletries/clothes etc from your last night after your suitcase has gone? I will have a handbag with me and cant fit it in there - unless they allow another small holdall etc to put my things in? 3. Are we allowed to stay on the ship until the coach takes us to the airport? or are we left at the airport all day? if so the problem of only allowed my handbag with me becomes an even bigger problem as i will have suncream and maybe swimsuit with me too! The whole thing about Tui only allowing one piece of carry on i find really odd. What happens if your buy duty free items? i have heard rumours that your are not even allowed to take these on board unless they are in your bag? sounds like i will need an enormous handbag - that doesn't weigh more than 5Kg of course! WE are really really looking forward to our holiday but just want to clear these few questions up first so i don't get stressed! Thanks in advance for your help!
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